Life and Death

Eva Green

After chatting with a colleague about the state of our humanity and sexuality and lack of roles and ownership of life, I continue to be impressed with the stronghold that gangs, mafioso, cults and community groups have within their cultures..  For our generic culture in the west we are, as described on t-shirts; ‘comfortably numb’ and ‘walking dead’… There is no sense of urgency or life or abundance, only a continuation of yesterday..

The ‘stronghold’ groups have a sense of living, of being on the edge of life and death, and an understanding that they may have to pay with their life for their lifestyle.  (And also true, if they desire to leave the stronghold.)  They seem to have an understanding of roles, of urgency, of fighting for what they believe, of no compromise.  They have an identity that is beyond their own individual lives.

God has created us all to live for more.  He has set eternity in our hearts.  To be part of something bigger than ourselves.

In our western culture of independence, comfort and taking care of ‘number 1’ we are confused and weak.  We have misplaced the order of God, man, animal and creation, and now have a twisted view of order depending on what our beliefs are.  Some people would fight for animals over humans, and most of us put man (ourselves) over God as priority.

God has placed an order in creation.  Man to rule over animals and land, and to take care and be responsible.  In His church He has placed an order of Himself being head.  In the family, He has placed the man to lead.  This is not to rule over and be abusive, but to be accountable to God Himself of how he leads in love (as Christ loves His church).

We have incredibly talented people giving their lives to use their talents (which is how God intended), but unless it’s done for God it is done in vain: the devastation of a life lived fully but with nothing left standing.  Life without legacy.

Jesus says in Revelation 3.20 that He is knocking on the door and calling us, and whoever opens it to Him, He will come in and eat with them.

In my own life, I so often put Him on snooze.  I have no urgency.  He can wait….

Jesus tells us that He has come to give us life in fullness and abundance.  He promises us a FULL LIFE and not one that just continues on from yesterday, but that EACH DAY has it’s own problems but that He has supplies to cover us, in every area- practical (manna), emotional (strength), and spiritual (mercy and grace).  He is for living life fully and free; we have the whole world to use but don’t own anything.

My prayer is that we have the urgency to live for God and search out for all the fullness that He has for us and our worlds, and that we have tight and secure families and communities that show God among us with freedom.

Author: Narrow Path Ministries

Non-denominational, Independent, Bible believing Church

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