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VIDEO The True Story of the 1918 “Spanish Flu” – Fauci Regrets Not Locking Down America Sooner and Laughs 

By Kevin Barry and Dr. Gary G. Kohls Global Research, April 25, 2021

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For over a century, various entities that are involved in the propaganda machinery that has been tasked by the powers-that-be to advance American patriotism and corporate profiteering have covered-up the truth about what actually started the epidemic of  what became known as the “Spanish Flu”, successfully obscuring what was actually a shameful experiment perpetrated by the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research – the uber-wealthy entity that started the American Medical Association and the School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University

For over a century, Americans have been led to believe that what was the true epicenter of the pandemic – US Army military bases – was actually the result of a Rockefeller Instutute vaccine experiment gone awry. The culprit vaccine, nicely documented by author Kevin Barry was perpetrated upon hapless military recruits at a variety of bases in the US. Spain had nothing to do with the epidemic, except for actually allowing its journalists to write about it.

The experimental vaccine was devised when the only vaccine that had ever shown any promise in preventing disease was the smallpox vaccine (which, when evaluated in retrospect, didn’t actually deserve credit for the disappearance of smallpox, since only a small minority of world citizens every actually received the vaccine.)

The crude experimental vaccine was intended to theoretically prevent bacterial (not viral) meningitis in soldiers, which had been a problem in past wars. Barry nicely documents the story that has been left out of the history books, ignored by the Mainstream Media, deleted from the Pentagon archives, and misrepresented by the pharmaceutical and medical industries, the NIH, the CDC, the NIAID and every corporation that seeks to profit from vaccinating as many infants, children and adults that they can. And that includes, of course, the widely discredited Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that has spent hundreds of billions of dollars funding, founding and subsidizing corporations and other entities that promote universal vaccinations for whatever is proclaimed Big Pharma to be “vaccine-preventable disorders”)

A previous 4261 word Duty to Warn column can be accessed at various websites, including here.

Below are excerpts from the article that was written by author Kevin Barry, whose website is called First Freedoms.


By Kevin Barry

“During the war years 1918-19, the US Army ballooned to 6,000,000 men, with 2,000,000 men being sent overseas.  The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research took advantage of this new pool of human guinea pigs to conduct vaccine experiments.”

“During WW1, the Rockefeller Institute also sent its experimental anti-meningococcal serum to England, France, Belgium, Italy and other countries, helping spread the epidemic worldwide.”

“The Rockefeller Institute and its experimental bacterial meningococcal vaccine, contrary to the accepted mythology may have killed 50-100 million people in 1918-1919.”

“The crude anti-bacterial vaccine used in the Fort Riley experiment on soldiers was made in horses.”

“According to a 2008 National Institute of Health paper, bacterial pneumonia was the killer in a minimum of 92.7% of the 1918-19 Pandemic autopsies reviewed.”

“Clean water, sanitation, flushing toilets, refrigerated foods and healthy diets have done and still do far more to protect humanity from infectious diseases than any vaccine program.”

“In 1918, the vaccine industry experimented on soldiers…with disastrous results—but in 2018, the vaccine industry experiments on infants every day. The vaccine schedule has never been tested as it is given.  The results of the experiment are in: 1 in 7 of America’s fully vaccinated children is in some form of special education and over 50% have some form of chronic illness.” The “Spanish Flu” killed an estimated 50-100 million people during a pandemic 1918-19.”

What if the story we have been told about this pandemic isn’t true? What if, instead, the killer infection was neither the flu nor Spanish in origin?

Newly analyzed documents reveal that the “Spanish Flu” may have been a military vaccine experiment gone awry.


The reason modern technology has not been able to pinpoint the killer influenza strain from this pandemic is because influenza was not the killer.

More soldiers died during WWI from disease than from bullets.

The pandemic was not flu. An estimated 95% (or higher) of the deaths were caused by bacterial pneumonia, not an influenza virus.

The pandemic was not Spanish. The first cases of bacterial pneumonia in 1918 trace back to military bases, the first one in Fort Riley, Kansas.

From January 21 – June 4, 1918, an experimental bacterial meningitis vaccine cultured in horses by the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in New York was injected into soldiers at Fort Riley.

During the remainder of 1918 as those soldiers – often living and traveling under poor sanitary conditions – were sent to Europe to fight, they spread bacteria at every stop between Kansas and the frontline trenches in France.

One study describes soldiers “with active infections (who) were aerosolizing the bacteria that colonized their noses and throats, while others—often, in the same “breathing spaces”—were profoundly susceptible to invasion of and rapid spread through their lungs by their own or others’ colonizing bacteria.” (1)

The “Spanish Flu” attacked healthy people in their prime.  Bacterial pneumonia attacks people in their prime. Flu attacks the young, old and immunocompromised.

When WW1 ended on November 11, 1918, soldiers returned to their home countries and colonial outposts, spreading the killer bacterial pneumonia worldwide.

During WW1, the Rockefeller Institute also sent its experimental anti-meningococcal serum to England, France, Belgium, Italy and other countries, helping spread the epidemic worldwide.

During the pandemic of 1918-19, the so-called “Spanish Flu” killed 50-100 million people, including many soldiers.

Many people do not realize that disease killed far more soldiers on all sides than machine guns or mustard gas or anything else typically associated with WWI.

I have a personal connection to the Spanish Flu.  Among those killed by disease in 1918-19 are members of both of my parents’ families.

On my father’s side, his grandmother Sadie Hoyt died from pneumonia in 1918. Sadie was a Chief Yeoman in the Navy.  Her death left my grandmother Rosemary and her sister Anita to be raised by their aunt. Sadie’s sister Marian also joined the Navy.  She died from “the influenza” in 1919.

On my mother’s side, two of her father’s sisters died in childhood. All of the family members who died lived in New York City.

I suspect many American families, and many families worldwide, were impacted in similar ways by the mysterious Spanish Flu.

In 1918, “influenza” or flu was a catchall term for disease of unknown origin.  It didn’t carry the specific meaning it does today.

It meant some mystery disease which dropped out of the sky.  In fact, influenza is from the Medieval Latin “influential” in an astrological sense, meaning a visitation under the influence of the stars.


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Dr Gary G. Kohls lives in the USA and writes a weekly column, entitled Duty to Warn, for the Duluth Reader, Duluth, Minnesota’s alternative newsweekly magazine. His columns deal with the dangers of American Friendly Fascism, corporatism, Oligarchy, militarism, racism, malnutrition, and Big Pharma’s over-drugging and over-vaccinating agendas as well as other movements that threaten the environment, democracy, civility, health and the sustainability and livability of the planet and the future of the children. Dr. Kohls is a frequent contributor to Global Research 

Many of Dr Kohls’ columns have been archived at a number of websites, including:;;;; and

The original source of this article is Global Research

Copyright © Kevin Barry and Dr. Gary G. Kohls, Global Research, 2021

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Rockefeller and the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic


NO, Here Is The Truth About The American Flu/ Spanish Flu Of 1918

WATCH: Anthony Fauci Expresses Regret For Not Locking Down America Sooner and Laughs Off COVID LabLeak Theory – Cried Like a Baby While Watching Biden Inauguration

By Cullen Linebarger Mar. 22, 2023

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier this week on a DC resident filleting Dr. Anthony Fauci and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser as they went door to door in his Anacostia neighborhood encouraging residents to receive the COVID -19 vaccine.

The exchange was documented by PBS as part of an upcoming program on Fauci. The incident reportedly happened in June 2021.

The footage also shows Fauci talking to Bowser and revealing exactly what he thinks of Republicans who question the COVID shot and vaccine mandates.

He expressed vitriolic hatred and vowed to break their will.

They (Red-State Republicans) are going to keep the outbreak smoldering in the country (for refusing to get vaccinated). It’s so crazy.

They’re not doing it because they say they don’t want to. They’re Republicans. They don’t like being told what to do. We need to break that.

Now, more alarming footage from the documentary has been unearthed. Fauci expresses serious regret for not locking down America sooner and ordering mask mandates.

He even laughs off the mere thought of a lab leak causing the COVID pandemic, calling it “molecularly impossible.” All credible evidence actually points in that direction.


Even the Biden Regime and the FBI agree that COVID escaped from a lab.

The New York Post reported:

Dr. Anthony Fauci was shown laughing off the widely accepted lab-leak theory as “molecularly impossible” in a new documentary — while also saying he would’ve implemented quarantines and mask mandates sooner.

The then-White House adviser was followed by PBS throughout 2021 and 2022 as he became a polarizing figure while leading President Biden’s response to the pandemic.

In it, he railed against Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) “insidiously” suggesting in Congress in July 2021 that his National Institutes of Health had funded gain-of-function research at the lab in Wuhan where COVID first emerged.

“Rand Paul was insidiously throwing into his suggestions that the work done in the Wuhan lab, funded by a small grant from NIH … created a virus that made COVID,” Fauci said.

The Wuhan lab-leak theory is now eyed as the likely source of the virus by many government agencies, including the US Department of Energy and the FBI.

Fauci, however, laughed as he mocked the theory in one of 10 interviews he gave PBS throughout 23 months of filming.

“The microbe that we were working on, not only was not SARS-CoV-2, it would be molecularly impossible for them to turn it into SARS-CoV-2,” he said of the scientific name.

He was seen watching interviews he gave early in the pandemic dismissing masks as ineffective — and then later being the driving force for mandating them.

“Did you flip-flop? No,” he said of his own change of messaging. “You got additional information that made you change what you’re saying.”

Despite standing behind his change of heart, Fauci admitted that he regretted not ordering quarantines and telling people to wear masks sooner, despite numerous studies now suggesting both were ineffective.

“Maybe I should have done that,” he said. “Yeah, I was wrong.”

Footage from the documentary also shows Fauci crying as Biden officially assumes power.

Fauci says in the documentary that Biden does not approve of anything on COVID-19 unless “I say yes.”


Americans should be grateful this vile man is no longer in a position of power. Fauci has the blood of millions of people on his hands.


Author: Narrow Path Ministries

Non-denominational, Independent, Bible believing Church

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