Culture War: Google Labels ‘Unplanned’ As ‘Propaganda’

The pro-life film is under a new attack, and this time it’s hard to describe it as accidental.


The MPAA, record publishers, cable networks and Twitter all took their hacks at the pro-life film “Unplanned.”

Now, it’s Google’s turn, apparently.

“Unplanned” follows the true story of Abby Johnson, a Planned Parenthood director who had a massive change of heart regarding abortion.

In recent weeks the Motion Picture Association of America slapped an “R” rating on the indie feature. That’s despite “Unplanned” having no adult language, violence, nudity or sexual situations. The film’s abortion scenes are a little challenging, visually. They’re still a far cry from what PG:13 horror films evoke.

Next, a crush of music publishers denied the film’s producers rights to their songs citing vague reasons.

Multiple high-profile cable channels refused to air the film’s commercials. Think HGTV, Lifetime and more.

Twitter briefly suspended the film’s official account during its opening weekend run. Hours later, some people tried to follow the page once it came back online … but couldn’t. Some posted video of their attempts to prove their point.

Is Google joining the culture war fight against “Unplanned?” One key piece of evidence suggests that’s the case. Type the word “Unplanned” into the mighty search engine. Here’s what you find on the very first page, a critical search criteria (Hat Tip: T Becket Adams)

Unplanned Google Propaganda (1)

Have any other films been similarly labeled?

Yes, “Unplanned” is unabashedly pro-life. If you want to label it as propaganda, then you must do the same for other pop culture entities, including:

  • Obvious Child” -The 2014 dramedy packs an aggressive pro-choice message
  • Any Michael Moore movie. Period.
  • Saturday Night Live” features content with a uniformly hard-left tilt
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” is Progressive Messaging 101.

That’s just a short list. And here’s how Google lists two of the aforementioned films.

“Unplanned” co-director Chuck Konzelman defended his film against the Google attack:

“We tell the true life story at Abby Johnson.The last time Planned Parenthood challenged her version of events —in court — the judge threw out all charges, without Abby even having to mount a defense,” Konzelman says. “And yet, many in the media slavishly insist it’s Abby who’s lying… and Planned Parenthood that’s telling the truth.”


VIDEO Yes, I Really Did See An Ultrasound-Guided Abortion That Made Me Pro-Life

A biased article from a liberal publication has been used as the sole source to try and debunk my life story of being a Planned Parenthood director who became pro-life.

Yes, I Really Did See An Ultrasound-Guided Abortion That Made Me Pro-Life

April 10, 2019 by Abby Johnson

I left Planned Parenthood nine years ago after assisting in an ultrasound-guided abortion of a 13-week-old fetus. I saw the unborn child struggle for its life against the abortion instruments. I saw the empty uterus on the screen where life had been just moments before.

This story is now a major motion picture released in theaters nationwide, called “Unplanned.” While the movie defied industry expectations at the box office, attention has also been drawn to an article written about my story soon after I left the abortion industry. I had never felt the need to respond to the false claims in this story until now.

The Texas Monthly published a story just a few months after I left Planned Parenthood entitled “The Convert.” It’s a biased article from a liberal publication that has been used as the sole source for every other abortion-supporting website to try and debunk my story, most of them outright claiming I never witnessed the ultrasound-guided abortion or that it simply never happened.

The article claims there were no 13-week abortions done that day, September 26, 2009. It claims the doctor didn’t use an ultrasound to guide his instruments. But that incorrect information comes only from a sheet of paper from Planned Parenthood, not from an official record from the Texas Department of Health, which would never, under any circumstances, release any reports regarding specific abortions performed at specific clinics, in order to protect patient privacy.

In fact, the only abortion data that the Texas Department of Health releases is general information about abortions performed by county, ethnicity, age, and type of abortion performed. Under no circumstance, even an open-records request, would the Texas Department of Health release the induced abortion report for any facility (Texas Health and Safety Code 245.011).

The Texas Monthly reporter sent me a form from Planned Parenthood that was used as the basis for the story, which looks like something akin to a bad Excel spreadsheet. Planned Parenthood said this is what was sent to the Texas Department of Health, yet that’s not the correct form at all. The actual form is called the Induced Abortion Reporting form and the state requires it for each abortion appointment, not an Excel document. I was the clinic director for this Planned Parenthood, so it was my job to know this information and how to report abortions.

The form Planned Parenthood claims they sent to the Texas Department of Health also has some glaring disparities. Firstly, it doesn’t even have all the information that must be reported to the state, such as any complications and what type of anesthesia was used. Secondly, the form states that the facility performed a surgical abortion on a four-week old fetus. There is no way that would happen until five weeks of gestation at the very earliest, preferably six weeks, because you have to be able to visibly identify the chorionic villi—“tiny parts of the placenta that are formed from the fertilized egg”—which are usually not visibly present until six weeks.

Both this random document and the official Induced Abortion Reporting document never state if an abortion is done with an ultrasound guide. What’s important to them is that the abortion is completed. Ultrasound-guided abortions aren’t common, but the doctor doing them that day at the clinic wanted to do it that way, which is how I ended up holding the probe and witnessing the death of a baby on the screen.

The document Planned Parenthood sent the Texas Monthly reporter also shows that it was completed on September 30, 2009. But I didn’t resign as clinic director until October 6, 2009, so this supposed “proof” of a document would have been filled out by me. If I had this big scheme to talk about an abortion that never took place, don’t you think that I would have made sure that this form had a 13-week abortion included? However, I had never seen a form like this in my life, because it didn’t exist. The only form that I was aware of was the Induced Abortion Form that is an official Texas Department of Health document.

Understand that Planned Parenthood isn’t great at keeping records and the records they do manage to keep are often not correct or are deceptively altered. Planned Parenthood has been successfully sued many times over for Medicaid fraud, paying millions of dollars back to the government for defrauding taxpayers. Undercover videos shot by Lila Rose and Live Action show Planned Parenthood employees on camera willfully acknowledging they have no problem fudging dates here and there. This isn’t a trustworthy organization.

Another argument that is supposed to prove that my conversion didn’t take place as I said it did was that I did an interview for Planned Parenthood on the Sunday after this ultrasound-guided abortion took place. It was a little show on a local station that was hosted by a pro-choice friend of mine. I had agreed to the interview weeks before, and I had not left Planned Parenthood by that time.

An important part of my story is that I didn’t walk out of Planned Parenthood immediately after witnessing the ultrasound-guided abortion. It is made to appear that way in the film, “Unplanned,” because they are trying to fit 10 years of my life into an hour-and-a-half-long movie. But as I explained in my book, after witnessing the abortion, it took me a full week to reach out to the Coalition for Life.

I didn’t watch the ultrasound-guided abortion and say to myself, “Well, now I am pro-life.” I didn’t want to be pro-life. I hated the pro-life movement. I had been taught to hate them. I thought they hated me.

In fact, for at least 72 hours after witnessing the abortion, I was trying desperately to justify what I had seen. My husband was a special education teacher and I didn’t want to give up my salary, my friends, or my identity. I didn’t know who I would be if I wasn’t an abortion-loving feminist. It was much easier for me, less than 24 hours after witnessing this shocking abortion, to continue on with my job. At that point, I didn’t know if I was going to leave Planned Parenthood. I certainly never thought I would find myself walking into a pro-life office, and I never thought that I would one day be pro-life.

If none of my reasons are sufficient responses, consider that I have already been to court against Planned Parenthood and won. They tried to put a gag order on me after I left to ensure I couldn’t tell my story. The judge not only threw out the case but reprimanded them for wasting his time.

Since then, I have written a best-selling book talking about my experiences. I have a nationally distributed film whose pivotal scene is the ultrasound-guided abortion. If Planned Parenthood actually had proof that this abortion I witnessed never took place, they would have brought it up when they took me to court. They would have already presented this evidence to the public and most certainly have taken further legal action.

But they haven’t, because they know they can’t. They can’t because my story is the truth.

Abby Johnson is a former Planned Parenthood manager who now runs And Then There Were None, which helps abortion workers leave their jobs. She is also the author of “Unplanned.”


VIDEO The Abby Johnson Story – It Starts With The Workers

One day, about a decade ago, a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic director saw something at her own clinic—and it made her instantly pro-life.

Her name is Abby Johnson, and she was the director of the Bryan, Texas Planned Parenthood clinic, which was affiliated with the greater Houston area Planned Parenthood—one of the largest markets for America’s largest abortion-provider. In 2008, Abby had been voted as Planned Parenthood’s Employee of the Year. She was on a fast-track for further promotion within Planned Parenthood.

I interviewed Abby Johnson on the radio a few years ago. She told me about something that happened that made her question how good Planned Parenthood really was:

“I had been instructed to increase the abortion quota at our facility, which was strange to me because I really got involved with Planned Parenthood, believing that abortion was something we were trying to eradicate, [to] make unnecessary through various education programs.”

I said, “Safe, legal, and rare?” She said, “Sure, that’s what we said to the media, and that’s what I believed.” She naively thought abortion (as a last resort) was helpful to women.

Abby said in a television interview for D. James Kennedy Ministries (DJKM):

“Planned Parenthood says that they offer options counseling, but that’s not true….they don’t really know how to effectively counsel on anything but abortion. I was great at selling abortion. I was a very, very good salesperson. I could sell an abortion to anybody. It’s so easy when you get a woman into your office, and she is vulnerable and she’s unsure.”

But on September 26, 2009, at the request of a visiting doctor who insisted on sonogram-assisted abortions, Abby ran the sonogram machine and saw from a different perspective what her life’s work (up to that time) was really all about.

In her book, The Walls Are Talking (with Kristin Detrow, 2016), Abby writes:

“As I stood watching, a thirteen-week-old unborn child struggled and lost its life within its mother’s womb, finally crumpling and disappearing into the cannula, a hollow plastic tube attached to the suction machine by a flexible hose.”

She described it this way in the DJKM television interview:

“I was just in shock. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. And the baby was actually making some progress. It was moving further and further away from the instrument, so much so the doctor had to reposition the cannula. And he finally got everything in place, and he asked the technician to turn on the suction, and she did.”

Abby continues:

“In just, a few moments, I saw the child’s body begin to go through that tube.

For those few moments I was watching this child fight hard for its life. It didn’t have a chance. We had all those instruments and all that technology, and that little baby didn’t have a fighting change, and it did fight.”

Abby adds:

“I walked out of the room that day just realizing, ‘I’ve got to make a change. Never again. I’m never going to participate in this again.’”

Today, Abby’s story can be seen on the big screen. Unplanned, based on her best-selling book of the same title (with Cindy Lambert, 2010), opened this past weekend and was a surprise hit. It came in number five at the box office, which is quite an accomplishment for an independent pro-life movie that virtually all of Hollywood does not want you to see. I saw it on its opening weekend and highly recommend it.

Eric Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League, told me:

“The depiction of abortion in Unplanned is something that every pro-life person should see—and every pro-choice person.”

Today, one of Abby Johnson’s central goals is to assist abortion clinic workers who want to leave the abortion industry. Her organization, And Then There Were None, is directly geared toward this.

In an online video for that outreach, Abby says, “Our vision statement for And Then There Were None is ‘No abortion clinic workers, no abortion clinics, no abortions’—it starts with the workers. We see ourselves as being part of a pro-love movement…we want to love these workers out of the clinics. We want to love them to a path of healing, and we want to love them…into a relationship with Jesus Christ.” So far, they have been able to help 500 people leave the abortion clinics.

In her book, The Walls Are Talking, Abby says she relates to Mary Magdalene:

“I have also done my fair share of sinning. And I have also been forgiven much more than I deserve. I abused and betrayed women in the worst possible way. I convinced them to kill their children….It was Christ who changed me.”

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, make your plans to go see Unplanned.


Jerry Newcombe, D.Min., is an on-air host/senior producer for D. James Kennedy Ministries. He has written/co-written 31 books, e.g., The Unstoppable Jesus Christ, American Amnesia: Is American Paying the Price for Forgetting God?, What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? (w/ D. James Kennedy) & the bestseller, George Washington’s Sacred Fire (w/ Peter Lillback)  @newcombejerry