VIDEO 4 Basics to Start Homeschooling

[ This is a good way to combat the damage of CRT done to our children]

Hello friend! I know you’ve come here concerned and searching for answers about how to homeschool. This is a big step, but a big step that I know you’ll be great at! I’ve been homeschooling my six children for 15 years and I would love to be your personal mentor and introduce you to the life-changing world of homeschooling. So, if you’re wondering where to start…

… let’s start homeschooling together!

4 Basics to Start Homeschooling

Step #1: Find out about your state’s homeschool regulations.Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, but every state has its own laws regarding homeschooling. Visit our state homeschool laws for more information.

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Step #2: Find out about you.Think about your lifestyle, your personalities, your goals, and think about “how” you’ll teach your children. It’s so important that “how you teach” aligns with your family’s personality and goals! Find out more about how to teach and your specific style with our Homeschool Methods Quiz.

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Step #3: Find out about your kids.Think about how your children learn. Discover what motivates them. When we know these things we can make our homeschool unique to our child. Find out more by taking our Learning Preferences Quiz.

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Step #4: Find out what tools you need to teach your children.Find out what tools you need to teach your children. A curriculum is the body of knowledge that you can use to teach a child. Typically, the best-fit homeschool curriculum is one that aligns with your #2 and #3 above. If you aren’t sure which homeschool curriculum would work best for you, take our Online Curriculum Finder Quiz. This will help you narrow down your options to a handful that are likely to work for your specific situation.

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