It is also good to receive


This is so true! Those who spend much time doing for others can quickly get depleted and run down. They need feeding as well. We all should look for ways to nurture those who nurture us. Thanks, Efua!

It is good for us to develop and have the spirit of giving. Giving helps others and it’s one way we put smiles on people’s faces. Being able to share knowledge, offer some money, give up a room, help someone with groceries, give a hug, give a shoulder for some else to lean on. All of these if done often, will help our world become a better place to live in. Not only does giving bless others, it also blesses us because the bible says when we give, it comes back to us.

The bible does say it is better to give than to receive but it doesn’t say it is wrong to receive. It is wrong when we only know how to receive and not give.

Today’s post isn’t centered on giving but receiving. It’s important for us to remind ourselves of the benefits of receiving especially when you are someone who people always expect to receive from. If you are in any ministry of any kind, it becomes normal for you to be the one speaking, teaching, counselling, educating, nurturing, rebuking, encouraging and supporting. These gifts almost becomes a default response especially when it has been done for a long time. When this has become a second nature, it’s easy to forget the benefits of being the recipients of blessings in these manner. It becomes a bit challenging to sit in a room and not speak; to be taught and nurtured. This often times results in exhaustion as the pressure to keep giving becomes high. When the demand becomes high, pride and exhaustion sets in.

We need to remind ourselves that we need to learn more than we teach. We shouldn’t always be the ones speaking. We need to be encouraged and supported too. We need to be loved on too. We need to be nurtured and counselled too. We need to be rebuked and corrected too. If we don’t learn the concept of receiving, the well we draw from will dry up some day and we will burn out.

May we be humble enough to receive so we don’t burn out.

It is also good to receive

Author: Narrow Path Ministries

Non-denominational, Independent, Bible believing Church

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