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Thank you for considering adopting a child from foster care. The willingness of people like you to help Arizona’s children is part of what makes our State great! There are many Arizona children waiting to be part of a family. Please watch the video below to learn about one child’s journey.

Arizona’s Children Waiting for Adoption

Children come into foster care through no fault of their own.  They come into care because their parents are not able to safely care for them, not because of something they have done.  When a child first comes into foster care, the goal — or case plan — is typically to reunify the child with their parent once it is safe to do so.  But sometimes parents are not able to provide a safe environment for their children.  As a result, the Court determines it would be better for the child to find an adoptive home.

Adoption is the legal process of becoming the parent of a child. It includes all of the rights and responsibilities of being a parent, just as if the child was born to you.  As an adoptive parent, you will have the opportunity to provide a safe, loving home to a child who has experienced neglect and/or abuse.  But you won’t just change their lives; they will change your life forever!


Thank you for visiting the Arizona photolisting website to learn more about our wonderful children. Some of the waiting children have special educational, emotional or medical needs; this information is confidential and does not appear in their profiles. More detailed information about the children can be shared with adoptive parents as they complete the adoption preparation process.

Photolistings like the Children’s Heart Gallery and AdoptUSKids are very effective tools for finding families for waiting children. Unfortunately, they can also makes the children vulnerable to negative intrusions into their lives. Please help us protect them. If you recognize any of these children or see them in your community, we ask that you respect their privacy.

  • Visit the Children’s Heart Gallery(link is external), featuring Arizona children who are free for adoption and want a forever family
  • Search Arizona Children on AdoptUSKids based on the characteristics of the child(ren) you would like to adopt.
  • Begin the process to become an adoptive parent by watching our Orientation Videos on our foster care page.  While foster care and adoption are different, the videos provide a good overview of the process for both, as well as giving you information about the needs of our children.
  • Contact Us by email if you have additional questions.  If you prefer to talk with someone, please call us at 1-877 KIDS-NEEDU (1-877-543-7633).  We’re happy to talk with you during business hours, or you can leave us a message and we’ll call you back.


Who may adopt in Arizona?

What is required to adopt in Arizona?

Do I need to be certified to adopt a relative?

How is an adoptive home for a child selected?

How do I begin the process to be certified to adopt a foster child?

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Author: Narrow Path Ministries

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