Internet Safety Tips for Teens

JULY 31, 2022

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The following safety tips were supplied by a child advocacy center all too familiar with child abuse in its many forms.  Please, discuss them with the teens in your life.

Personal Safety 

Never share your personal information with others online unless you already know them offline, and they have good reason for needing to know.

Before sharing the following information with ANYONE, always check with a trusted adult first:  last name, address, phone number, date of birth, school name, social security number, passwords.

Social Media

Many social networking websites (e.g. Facebook/Meta, Twitter, and Instagram) have minimum age requirements for signing up.  These requirements are there to protect you!  Never accept a “friend request” from someone you do not already know offline.  Again, never share personal information with others.

Online Friends

Remember that not everything you read online is true.  Unfortunately, sometimes people pretend to be who they are not.  Never meet anyone in person that you have only met on the internet.  Rape and sex trafficking are real dangers.  Predators can rarely be identified from their appearance.


Never post photos online that show you in a negative light.  Always check with a trusted adult, if you are unsure whether the photos you plan to post are appropriate.

Intimate Relationships

Be mindful that everything you share with others has the potential to be distributed to unintended parties.  Sexting and nude content have the potential to end up widely available on the internet.

If you are found with nude photos or videos of someone underage, you can be charged with child pornography, yourself.

Online Content

Be mindful of things you say online.  Even if you delete content from a webpage, social media, blog, etc. it will remain somewhere on the internet forever.  Employers may check your internet “footprint” in years to come, and find inappropriate content that could ruin your future plans.


Author: Narrow Path Ministries

Non-denominational, Independent, Bible believing Church

2 thoughts on “Internet Safety Tips for Teens”

    1. You are very welcome to His Glory.

      I agree. Our children need to be protected by their parents and other adults. Unfortunately access to the internet has allowed evil to creep in where parents would not allow their children to go.

      Thank you the timely post.


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