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TRANSGENDER IDENTITY: Not Accepting God’s Design WHAT happened?

On May 13, 2016, the Obama administration released a “decree” regarding the use of public bathrooms, showers and dressing rooms in public places and schools. While supposedly being just a list of “suggestions” to safeguard the bathroom, locker room and shower use for the 750,000 gender-confused persons in our society, the non-implementation of these supposed “civil rights” may result in the defunding of public schools or lawsuits against those who do not submit to Washington’s blackmail. (Letter, 2016)

WHY is it happening?

In Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, it says that federally funded educational institutions cannot discriminate on the basis of sex. The Justice Department claims non-discrimination by gender identity falls under discrimination by sex. (Christian Headlines, 2016) This is an illegal argument and a drive to redefine gender on the basis of personal preference instead of birth characteristics.

HOW will this affect my family?

Confusion in gender ideology and the danger it poses to society will destroy the family because it denies the differences in the nature of a man and a woman. “This type of legislation will subject your children and spouse to the loss of privacy, threaten their safety, and sear their conscience in regards to modesty, purity, and appropriateness.” (Mitchell, 2016) This action will give potential predators the freedom to behave in perverse ways with no protection for the young and vulnerable.

WHAT should I do?

  1. Voice your concern and opposition to your local school district. Contact your school district’s superintendent, whether you have children or not. Your Pastor can give you the number(s) to call.
  2. Contact school principals and teachers to make your opposition known. Teachers have an obligation to contact parents.
  3. Attend school board meetings and make a public statement.
  4. Offer alternatives for transgender students. Private bathrooms provide safety and security for them and for others due to potential predators and voyeurs taking advantage of open access to bathrooms and locker rooms.
  5. Encourage local state legislators to reject any legislation attempting to give the transgender community “special privileges” and opening the door for any legal advantages by using “civil rights” laws to force compliance. Write, call, and visit state legislators and ask them to take steps to limit the President from using “budgetary extortion” to push his liberal agenda. (To find your legislators, please visit

Share your concerns across social media, newspaper editorials, letters to the editor, etc. Sign petitions, talk to your friends, neighbors, employer, and local stores about this issue. Let your voice be heard. (Mitchell, 2016)

Justice and Education Dept. Letter, (2016) Justice Department Sues North Carolina to Strike Down HB2, downloaded May 7, 2016 from north-carolina-to-strike-down-hb2.html

Mitchell, Pastor Jamie. (2016). In Response to the President’s Transgender Edict, Unpublished. May 13.

For more information or resources, visit our website: or call 610-901-3607. The American Pastors Network is the largest, national network of pastors who believe in the authority of Scripture, boldly preach the whole counsel of God, and who provide a disciplined application of a biblical worldview to public policy. We are creating a permanent infrastructure of biblically faithful pastors and lay leaders to mobilize congregations, who on a non-partisan basis, will participate in the political process for the good of America and to the glory of God.

Click to access APN-Transgender-Identity-Bulletin-Insert-82316.pdf

FREE RESOURCES to Help You Understand the Transgender Identity Debate

We are in perilous days. It does no good for us to know the truth of the Bible and not preach it and practice it.

This is the reminder that the American Pastors Network wants to emphatically send to pastors and engaged believers, especially as they work to navigate an ever-changing culture, one where once-unheard-of laws and policies about who is allowed behind bathroom and locker room doors are commonplace.

Therefore, in an effort to educate and equip the faith community with the knowledge and tools necessary—especially in regards to complex gender issues—APN has launched an online toolkit that will provide visitors to the website with a white paper, sample letters, and other pieces of information that will arm them with biblical truth.

EXCLUSIVE (FREE) WHITE PAPER DOWNLOAD: Transgender Identity. Not Accepting God’s Design.

Other Downloads

Sermons by Pastors on the Transgender Issue



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