6 thoughts on “Former Foster Kids Show What Philadelphia Loses By Defenestrating Catholics Over Gay Marriage”

  1. I don’t understand how groups (including our government) think gaining “rights” and tolerance for one group by stripping away rights and tolerance of another group is a win. It is still persecution and wrong, and the very definition of intolerance. No matter what side your conscience or faith puts you on, it’s certain that this issue has crossed an unconscionable line here. Making these desperately needy children, who cannot defend themselves, suffer in this unnecessary way is selfish and inexcusable. These children need a safe home with parents who will feed, clothe, love, nurture, calm their fears and protect them. You don’t have to be gay, straight, Catholic, Protestant, Atheist, etc to be able to accomplish that. In this particular case, I’d say that if the same-sex couples of Philadelphia understood the additional suffering these children are enduring because of this decision, they would be saddened and not want CSS to be banned. It takes a special calling and self-sacrificing love to be a good foster parent. I say let the established, successful foster parents come together to set this ruling. They are the ones who truly know what is at stake here. The children.


      1. Thank you, and yes, I agree, “The politicians, whether or not they wear robes, should think of the children first and reverse the ban.” Thank you for posting this article -I pray it gets seen by thousands!


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