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VIDEO Two Myths About America – Parents Address Critical Race Theory

By William D. Howard

     The two most widely disseminated myths about America in the twenty-first century are that our society is “systematically racist” and dominated by “white supremacists”. Both of these myths have been intentionally propagated by left- wing ideologues since the 1960s. These myths are the starting point of most of their societal analysis and the bedrock of their proposals for social advancement. Any disagreement or investigation of these views is met with a barrage of hostile counter-attacks and their greatest epithet of labelling someone as racist.

     “Systemic racism” is one of those tendentious, left-wing, word choices used to confuse rather than enlighten a frightened public whose minds are still reeling from urban riots and the burning of their cities. Instead of proving large-scale intentional racist behavior, it is far easier to engage in a categorical condemnation of an entire people, its history and its culture. By using this technique the leftist gains the upper- hand in two ways: first it is almost impossible to disprove a categorical statement and secondly the leftist begins the discussion of social policy from a downward slopping position of authority. If you accept his premise the logical conclusion requires us to accept his social/economic remedies.

     The smoke screen of “systemic racism” obscures and quickly smothers any efforts at objective analysis. The Left does not seek intelligent, well-informed discussion of America’s problems. For them as Cervantes once said, “Facts are the enemies of truth”. The “Guilt Complex” that rules the mind of liberal mainstream media only leaves us with the loudest, most malicious and ill-informed people, simplifying the problems of America.  CNN is notorious for their cast of instant moral philosophers who pander to left-wing demagogues and reverse- racists like BLM.

   What we are witnessing on most of America’s news outlets is an echo chamber of white guilt mixed with a reflex action to support unworkable solutions to real problems. One glaring example of this was Chris Cuomo playing the role of nightly philosopher and pronouncing that recent rioters and looters  were like the patriots who took part in the “Boston Tea Party”. Both national and international statistics show a strong correlation between crime, violence and young people who grow-up in single-parent homes where there is the absence of moral guidance and responsible parenting. The super violent “Northern Triangle” of Central America and America’s own lower socio-economic inner-cities are perfect examples.

     Back in the 1970s, when the “Democratic Party” still had honest, courageous, intelligent leadership, Daniel Patrick Moynihan sounded the alarm over the destruction of the black family as a result of rising out-of-wedlock childbirths. Since his warning this problem has grown from 25% to 72%.

     A study by the “Progress Policy Institute” (a liberal think tank) showed that if you removed single-parent families from the statistics on crime, the rates of crime between whites and blacks are almost the same. This is not just an African-American problem any longer, this is now an All-American problem. “Child Trends”, which calls itself “… the nation’s leading research organization focused… on improving the lives of children…” reported in 2018:

“40 percent of births in the United States occur outside of marriage, up from 28 percent in 1990.”

     Black Americans make-up a little over 12% of the population but represent 33% of those in federal and state prisons. It is ludicrous to believe that there is a giant racist conspiracy on the part of lawyers, judges, mixed-race juries, police officers and liberal and conservative politicians, to lock-up innocent African-Americans. There are of course real cases of racism and police brutality but they are not systematic. Where these cases exist they are not based upon our laws or official policies. They exist in spite of our laws and official policies. They are the product of malicious individuals making bad choices or the inept training of personnel.  These are real problems and ever reasonable measure should be taken to eliminate them.

     There are of course real examples of “Systemic Racism”, such as Nazi Germany’s “Nuremberg Laws”, or the “Jim Crow Laws” of the old south, or the laws  of “Apartheid” that existed in South Africa. There are now no racist laws in the United States of America. They were stripped away over a period of years after the American Civil War. The major changes made by the 13th, 14th, 15th, Amendments to the Constitution, “Brown v. The Board of Education” and the other Civil Rights Acts passed in the 1960s, make it impossible to fairly characterize American society as “systemically racist”.

     The truth is that the major thrust of American public policy, public sentiment, public education and the efforts of good citizens and business leaders since the 1960s has been in favor of lifting lower-socio-economic African-Americans out of poverty and breaking the cycle of crime and despair. If one takes an objective look at the national laws passed since the 1960s, the general direction has been in favor of benefiting African-Americans. Often the policies were wrong-headed and counter-productive but they were at least well-intentioned. America has spent since the 1960s trillions of tax payer dollars to ameliorate the problems of the “Under Class”. For all intents and purposes “Reparations” have already been paid.

     Equal to their myth of America as “systemically racist” is their myth that the majority of Americans are “white supremacists”. They choose bits and pieces of American’s worse history to support their general indictment of our present day society. This type of reasoning is based upon the logical fallacy known as the “Perfect Society”. The Left holds up America’s  historical imperfections in comparison to a mythical “Perfect Society”. Any true comparison of American history with any other civilization past or present, would result in nothing short of a strong sense awe and wonder at what America has achieve

     The primary cause of America’s, current social pathology, is the huge increase in single-parent families. This is a problem with cultural causes and cannot be solved by the government spending.  Caring, loving, parents cannot be dispensed at “Planned Parenthood”. If there is such a thing in America as “systemic racism” it could only be the reverse- racist system of Left-Wing thinking that dishonestly paints all white Americans with the broad brush of collective guilt for historical sins which they never took part in.

William D. Howard is a freelance writer who had a long career as an educator. He holds degrees in philosophy and history and has traveled widely in over 40 countries. His essays have been published in American Thinker, LifeSiteNews, Intellectual Conservative and others.

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Author: Narrow Path Ministries

Non-denominational, Independent, Bible believing Church

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