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Love is not self seeking

April 27, 2021Author: Nehemiah Zion

Love is not self seeking. Love cares for others. When we pray, we pray for another’s good.

Who is God searching for among believers in times of crisis like these?

“I searched for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand in the gap before Me for [the sake of] the land, that I would not destroy it, but I found no one [not even one].” (Ezekiel‬ ‭22:30‬)

God is asking believers to cry and weep for the suffering world. To intercede for the weak and oppressed in prayer. Mostly, believers are focused on physically helping which will always fall short. The other problem with physical help is the temptation of becoming a proud doer. Telling the world of your good deeds. Seeking self.

The saddest aspect of a believer is his lack of belief in God’s call to pray. Praying has powers beyond all the human help put together. Did Israel win the battles because they were great warriors? No. God gave them great victories because of prayer and praise.

Self seeking believers

Ananias and Sapphira kept part of the money, received from selling their property, having promised all. While they started in love, promising help for the ministry, they died in sin because of their lies. They did not truly love God, got trapped in their love for money.

Judas walked as a servant of God, only to give in to greed, seeking his own and rejecting the love of God, literally and spiritually.

How easily we fall away! How dangerous is temptation! How grave is our situation without God! It only takes a moment to throw away everything about God from our lives. The depravity of sin should not be underestimated. If it hadn’t been for the blood of Jesus no one could have been saved.

You can leave all for Christ to minister to the flock, only to turn into an obstinate and dominating person. Loving God means to serve others. If you do not love another then you aren’t preparing for heaven. Love does not misuse the position, but serves to make others fruitful for the glory of God.

Love, to serve.
Love, to give.
Love, in truth.
Maranatha, Praise God and Amen.

Author: Narrow Path Ministries

Non-denominational, Independent, Bible believing Church

15 thoughts on “Love is not self seeking”

  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    Yes, Yes and Yes my brother! I have only been touching upon what has popped into my view since last night and it made a beautiful circle! I’m stopping with this article now leaving the recording or record of these things that I was directed to and shown for God’s purpose and it all revolves around Prayer!

    Saint John Paul II said plainly that the most powerful weapons we have above anything else on earth or in the world are from his vantage point and understanding having been the Pope of the Catholic Church at that time; the Rosary and Scapula. I believe what he was saying from my humble lowly station is that what you said here being in constant communion basically with God praying and doing it religiously from the heart; being totally devoted and believing that Jesus Christ is listening and through Him our Father in heaven to address all of our needs and concerns! Not enough people are doing this and I’m sure of it, that not enough actually believe it works or matters!

    This mostly secular poisoned world in plain English is so screwed and next door to Hell. Look at it with the evil people in high places ruling the roost with their hands on earthly powers that can obliterate this planet a thousand times over and then the evil crazy MSM and proxies of these demented leaders and Satan himself are screaming at us about climate change or vaccinations and how AOC the imbecile said we need a New Green Deal! Are you people that out to lunch and not hearing what God is telling us? Or is it that you just don’t give a hoot? I’m telling you I’m nobody but I see it all plain as day and you all need to wake up now! The massive attack on everything is underway.

    In a film Apocalypto while a village of Amazonian Indians were being surrounded in the middle of the night, after a big festivity, by a brutal satanic enemy to be captured, enslaved and sacrificed like chattel the lead character Jaguar Paw in the story dreams momentarily of another Indian he had just encountered the previous day in the jungle from another tribe who is yelling in his face “RUN” which was the only hope of escaping this brutality which was just beginning to unfold; Jaguar Paw woke up and saved his pregnant wife and child in the nick of time.

    Likewise some of us are going to be awakened to what is happening in profound and provocative plain as day ways in order to sound the alarm and for all the faithful or those who will awaken to Jesus Christ to do so now and pray fervently daily; that is our only escape from what is coming to this world! Following the science, or fake leaders and puppet MSM will take you to hell, none of which is worth dust. Turn to God now while you still have the Opportunity which is quickly diminishing with each passing hour and day!
    God bless you.

    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III


      1. Hi and thanks for the confirmation. I actually in a way cross pollinated or merged this article of yours with a couple of others as they seemed to correlate or have a central theme that was worth noting and merged at the same time.

        I also was drawn to this article just by the great photo because I’m a sort of lover of squirrels and chipmunks having rescued some over the years and I do pass out free snacks daily to all of them around my home, so they always are comfortable with me close up.

        As long as what I do helps I think that motivates me to keep trying. All the best and God bless you.


      2. Ah good brother you do just as I do! And just as unusual early this morning my little natural friends were all waiting for my appearance out there, to provide many safe opportunities to eat the food and water they need, without scavenging in the miserable heat, or as you said in the winter when its slim pickings for sure; they all come looking for me!

        I know God provides for all His creation but we humans do monopolize so much and disrupt synergy or balance often with total disregard and abandonment; so I think God likes to see at least some of us take some initiative using the greater gifts He provides to our well-being and add some positive back where and when we can; for their sake as well.

        Glad to help my little friends, maybe a bit of “Grisly Adam’s” in me at work. Bit of a story here isn’t there!


      3. Oh and I later edited the long comment getting a bit tongue in cheek with the political consequences of the Democrat party having elevated AOC to some higher than deserved status but all in fun and just to make an important point I hope! It is only revised on my reblog so if it were important enough I would of course adjust it on your original; but that seems a bit marginal as this sort of thing goes. I do hope the cross referencing of the different blogs has good effect for someone.


      4. Perfectly said brother! I had some further thought during my resting overnight and went into my post to edit for clarification purposes what I was getting at; which I’m sure you and others picked up on without any difficulty discerning truth over fallacy or exaggeration.
        But, nonetheless just so no one becomes further confused over the pertinent issue at hand; I did further explain my perception and perspective, which indeed aligns well with what you just said here!

        Thanks again for the opportunity!

        Also, I didn’t want to push these changes I made but if it’s good to add them to your original posting I will do it for sure! The added content of video for one thing does and of course the Scripture most of all, I believe gives a greater sense of importance as to what is happening in our world right now, dramatically!

        God bless you and have a great day with the Lord!


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