VIDEO If Not Now, When? – Left’s Attacks on God – Government is Afraid of Christianity

Sept 5, 2020 KHATRAIN

Christians are called to share the Good News to everyone. This is called the Great Commission, commissioned by no other than our Lord Jesus Christ before he ascended into Heaven.

However, let’s face the hard truth. A lot of christians today do not take the opportunity to share the gospel or even make the slightest effort to do it. They always say, they’re not ready, or they’re not confident, or they’re still waiting for the perfect timing. But the question is, if not now, when?

I was reminded of this when reading the book of Ecclesiastes. It says in 11:4 that farmers who wait for the perfect weather never plant. I thought of christians planting the seed of the gospel to other people’s hearts. Are we always waiting for the perfect timing?

What are we afraid of? Are we afraid that our message will be rejected? We have to understand that it is not us who’s being rejected, but the gospel. Yes, there is a risk that the person we’re sharing to is not yet ready but we won’t know until we try. As mentioned in Ecclesiastes 11:6:

“Plant your seed in the morning and keep busy all afternoon, for you don’t know if profit will come from one activity or another – or maybe both”

Of course, we have to be prepared that not everyone will accept the message and not everyone who accepts it will grow spiritually mature. As Jesus said in the parable of the sower, some seeds will fall on footpath, some on rocky soil, some among the thorns, and some on good soil (Matthew 13:1-23).

But the message is clear, we have to share the gospel no matter what, in any way we can. Our mission is to spread the Good News to the world, regardless if it means sharing it to our family and friends or going from house to house or joining a missionary team or using our talents (e.g. music) or using blogs or social media for people to know Jesus. There are lots of ways to do it. The only requirement is our willingness to share the gospel.

Let’s take this time to reflect and ask ourselves what have we done to advance His kingdom here on earth. How can we contribute and participate in the Great Commission? If you haven’t shared the gospel yet, in any way you know how to, ask yourself: if not now, when?

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

The Left’s Attacks on God

Why the Government is Afraid of Christianity Part 1


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Author: Narrow Path Ministries

Non-denominational, Independent, Bible believing Church

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