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How Friends and Relatives Can Easily Break Your Marriage

by Merab Wawira July 24, 2022 2

Several relationship coaches and counselling psychologists have warned that keeping friends and family close to your marriage could easily break it.

Married women, for instance are advised to think twice before letting their relatives and female friends to get close to their husbands.

Some married women allow their female friends to stay at their homes and this is totally wrong because chances of breaking the marriage are high.

Although family members are important, it is good to know they are not always friends.

Being related with a person or having friendship does not mean they wish well for you.

In fact, some friends and relatives will do anything to break your marriage, especially if things are not going well on their side.

Women are advised to put boundaries in their marriage and stop delegating wifely duties to other women. For instance, some women bring their small sisters to their house and leave for more than a week. This small sister is expected to serve the husband and in the process, a lot may happen which may affect, not only the marriage, but also respect between husband and in laws. The same may also apply when men delegate some duties to other men to their family.

After getting married, some friends, not all, but majority can be jealous.

Therefore, its highly important to put boundaries.

While it does not mean one should ignore their relatives and friends after getting married, learn to put boundaries.

Avoid sharing with friends and relatives about every detail in your marriage.

Some relatives/friends can bad-mouth your spouse if you allow them too much, hence it is necessary to PUT BOUNDARIES. Deal with your marriage privately. Third parties are MOSTLY destroyers, in today’s world.

Author: Narrow Path Ministries

Non-denominational, Independent, Bible believing Church

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