VIDEO Dr. Scott Atlas demolishes Joe Biden’s COVID lockdown claim – Dr Fauci and Moderna

11,000 epidemiologists, scientists back White House adviser

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal found the sweeping lockdowns lead to more COVID-19 deaths and a prolonging of the pandemic than if the government were to let herd immunity build up in young populations, the National Post of Canada reported.

The researchers did a a reanalysis of data modeling used by the U.K. government as guidance for implementing blanket lockdowns.

They concluded that that while strict public health measures bring cases down, the number of deaths rise in the long run.

The authors described the lockdown model as a postponement of the pandemic.

Not a death sentence

In a Fox News interview earlier this month, Kulldorf said most of his “colleagues in infectious disease are in favor of risk-based strategy or an age-based strategy where we protect the elderly or other high risk groups while the younger resume life more or less normally.”

Gupta and Bhattacharya, who joined Kulldorf in the interview with Laura Ingraham, emphasized that herd immunity should be the objective, contending it could be achieved in a relatively short amount of time.

COVID is not a “death sentence,” Bhattacharya argued, alluding to survival rates calculated by the Centers for Disease Control of nearly 100% for those under 70 and nearly 95% for those who are older.

“I think we’ve created this idea in the public mind that it is something so unique and so deadly that we should utterly end all normal existence as a result of it,” he said.

A service member conducts a temperature check during a flu vaccination event for Army family members and military retirees at Fort Bliss, Texas, Oct. 9, 2020. (U.S. Army photo by Michelle Gordon)

“That’s not right. We can have a much better way. Protect the vulnerable. Shield them for a short period of time until we reach a level where there is population immunity,” the Stanford professor said. “And for the rest of the world, let us live our lives.”

The CDC last month issued new estimates that showed people under 50 years infected by COVID-19 have nearly a 100% survival rate. It broke down to a 99.997% survival rate for 0-19; 99.98% for ages 20-49; 99.5% for 50-69; and 94.6% for those over 70.

Those who died of coronavirus, according to the CDC, had an average of 2.6 comorbidities, meaning more than two chronic diseases along with COVID-19. Overall, the CDC says, just 6% of the people counted as COVID-19 deaths died of COVID-19 alone.

The World Health Organization said in early October it estimated 10% of the world’s population has been infected, meaning that by the U.N. body’s own account, the infection fatality rate for COVID-19 is only 0.13%. That’s a little more than one-tenth of 1%, which the WHO says is the rate for the seasonal flu.

The WHO’s estimate in March of a death rate of 3.4% sparked panic worldwide, fueling the catastrophic lockdowns.

‘TRUTH’ With RFK, Jr. and David Martin: Fauci’s Checkered Past, Moderna’s Warp Speed Vaccine

In the latest episode of our second season of “TRUTH” with RFK, Jr., Kennedy interviewed author and patent researcher David Martin.

By Children’s Health Defense Team

In the latest episode of our second season of “TRUTH” with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Kennedy interviewed author and patent researcher David Martin. The conversation centered on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s favorite COVID vaccine candidate, Moderna.

Highlights of the discussion include:

  • Dr. David Martin’s company “M-CAM” and how he found a way to use intangible assets as collateral security.
  • The Bayh-Dole Act that led to Dr. Anthony Fauci profiting from royalties off university patents. 
  • A SARS vaccine that was patented in March, 2019 — eight months prior to the COVID breakout.  
  • Fauci’s involvement in dodgy deals and price fixing of medicines in the U.S.
  • Autism and other chronic health conditions exploded under Fauci’s watch. 
  • Fauci’s failure to study infectious diseases and allergies despite working for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Author: Narrow Path Ministries

Non-denominational, Independent, Bible believing Church

10 thoughts on “VIDEO Dr. Scott Atlas demolishes Joe Biden’s COVID lockdown claim – Dr Fauci and Moderna”

  1. Very well done; tip top data and information! I’ve been saying all of this as far back as March in so many terms as I saw the CCP and Dem agenda driving the whole dame thing with the WHO and even our own CDC, so I smelled the rat from the get goes! It wasn’t hard to figure after all the Dems had done to destroy Trump and his presidency but failed with every nefarious plan; I knew what was coming before the election was their coup d’ grace! You of course know this is all driven by Satan and thus many minions around the globe enabled it pushing the Global Reset Button for Totalitarian enslavement of humanity! God is coming and all in proper time this will all be exposed and dealt with in accordance with Holy Scriptures! I had said in my blogs that The Winds of Truth and Justice are Coming! They are here and beginning to rip open the enormous lies and the diabolical machine.
    God bless you and yours. Amen.
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III


    1. Thank you for adding your comments in support and Blessings. Every person should be well informed in order that they may make an informed decision. When info is hidden each person should ask what are they hiding and why? The bad guys usually don’t want the good guys knowing what the bad guys are doing… they don’t want to caught.
      May God continue to Bless you and yours as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re very welcome and yes isn’t this the way Satan has worked among us from the beginning and now in these high tech times with a vast array of data manipulation taking place and in essence highly sophisticated smoke and mirror not only cheap parlor tricks, but, along with mind control on a massive scale which is now being deployed around the globe to poke and prod we fellow human beings into submission. I believe we are seeing the tip of the iceberg as it were and the plan has been underway for decades with a very systematic operation being conducted from within the shadows of our nation’s military industrial complex/MSM coupled now with the Tech Industry to alter our behaviors and beliefs incrementally; and the key was to take God out of the equation , first when they took Him out of all public schools not even allowing a moment of silent prayer, making for a very secular pagan belief system of incorrigibles that would submit to atrocious mindsets and attitudes; AKA industrial scale abortion on demand, full term day of delivery murder of an innocent human being and now some public officials saying there is no use for people to live past 75, and in essence be planting the seed of euthanasia. Then they went on to alternative lifestyles or homosexuality as being perfectly fine with even gender reassignment now with children! I do pity any soul that isn’t able to distinguish right from wrong this badly and isn’t able to see the sinister or actually diabolical at work in all of this madness. Now more people than not know just how much lying, cheating and stealing the Democrat party along with some false Republicans have been doing over the years all designed to become as filthy rich and powerful as possible; but the biggest problem with all of that is their joining this global plan of unprecedented proportions becoming and being actual components of the plan; or true minions of Satan. Look how the Clintons from middle class families are now part of a global cabal of mega rich just like the Obama’s who started out with less than 1 million in net worth at the beginning of the first term and now billionaires in reality when considering all their hidden and known assets! And one look at Nancy Pelosi and her outlandish behaviors or attacks upon a sitting President with her cohorts and it’s easy for me to see we have vile destructive persons in high office bringing ruin to our society and indeed the human race; the opening of a modern day Pandora’s Box if you will. That is what being a “Public Servant” of a great and good prosperous Nation under God is about; all the while Pelosi spews such rhetoric that nobody is above the law when referring to President Trump, when in fact she should be pointing her dirty fingers that are stuck in so many corrupt pies at herself, and all of her counterparts in Congress. The Devil has used the root of all evil filthy lucre, and then lust for power, to capture many a soul in order to use them as his personal evil instruments and tools for his nefarious bigger plan which is to destroy all that is good on earth and especially mankind; God’s children! I have little difficulty in seeing that we as a human race are on the precipice and that final curtain time is the closest it could have ever been; in that all the right components required to bring on Armageddon are in place and aligning now for this NWO Reset and swan song of humanity, in one big corrupted pagan adulterous lost generation; which basically is cutting its own collective throat and ending up if the Devil has his way; in hell.
        God help us and I pray that more people than not wake up fast.
        God bless you and yours.
        Brother in Christ Jesus,
        Lawrence Morra III


      2. Sure and thank you again as always! Shedding and shining God’s light anywhere we can to do His will is enough for me these days! I hope and figure it does make some difference sometimes!
        Take care and God bless you and yours.
        Happy Thanksgiving!


      3. Well said and so true my friend! As we follow Christ Jesus carrying our own crosses we continue to seek the will of our Father in heaven and by the Holy Spirit which guides us.
        God bless you and yours during this time of giving our thanks!
        Happy Thanksgiving!


      4. Yes, there is always so much to be thankful for! This is all an abundant blessing provided for our benefit out of divine eternal love and plan! Amen.
        Happy Thanksgiving!


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