Who Ministers Healing?


Nov 27, 2019 by Maurice

One day a certain lawyer stood up to tempt Jesus by asking some questions which include, who is my neighbor? Jesus answered in a story format about a man who fell among thieves on Damascus Road. The story went on to highlight the characters of those who saw the man on the road. There was on a Samaritan who would be termed a stranger and ungodly was the person that stopped to help the man who was hurt and in need. The Priest who preached the word didn’t put the word in practice. The Levite who was of the chosen sect to carry out several religious duties did not stop to help the man. (Luke 10)

Everyone of us in life encounter our Damascus road like suffering and need a helping hand. The wounds might be physical as well as emotional, It could be wounds of neglect as well as total rejection. We all at times need a nurse someone with a caring heart to pour in the oil and the wine. That special person sent from God to minister healing. We can never tell who God will use as the Samaritan to nurse our wounds. In Ezekiel 18: 4 God said that “All souls are mine” and God is interested in healing of the soul. Every soul can be renewed by genuine limitless love, where trust is and individuals are free to express their pain.

Jesus’ answer about the neighbor was dealing with the heart of mankind. A neighbor is a person who can be far or near. One who cares about your well being. A neighbor is a nurse who is there with the patient when the doctor is gone. Such nurse do the night shift, a sacrifice of limited sleep, they see the pain an individual goes through more than anyone else. The Samaritan was classified as good because he had become Christ hands extended. He looked beyond self gain and status quo and became a blessing.

if you are hurting may God send a good Samaritan to help you. If someone needs help please be a good Samaritan. Pour in the oil, minister healing, lift up the falling, strengthen the weak, give love and let the light of the gospel shine through you for the glory of God in Jesus name.

Who Minister Healing?

Author: Narrow Path Ministries

Non-denominational, Independent, Bible believing Church

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