Report: Coptic Christian Students Beaten, Forced by Teachers, Classmates to Remove Cross Jewelry

AP Photo/Amr Nabil

By Billy Hallowell Editor

Coptic Christian students at a school in Egypt were recently forced to remove cross jewelry and were subsequently beaten by teachers and students, according to persecution watchdog International Christian concern.

These incidents reportedly unfolded at an elementary and middle school in Egypt’s Minya Governorate.

One of the episodes is said to have involved a female teacher who allegedly attacked a male child. The teacher not only purportedly participated in the assault, but also encouraged other kids to take part.

The group allegedly removed the cross, took the pendant away, and destroyed it. These shocking actions are said to have had the support of the headmaster at the school.

Children reportedly told their parents what unfolded, with news of the assaults later reaching persecution watchdogs and media outlets alike. It is unclear if any subsequent action was taken by government officials.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) cited Christian journalist Nader Shokry’s coverage of the incident. According to Shokry, these allegations are under investigation.

“There is an investigation and the directorate of education is following up the incident,” Shokry wrote. “Things have changed from the past, sectarian incidents still occur but there is a quick response now and things are dealt with more quickly.”

CSW President Mervyn Thomas called on Egyptian authorities to take swift action against those responsible, and expressed concern over the inclusion of teachers and adults in these incidents.

“We are particularly concerned by the fact that this conduct was encouraged and joined in by teachers, and call for appropriate measures to be taken against them,” he said in a statement. “Whilst we commend the efforts of the Egyptian government in recent years to improve the situation of Christians, and the personal commitment of President Sisi to reform religious education and combat extremism and hate speech, we continue to call upon the Egyptian authorities to extend these reforms to include unrecognized religious groups.”

Christian persecution remains a major problem in Egypt, which ranks 17th on Open Doors USA’s World Watch List, a rating of the countries in which persecution is most prevalent.

“Persecution against Christians in Egypt happens mostly at the community level. Incidents occur most frequently in Upper Egypt, where Salafist movements exert a strong influence on the rural communities due to high levels of illiteracy and poverty,” an explainer reads. “Incidents may vary from Christian women being harassed while walking in the street, to Christian communities being driven out of their homes by extremist mobs.”

Open Doors said Egyptian officials speak positively about Christians, but there is very little protection offered among law enforcement officials, creating a breeding ground for attacks and assaults.

In addition to community crackdowns, Christians also struggle to find places of worship at which to live out their faith in community, and conversions from Islam to Christianity are often met with intense resistance.

Open Doors also reports that Minya Governate, the place where the most recent school attacks unfolded, is “notorious for having the highest number of attacks on Christians.”

Continue to pray for Christians in Egypt and other nations on the World Watch List. Pray for hope, strength, and changed hearts and minds among the leaders and law enforcement bodies in these locations.

Author: Narrow Path Ministries

Non-denominational, Independent, Bible believing Church

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    This is Absolute Abhorrent evil from hell and a clear sign of exactly what is going on in this world right now! These persons that do this to Christian’s are all supporting the decadent rampaging diabolical evil that is loose upon the world! This evil now have major cohort sponsors in all sectors of societies from Governments and Education Systems with of course the Marxist Communist Atheist agenda and the evil false religion political ideology of Islam which have all joined forces to destroy Christianity and God’s Church on earth! We in America the one nation founded under God the Judeo-Christian God Jesus Christ, built on the bedrock of core Biblical Precepts has been under attack for decades by Satan, as America being the Crown Jewel to conquer and destroy in order to envelop the entire earth in darkness and despair! All of this being done to facilitate the bringing on of the antichrist who will then rule the people as their god!

    Here in America the agenda is in full swing with the Democrat Party which is now the “atheistic communist satanic party” having been the weakest link to break the back of this system and infiltrate the entire government and military by injecting it with the toxic evil poison from the lying serpent from hell; who right from the beginning has been the destroyer, that father of all lies Satan. Anyone with their wits about them can look at what the Democrat Party has become and then see how that overlapped into the many so called Republicans, many of which have caved in to this evil and are part of the agenda now, not doing their actual job to Defend and Protect the Constitution of the United States of America and its People! This One Nation under God is seething with absolute evil and each time I see what the Democrat Party has become and represents, I’m am truly sickened to not only see what they have become as a governing body but moreover what they’ve promoted and caused so many citizens to become as well; as they fall into lockstep with the agenda!

    This is now a pagan, secular heathen nation of debauchery; punctuated with some Good Will and remaining Christian Values being continued by sincere persons, but, all in an uphill battle to survive the evil that is sweeping around the globe! We Christians can’t win this war by our own volition and even steadfast devout faith alone, because the pits of hell have been unleashed upon this earth material realm! And now the only way to stop what is happening is God Almighty through Jesus Christ returning to finally judge it all; and cast all evil into the bottomless pit for eternity, just as “The Holy Scriptures” “The Word of God” have told us for thousands of years! Amen.
    God bless you!

    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III


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