SBC Leaders Pray for Gospel Ministry if Roe Falls

By Tom Strode May 5, 2022

Willie McLaurin, interim president and CEO of the SBC Executive Committee, was one of several Southern Baptist leaders who gathered virtually for prayer Tuesday (May 3) following the leaked Supreme Court opinion that may signal the imminent overturning of the Roe v. Wade decision. Photo courtesy of Baptist Press.

NASHVILLE (BP) – Southern Baptist leaders asked God Tuesday (May 3) to help Christians recognize that the overturning of Roe v. Wade, if it occurs this term, will be not only a reason to rejoice but to renew Gospel-based ministry to those in need.

The Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) hosted an online prayer gathering one day after the publication of a leaked U. S. Supreme Court draft opinion that, if it becomes final, would strike down the 1973 Roe decision. Four other members of the high court have joined Associate Justice Samuel Alito, who wrote the draft opinion, in support of reversing the nearly 50-year-old ruling that legalized abortion nationwide, according to Politico, the news organization that published the leaked document.

Before it adjourns in late June or early July, the Supreme Court is expected to issue a decision that will determine the fate of Roe, at least for now, in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, which regards a Mississippi ban on abortion after 15 weeks’ gestation.

Brent Leatherwood, the ERLC’s acting president, told the audience for the quickly arranged, virtual event “it is totally appropriate that we would enter into a time of prayer together as cooperating Southern Baptists who realize that this is a big moment.”

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During the prayer session, Adam Greenway, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, said even if Roe is overturned in the Dobbs ruling, “it does not mean that the pro-life cause can celebrate and retire. It means the challenge continues, state by state, location by location, conversation by conversation, Lord, literally person to person.”

He prayed that God “would give us the spirit of endurance to go the distance, to realize that the cause of truth and justice and life never ends [in this world], that even as great of a victory as we may experience through the Dobbs case and the overturning of Roe v. Wade, there is still much, much work for the church of the Lord Jesus Christ to do.”

SBC President Ed Litton asked God to “help us to see this potential as not being an opportunity to celebrate but an opportunity to press forward, because girls will still need someone to help them in a very difficult time of decision, young men will need help becoming responsible adults and fathers, and, Lord, the communities will need adoption, will need foster care. Lord, we will still need the hope of Jesus Christ and the hope that the Gospel brings.”

“We do pray, Lord, that You would bring this scourge to a close, but Lord help us to see the opening of a great new opportunity for the Gospel and … for our people to engage,” Litton prayed.

Columnist Dana McCain, vice chair of the 2022 SBC Resolutions Committee, asked the Lord “to equip us to love the vulnerable in our midst in this moment. Lord, help us to see those women and preborn children with the eyes of Christ. Help us to love them with the love of Christ. And help us, God, to see them … with the same kind of grace and mercy that you have lavished on us, Lord.”

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“Lord, equip us to offer them real alternatives to abortion, to offer them pathways where You can work in Your sovereignty and in Your power to create families through adoption and provide a way forward where there looks like there is no way forward,” McCain prayed.

She also asked God to “empower us to speak with holy conviction on behalf of preborn children, speaking for them because they depend on us, they have no voice outside of us.”

In introducing the prayer session, Leatherwood encouraged Southern Baptists to pray for the Supreme Court’s justices and clerks, including “for this seeming majority of the court to hold fast for life, for them all to be safe and secure as they continue these deliberations. The fact is [those who so far agree with overruling Roe] are going to come under a torrent of criticism, and we need to be praying for them to have the fortitude to withstand that. “

During the session, Leatherwood prayed for each of the nine justices by name.

Chelsea Sobolik, the ERLC’s director of public policy, lamented abortion as she prayed with the Supreme Court building in the background.

“I ask for Your grace and Your mercy and Your love to permeate hearts … people that have had abortions, people that have helped aid abortion, people that have performed abortions, Lord,” she said. “I pray for each one of those people that there would be someone in their lives to share the Good News of the Gospel and that they would be able to trust in You and in Your saving love and grace.”

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Willie McLaurin, the SBC Executive Committee’s interim president, prayed for fathers, petitioning God “that just as You have modeled to us what it means to be a Heavenly Father, that so many men would look to You and would turn to that whole and healthy model of what it means to be a father.”

He asked that “vibrant, abundant kingdom life would be a reality for so many fathers today. “

Victor Chayasirisobhon, president of the California Southern Baptist Convention, prayed that God “would help us to be strong and courageous” so “we can speak up for You, Lord Jesus, and create a culture of life.”

If a majority of the Supreme Court follows through in its final opinion by overturning Roe and the 1992 Planned Parenthood v. Casey ruling that affirmed its 1973 decision, the action would return abortion policy to the states.

About half of the 50 states will have laws prohibiting abortion at some stage if Roe is overruled, but other states already have laws protecting abortion rights and will become destinations for women seeking the procedure.

Elizabeth Graham, the ERLC’s vice president of operations and life initiatives, told the online audience before the prayer session, “[W]e must work alongside Southern Baptists in those [destination] states as they’re seeing an increase of women coming across state lines to receive abortions – to resource them, to ensure that they have support both in terms of pregnancy, adoption, foster care, helping moms to address the systemic drivers for why they choose abortion.”

This article originally appeared at Baptist Press.

VIDEO Godless Pro Abortion Activists Announce Plans to Storm Catholic Churches and Interrupt Mass on Mother’s Day This Weekend

By Jim Hoft May 6, 2022

Earlier today the Far-left group “Ruth Sent Us” doxxed the home address of the six conservative justices of the US Supreme Court.

They are hoping Democrats will join them to harass and threaten the SCOTUS Justices and their families.

This is a new low for the violent left — famous for their $2 billion in destruction from their violent 2020 protests.

This godless pro-abortion group announced this week they storm Catholic churches on Mother’s Day and interrupt Catholic mass. They plan these church protests on Mother’s Day of all days. Doesn’t that seem particularly ghoulish?

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State lawmakers all facing demands for details of their pro abortion plan -Alito becomes lightning rod in abortion war

ACLJ submits records demands to each senator, representative

By Bob Unruh April 28, 2022

(Image courtesy Unsplash)

(Image courtesy Unsplash)

Colorado is one of a handful of states trying to set itself up as an abortion destination, adopting just weeks ago a law that appears to guarantee access to unrestricted abortion up to and after birth no matter what the U.S. Supreme Court rules in its coming decision on Roe v. Wade.

Now lawmakers are going to have to explain how they made that decision.

They each are being told, under a state law provision, to provide to the American Center for Law and Justice:

  1. “All records prepared, generated, forwarded, transmitted, sent, shared, saved, received, or reviewed by you or your staff that are or concern in any way communications with any person or organization advocating for the statute titled, ‘Concerning the codification of a person’s fundamental right to make reproductive Health-care decisions free from government Interference,’ 2022 Colo. ALS 67, 2022 Colo. Ch. 67, 2022 Colo. HB. 1279.
  2. “All final records prepared, assembled or received by you or your staff that are comparisons of existing law, compilations of existing … public information, statistics or data, and compilations or explanations of general areas or bodies of law, legislative history or legislative policy concerning the statute referenced in request #1 above.
  3. All records prepared or generated, by you or your staff regarding the statute referenced in request #1 above.”

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The organization previously explained, “We’ve been informing you that innocent human life is increasingly under attack in pro-abortion states. Colorado is one such state. On April 4, 2022, Governor Polis signed into law a bill that makes abortion a super-‘fundamental right’ in Colorado. Prior to Governor Polis signing the bill, the ACLJ sent a letter to the Governor opposing the radical pro-abortion bill and requesting his veto. We also detailed how the bill could severely impact the constitutional rights and freedoms of Colorado citizens. Despite vehement opposition to the bill on the part of the ACLJ, pro-life legislators, and other pro-life organizations, it is unsurprising that Governor Polis ignored the opposition and signed the bill.”

So now comes the next step, the organization’s demand of every Colorado lawmaker under the Colorado Open Records Act for an explanation of the impetus that drove the radical pro-death agenda in the state, which long has been at the forefront of abortion promotions in the nation.

WND previously reported that NPR described Colorado as preparing to be a “refuge for abortion.”

“Colorado is one of the few states without any restrictions on when in pregnancy an abortion can occur and is one of the few states in the region without a mandatory waiting period of up to 72 hours after required abortion counseling,” NPR said.

So while other states are preparing to provide more protections for the unborn, lawmakers in Colorado have “the expectation is that the demand for abortions in Colorado from people who live in those nearby states where abortion is being restricted will rise.”

“We’re planning on it,” Margie Andersohn, an operative for Denver abortion business Healthy Futures for Women, said in the report. Her business is hiring staffers and buying equipment.

“We really do anticipate a lot more demand over the summer, unfortunately,” added Rebecca Cohen, of another Denver abortion business, Comprehensive Women’s Health Center.

Then the Washington Examiner reported Colorado, run by Democrats in the legislature and governor’s office, is positioning itself “to become a refuge for abortion seekers from neighboring states that have trigger laws in place — that is, laws that will immediately ban abortions in the first and second trimesters if Roe is tossed out.”

WND also previously reported on Colorado’s longtime agenda to become an abortion mecca.

It was April 25, 1967, that Colorado took the lead in the race to promote abortion, to make sure that unborn children could be killed at will, by adopting America’s first abortion law.

It wouldn’t be until six years later that the Supreme Court fell into line with the plan promoted at the time by Dick Lamm, then a Democrat legislator and later a governor whose philosophy of life was typified when he told senior citizens, “We’ve got a duty to die and get out of the way…”

Now its Democrat-majority legislature has approved the removal of all rights from an entire class of living beings, the unborn, in order to make sure abortion remains available at any time for anyone.

James Dobson of James Dobson’s FamilyTalk urged residents to oppose the leftist agenda.

He called it the “most radical abortion law in the country.”

The ACLJ said it also has demanded information about the pro-abortion agenda from the Colorado governor.

The organization pointed specifically at the Colorado law: “It says: ‘A PREGNANT INDIVIDUAL HAS A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT TO CONTINUE A PREGNANCY AND GIVE BIRTH OR TO HAVE AN ABORTION AND TO MAKE DECISIONS ABOUT HOW TO EXERCISE THAT RIGHT.’ (The capitalization is from the original bill because apparently if the legislature yells something loud enough, then it comes true…”


The ACLJ said, “So an abortion may happen until the moment of birth, even past the moment of breach, because a half-born baby has no rights of any kind.”

Colorado also has stripped conscience rights from healthcare professions, with the statement hospitals and clinics shall not “deny, restrict, interfere with, or discriminate against an individual’s fundamental right . . . to have an abortion in the . . . facilities, services . . . .”

The state allows “no exception for the nurse or doctor who objects to performing an abortion on any grounds, including religious grounds,” the ACLJ reported.

Alito becomes lightning rod in abortion war


Conservative Justice Samuel Alito is coming under new scrutiny and criticism after his draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade leaked Monday evening, creating a firestorm in Washington.  

Alito, who was confirmed to the Supreme Court in 2006, has taken a backseat to his more prominent conservative colleagues, Justice Clarence Thomas and the late Justice Antonin Scalia, for much of his career.  

But now he’s bursting into the nation’s consciousness in a big way, hailed as a hero by anti-abortion rights conservatives and denounced as a villain by Democrats who say he’s driven by a personal political agenda.  

“I think he’s going to become a household word,” said Marge Baker, executive vice president for policy at People for the American Way, a liberal advocacy group that tracks the Supreme Court. 

“For the first time, if this decision becomes final, a majority of the court will have taken away a constitutional liberty that’s been recognized for 50 years. That’s the core of this,” she added. 

The ire of Democrats and their liberal allies had been focused most recently on Thomas, after it was revealed that his wife, Ginni Thomas, had urged Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to keep fighting to overturn the results of the 2020 election.  

But now their anger and attention is shifting quickly to Alito, who is spearheading the court’s opposition to abortion rights.  

Democrats are already mobilizing to paint Alito as an intemperate, agenda-driven justice who has been dead set on striking down the landmark 1973 decision establishing a woman’s right to an abortion since before he was confirmed to the high court 16 years ago.  

Brian Fallon, a former senior aide to Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) who now serves as the executive director of Demand Justice, a progressive group that works on Supreme Court-related issues, said: “Alito is probably the most dangerous but least famous of the hard-liners on the right-wing faction of the court.” 

“Alito is a true believer, extremely strident, unapologetic about injecting ideology and partisan aims” in his judicial opinions, he said.  

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), who questioned Alito at his confirmation hearing more than a decade ago, said the justice’s hostility to Roe was clear even in 2006.  

“I thought his logic is very weak. The notion that the word abortion doesn’t appear in the Constitution and therefore shouldn’t be taken seriously as a constitutional right I thought was a horrible premise,” Durbin said.  

Reacting to the tone of the draft opinion, Durbin said, “I can’t believe that will be the ultimate opinion.” 

“It was stark, it was brazen, it used terms that I didn’t expect to find in a Supreme Court decision,” he said. “It’s no surprise for those of us who had a chance to meet with him and had a chance to vote against him. … It’s no surprise.” 

Alito was pressed by then-Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) during his confirmation hearing about his statement in 1985 as a Reagan-era Department of Justice attorney that he did not think the Constitution provided the basis for the right to an abortion.  

Alito conceded “that was a correct statement of what I thought in 1985 from my vantage point in 1985,” but he pledged he would be able to consider a future challenge to Roe “with an open mind.”  

Democrats say Alito’s draft opinion, which asserts bluntly that “Roe was egregiously wrong from the start” and its reasoning “exceptionally weak,” was written by a justice who approached the issue with an ax to grind. 

“I think the tone is like he’s been wanting to get this off his chest for a very long time,” said Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.).  

“Being so dismissive about something that has been relied on for 50 years, not just by women but by everybody — at least have a little bit of humility, for God’s sake,” he said.  

Democrats argue that under Alito’s reasoning, other unenumerated rights, such as the right to same-sex marriage, the right to contraception and the right to privacy, are potentially at risk.  

“It is a shockingly broad assault on not just 50 years of Roe v. Wade, it’s a shockingly broad assault on the whole notion of what the 14th Amendment is, and the 14th Amendment fundamentally changed the American Constitution when it was added,” Kaine said.

The Virginia Democrat took aim at Alito’s claim that the right to an abortion is not protected under the 14th Amendment’s due process clause because it’s not a fundamental right deeply rooted in the nation’s history.  

Democrats say to dismiss the past 50 years of abortion rights granted by Roe v. Wade as a mere blip in history is fundamentally out of touch with Americans’ attitudes.  

A Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted last week found that 54 percent of Americans think Roe should be upheld, while only 28 percent support overturning it. 

Kaine argued that Alito’s focus on the views on the original intent of the nation’s founders and state abortion laws in the 1800s ignores institutionalized discrimination against Black Americans and women that existed for decades.  

“The framers wanted African Americans to be slaves and they were perfectly fine with women not voting,” Kaine argued. “This is an opinion that sort of acts like the 14th Amendment never got added.”  

Alito explicitly rejected the idea that abortion laws should trigger heightened constitutional scrutiny because they are inherently discriminatory against women’s ability to make their own health care decisions.  

Kaine and other Democrats argue that laws being enacted in states to restrict abortion “are fundamentally connected to efforts to control women’s health care choices.” 

He noted that Roe v. Wade “was a case about criminally prosecuting a woman” and that the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Griswold v. Connecticut in 1965 establishing the right to use contraception was a case about the criminal prosecution of two health care workers who provided birth control and advice to married women.  

Republican senators, meanwhile, are keeping their distance from Alito’s provocative use of language, saying they want to wait for the court’s final decision. Instead, they are placing their focus on whoever leaked the document, an unusual break of court custom and decorum.  

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told reporters a day after the leak, “The story today is the effort by someone on the inside to discredit the institution of the [Supreme Court].” 

Sen. Susan Collins (Maine), a pro-abortion rights Republican who voted for Alito’s nomination, also declined to comment.  

“This may not be the final decision,” she said. “It may not reflect the views of the individual justices. I am going to wait until we get a final decision.  

She said in a statement Monday that she felt misled by two other Republican-appointed justices, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, about whether they would uphold Roe’s precedent, calling the leaked draft opinion “completely inconsistent” with what they said “in their hearings and in our meetings.”   

Democrats are also focusing attention on Alito’s political activism more generally.  

In particular, they are highlighting his criticism of COVID-19 health mandates at the conservative Federalist Society’s National Lawyers Convention in 2020 and his appearance at fundraising events for conservative causes, which critics say test the bounds of judicial conduct.  

In his speech before the Federalist Society, Alito criticized the health protocols implemented in response to the pandemic as being unprecedented in their severity, expansiveness and duration.  

Fallon, of Demand Justice, described the speech “as a screed against mask mandates” and “completely intemperate from a federal judge considering all those issues were working themselves up to the court.”  

The government ethics watchdog group Common Cause criticized Alito in 2014 for attending a $175-per-plate fundraiser for the Federalist Society.  

He was also criticized by progressive activists for headlining a Manhattan Institute lecture, for which individuals had to have contributed $5,000 to $25,000 to attend, in 2010. 

Court watchers say if four justices sign off on Alito’s draft opinion, he will become the public face of the decision to overturn abortion rights, and Democrats are gearing up to make the debate about him.  

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, highlighted Alito’s participation in Federalist Society fundraisers.  

He noted that the U.S. Judicial Conference recently considered a proposed ethics opinion advising federal judges not to be members of the Federalist Society but backed down after 200 federal judges, many of them Trump appointees, pushed back hard. 

“He has spoken at the Federalist Society gala that is their big fundraising event. They put together these nonsense distinctions to try to make it look like they’re not participating in the fundraising, but of course they’re the draw for the event. I think it’s a huge problem,” Whitehouse said. 

Seth Dillon@sethdillon

If aborted babies were merely clusters of cells, there’d be no reason for social media companies to censor images of their lifeless, mutilated bodies. The censorship is a tacit admission of the brutality and gruesomeness of the procedure.


We currently have people shilling hard for abortions, who legitimately think the need for them is so substantial, it takes precedence over the murder of babies.

In the same week, the release of Pfizer’s data clearly showing how dangerous their own vaccines are for pregnant women and their babies, yet still jab them anyways.

The obvious pattern here is no coincidence.


Leaked Documents Expose How USAID Disguised Millions in COVID Relief to Fund Population Control, Abortion

April 26, 2022

Guest Post by Sophie Antenora

Exclusive receipts of a USAID grant agreement from 2020 show that the federal government sent millions of taxpayer dollars in funding for abortion and population control propaganda disguised as overseas COVID-relief grants.

The grant, funneled to the notorious eugenics group Pathfinder International, appears not to be a one-off incident. Rather, it is part of a multi-million dollar federal scheme that stealthily used pandemic “disaster relief efforts” to advance population control abroad. A closer look reveals a corrupt, decades-long agenda at USAID whereby leftist elites have used taxpayer dollars to fund their ideological priorities at the expense of the American people.

Federal Grants: A Mask for Corruption

Funneling dark money through deliberately vague grants is a method USAID has used for decades to exploit world disasters and advance the globalist elite agenda. The federal grantmaking process is convoluted for a reason. It shuts the American people out from the truth about how their money is spent, and how the massive engine of government has gone rogue without their consent. Grants have become the mechanism of choice for bureaucrats to abuse their power, and use their “expertise” to ignore the everyday Americans who pay them. They are a Trojan Horse deployed by the Administrative State to divert funds to malicious activities, often under the auspices of justice and humanitarian concern.

One of these grants, obtained in its full form exclusively by Revolver, was authorized by a low-level USAID bureaucrat in July 2020 to send $500,000 to Pathfinder through a program surreptitiously named “Responding to COVID-19 in Hotspot Areas of Ethiopia.” The vague title mirrors dozens of similarly-worded grants the government disbursed to various “humanitarian” organizations which operate as fronts for population control and other globalist priorities.

Scant details on grants like this can be found at, a federal website that claims to allow users to track details about grant payments, lending an illusory sense of accountability to federal spending. But apart from USASpending’s thin profiles — which include the names of receiving organizations, total dollar amounts, and one-sentence descriptions — there’s nothing else to see.

Turns out, this snapshot barely scratches the surface. The real stories lie within grant agreements, legal instruments used by federal agencies to outline financial contracts with organizations they fund. These paper trails between agency bureaucrats and outside operatives explain where taxpayer money is going to and why. But unlike USASpending, grant agreements remain inaccessible to the public and even politically-appointed officials working in the Executive Branch. Those wanting to bring accountability face an arduous and incongruent bureaucratic beast. Locked in government databases that vary agency by agency, federal grants receive little to no oversight aside from nebulous profiles that often hide insidious realities.

The Globalist Scheme for “COVID” Population Control

For example, while USAID claimed money was sent to Pathfinder to “respond to COVID-19,” the grant agreement outlines what the actual intent was: to increase sexual and reproductive services for 1.5 million Ethiopians. The grant glosses over this by pretending that USAID funding would support the government’s efforts to “suppress” COVID-19. But the real virus Pathfinder wanted to suppress was the number of “unintended pregnancies” and “other adverse sexual and reproductive health outcomes” it argued would grow rampant during the pandemic (4-5).

The justification is plain as day: Pathfinder would use U.S. taxpayer funding to entrench sexual health services, including abortion and birth control, in developing nations during a global crisis. How? By manipulating the public through messaging campaigns that declared these health services “essential,” “orienting” staff to adopt this messaging, and ensuring that abortions and birth control were provided in “safe” health facilities (13, 22).

Through a program called “Transform,” USAID funded mobile vans and audio-mounted vehicles to broadcast propaganda messages about birth control and COVID-19 in public spaces like mosques, TV stations and radio spots. The same project sent out over 800 health care workers to inject Ethiopian women with long-lasting and dangerous contraceptives.

Source: Pathfinder

Pathfinder’s goal to integrate abortion as the focal point of their pandemic operation was blatantly obvious; if not within the grant agreement itself, then littered across its entire COVID-19 strategy. Lauding abortion as a right to be enshrined in international law, Pathfinder staff led worldwide guidance on performing abortions during the pandemic. This included removing safety requirements and aggressively pushing for unsupervised “DIY” medication abortions that women could “manage” on their own — all while USAID funded nearly 60% of its entire revenue.

Source: Pathfinder, Technical Guidance: Comprehensive Abortion Care During COVID-19

USAID’s Population Control Apparatus

Pathfinder’s poisonous past and incestuous relationship with the U.S. federal government are worthy of another exposé. Since its inception, the organization has been an under-the-radar but powerful weapon in USAID’s long-standing scheme to implement global population control

Almost exclusively funded by USAID, the organization was the brainchild of eugenicist Clarence Gamble as part of the mid-20th century strategy to enforce eugenics through the rapid mainstreaming and dispersion of contraceptives, abortions, and forced sterilizations. Operating through USAID, Pathfinder was at the forefront of a botched birth control campaign that distributed unsafe and deadly contraceptives in the 1970s. It led the global fight for abortion rights and sued the U.S. government over pro-life protections like the Mexico City Policy. This history was widely lauded by Pathfinder until last year, when most of it was scrubbed from the outward-facing website after Gamble’s children left the organization claiming it was covering up their father’s eugenic past and other scandals.

USAID has long been the lifeblood of scum like Pathfinder and related organizations who survive off of the opaque and corrupt federal grants process. This grant is only one part of millions in dollars in “COVID” response that the federal government operationalized to force a population control agenda down the throats of developing countries. Despite the Trump Administration’s broad strides to strip federal funding from leftist organizations, especially for global abortion funding, continual undermining from nefarious personnel and the coordination of the Administrative State kept the door open to millions in grants paid out to ambiguous entities like Pathfinder, The Population Council, Intrahealth International, JSI, and other population control operatives. By the end of 2020, USAID had pledged over $1.3 billion in global COVID-Relief programs alone, a number that has skyrocketed to over $9 billion with the Biden regime’s expanded use of USAID.


This wouldn’t be the first time this has happened, and it certainly won’t be the last. If this level of coordination happened at USAID, there is no telling how extensive the grants apparatus stretches across other executive agencies. Over the last three years, American taxpayers have experienced what this rampant abuse of their funds can do, and whistleblowers and FOIA requests have pulled back the curtain on some of the most destructive whims of the government grants process to date.

It was through a grant that the U.S. became the biggest stakeholder in the noxious gain-of-function research at the center of the Wuhan Virology Lab. It was through a grant that the NIH operationalized a baby organ and tissue pipeline at the University of Pittsburgh for unfounded scientific “progress.” And it was through grants that the Department of Education and DOJ sent billions to “justice nonprofits” and “community organizers” who led left-wing protests on climate, immigration, and race — the same groups responsible for deploying Black Lives Matter rioters to burn down American cities in the summer of 2020.

The agenda enabling this monstrous weapon to thrive off of the love-fest between federal bureaucrats and globalist elite actors is one the American people reject. A reckoning is coming — and it starts with exposing their hand.

Sophie Antenora is pseudonymous former employee of the federal government.

VIDEO Aborted babies discovered in DC may indicate infanticide after attempted abortions GRAPHIC CONTENT

By Sam Dorman | April 1, 2022 

WARNING: This article contains disturbing images.

Physician experts have told Live Action News that five aborted children in a D.C. apartment appear to have been viable human beings, raising questions about potential legal and serious ethical violations by the abortion clinic. 

Dr. Robin Pierucci, a neonatal specialist, told Live Action News: “I can say with confidence that these babies died at an age when they were viable, premature people.” In her Friday morning comments, she noted that she was going to work in a NICU where she would “care for little ones this size and age.”

During a Thursday press conference, D.C. police quickly dismissed the possibility that the babies experienced illegal abortions but declined to comment further when asked by Live Action News. Although D.C. doesn’t ban late-term abortions, medical professionals are still bound by federal laws which restrict the method of abortion and require life-saving care for infants born after botched procedures.

Lifesaving care is something Dr. Cesare Santangelo, who operates the facility where the discarded babies were discovered, has already said repeatedly that he either doesn’t provide or avoids.

A pro-life activist voluntarily informed the D.C. homicide unit of the babies and surrendered them to authorities. Details are forthcoming but the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) group, to which this activist belongs, believes the “late gestational ages as well as their apparent sustained injuries potentially show violations of the Partial Birth Abortion Act as well as the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.” The group also announced that a funeral mass and naming ceremony was offered for the babies.

Live Action president and founder Lila Rose said in response,  “The discovery of these bodies is horrific and disturbing evidence of the infanticide that may be occurring in this clinic within our nations’ capital, and indicative of the violence happening in abortion facilities nationwide.”

Baby boy #1 ‘should have been in a nursery’

Perhaps the largest and most developed baby found was a boy, whose gestational age has been estimated to be around 28-32 weeks – well within the third trimester, past the point at which the majority of experts agree that preborn babies can feel pain, and beyond the point many states have restricted abortions for medical and ethical reasons. For example, the Mississippi law that recently came before the Supreme Court limits abortion to just 15 weeks based on concerns surrounding fetal development, pain, and other factors.

Photos and video of the first baby boy reveal that he remained largely intact, raising questions about how his life ended. He also has what appears to be a fully formed face, fingers, toes, and all the primary features normally visible in a newborn. 

Baby boy #1 – D.C.

Dr. Kathi Aultman, a former abortionist who later became pro-life, told Live Action News that he “appears to be in the 3rd trimester near term and looks like he should have been in the nursery.” Dr. Patti Giebink similarly said via email that this baby boy “looks close to term gestation … [a]nd pretty much intact,” adding that she couldn’t “believe they would abort a nearly full term baby unless there was something terminally wrong with the baby, but it doesn’t appear so.”

“He is totally intact, but his skin is somewhat macerated,” Aultman said. “In other words, it has begun to degenerate, which would indicate that he was probably dead when he was aborted, or he was not well preserved, and his tissues began to deteriorate after the abortion. He appears to be completely normal and was probably aborted using the induction method, which uses medication to induce labor. He looks about the same size as my granddaughter when she was born.”

Two neonatologists – Dr. Kendra Kolb and Dr. Robin Pierucci – similarly expressed shock at the state of this baby’s body. Kolb estimated a gestational age as late as 32 weeks while medical advances are continually pushing back the age of viability. At the end of last year, a baby in Alabama, Curtis Means, was born at 21 weeks, which comes just after the 20-week cutoff that the U.S. senate rejected in 2018.

The National Library of Medicine says that at 32 weeks, the baby has lungs, a beating heart, and other major organs. He or she also has the ability to hear, a rapidly growing brain, a nervous system “developed enough to control some body functions,” eyelids that can open and close, and “surfactant” or a substance that helps the lungs’ air sacs fill with air.

READ: Contrary to popular belief, late-term abortions aren’t always done for medical reasons

Kolb told Live Action News that “it is beyond horrific and devastating for me as a Neonatologist to see these images, as these babies are representative of the very same patient population that I care for.  To then see these discarded aborted babies, and even try to imagine what they went through during these horrific abortion procedures is infuriating and devastating beyond words.”

“Even if all of these babies were aborted ‘legally’, it is without question and crystal clear to see that this practice is neither ethical nor empowering to women. This is the American horror story that we call ‘choice’ on full display for all to see.”

“Baby Girl #1” may have experienced an illegal partial birth abortion

Many of the babies’ bodies showed deep lacerations or other forms of damage that likely resulted from abortion procedures inflicting significant trauma with deep pain prior to their deaths.

One of the baby girls could be seen with her right eye open, significant damage to her head, and with the rest of her body relatively intact. Footage shows her curled in the fetal position with pinkish-tan skin as her lifeless, half-open eye looks into the distance.

Baby girl #1 – D.C.

Baby girl #1 (side view)- D.C.

According to Kolb, that baby appeared to be at 28-30 weeks at the time of her likely abortion. “This baby appears to be somewhere between 28-30 weeks gestational age, with evidence of deep lacerations to the posterior neck which presumably correlates to the method of abortion used to end her life,” said Kolb. 

NLM notes that at that point, “all parts of the baby’s eyes are developed,” “footprints and fingerprints are forming,” and “your baby may startle in response to loud noises.” And doctors have acknowledged that the baby can feel pain at this stage. One abortionist previously told Fox News that at 23 weeks, babies start developing the thalamocortical fibers for processing pain. 

The prevailing timeline of pain at 24 weeks, however, has been questioned by Dr. Stuart Derbyshire, who previously called fetal pain a “misnomer.” Derbyshire recently published an article in which he suggested babies could actually feel pain as early as 12 weeks

Citing a literature review, the Charlotte Lozier Institute says that research indicates “neural connections from periphery to brain are functionally complete after 18 weeks.”

It’s difficult to tell how this baby girl ultimately died, but Aultman noted that if she was alive at the start of the procedure, the abortionist would have committed an illegal partial birth abortion in which the baby is partially delivered before a doctor ends his or her life.

“Baby girl # 2” likely endured an ‘unimaginably brutal procedure’

Not all of the other babies were intact. In fact, many first trimester babies were obtained with their bodies and internal organs in pieces.

One of the later-term baby girls was also found in pieces. Footage shows her detached arm along with her legs attached to her torso. The flesh appears darkened due to apparent decay and her head seemed to be flattened.

Baby girl dismembered – D.C.

Kolb told Live Action News that this baby girl appeared to have endured a dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortion, which typically entails tearing a baby to pieces before crushing the child’s skull with a medical instrument. 

“Although difficult to say with exact precision, this baby may have been somewhere between 26-28 weeks gestational age at the time a Dilation and Evacuation (or “D&E”) dismemberment abortion was done to end her life,” said Kolb. 

“She has evidence of both dismemberment of her upper extremity, decapitation, and organ evisceration as the result of this unimaginably brutal procedure.” A slew of other babies were found with organs like their intestines and lungs exposed, as well as bodies apparently contorted or shredded in abortions.

“Baby X” was found in its amniotic sac and could have been born alive

Besides D&E, abortionists may induce labor after injecting the baby with feticide like digoxin. While it’s unclear what (if any) chemical agents these babies may have received, one of them shows signs of induction and potential life outside of the womb. 

Photos and video footage shows what’s considered a well-developed baby in the fetal position and encased by his or her amniotic sac. Viewers can also see a foot that’s still pink and a hand with veins that presumably became markedly blue due to lack of oxygen.

Baby en caul 1

Baby en caul 2

While the gender is unknown, the baby can be seen inside of his or her amniotic sac (“en caul”) – raising questions about how the abortionist may have ended his or her life. Dr. Santangelo told Live Action in 2013 (see video below) that he cuts a baby’s umbilical cord and waits for the child to die by cardiac arrest. At that point, doctors would presumably be able to duck the partial birth abortion law by killing the baby before he or she exits the mother. 

In an interview with Live Action News, Aultman doubted whether that type of procedure could be performed on an en caul baby. She added that an abortion would have had to involve a feticide injection.

“It is not possible to determine the sex in this view,” she said. “It is difficult to discern the gestational age, but this baby is probably in the late 2nd or early 3rd trimester. An Induction method would have been used for the abortion. Unless this baby was injected with a drug designed to kill prior to the abortion, he or she may very well have been born alive and then left to die. Without rupturing the amniotic sac, it would not have been possible to cut the cord to cause fetal death before the abortion.”

Media distorts the debate while sidestepping ethical concerns plaguing abortion industry

Induction abortions frequently allow preborn children to remain largely intact. Prior to evacuating the baby, abortionists attempt to ensure “fetal demise,” as some put it, by stopping their hearts with digoxin or using another feticide. By contrast, dilation and evacuation (D&E) procedures entail literally tearing the preborn child apart – extracting his or her limbs and crushing the child’s skull until brain matter oozes from the baby’s head.

Live Action was told the bodies were discovered at the Washington Surgi-Clinic in Washington, D.C., a facility operated by Dr. Cesare Santangelo, an OBGYN whom Live Action previously recorded saying that he would let an aborted child die if that child survived outside of its mother. 

“We would do things – we would – we would not help it,” he told an undercover investigator in 2013. 

“Let’s say. We wouldn’t – we wouldn’t uh, intubate, let’s say. Ok? Yeah, we wouldn’t do any extra – you know? … It would be, you know, uh – a person that would be – a terminal person in the hospital, let’s say – that had cancer. You know? You wouldn’t do any extra procedures to help that person survive.”

He similarly told an investigator that “in your pregnancy, it’s too early to survive, usually. It will expire shortly after birth.” That particular pregnancy was identified by him to be “24-25 weeks along.”

A former Planned Parenthood official also acknowledged that their affiliate saw an infant born alive after an abortion. That came as part of sworn testimony in David Daleiden’s civil trial with the abortion provider. Another deposition showed Perrin Larton, the procurement manager for Advanced Biosciences Resources, recalling that she saw a beating heart and intact fetuses.

Dr. Deborah Nucatola, a Planned Parenthood official prominently featured in Daleiden’s videos, told attorneys that she had seen nonviable babies, or those “not capable of survival,” leave the uterus.

Fetal tissue research has come under special scrutiny given that some allege it incentivizes the commodification of baby body parts. Congressional Republicans are still waiting for answers from the federal government regarding the University of Pittsburgh’s statements about its own research. Although the university denied participating in medical procedures, its application for federal funding noted its ability to maximize ischemic time, which refers to the time after blood flow is cut off from a part of the body. Multiple doctors told Fox News those statements pointed to the possibility that organs were either extracted from live babies or those that were recently deceased.

Planned Parenthood has repeatedly denied wrongdoing as has the University of Pittsburgh.

WHO demands end to ALL time limits on abortions: Agency says laws preventing termination at any point risk violating rights of ‘women, girls or other pregnant persons’

  • Health organisation claims laws preventing abortion at any point violate rights  
  • One of its ‘external experts’ claims womb shouldn’t be used as its an ’emotional’ word
  • Tory MP described abortion up to birth as ‘unacceptable’ and ‘truly shocking’


PUBLISHED: 19:35 EDT, 26 March 2022 | UPDATED: 02:43 EDT, 28 March 2022

The world’s most influential health organisation is calling on governments to scrap the legal time limit on abortion, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. 

New guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) claim laws preventing abortion at any point during pregnancy risk violating the rights of ‘women, girls or other pregnant persons’. 

But last night Tory MP Fiona Bruce, co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group, described any proposal to legalise abortion up to birth as ‘completely unacceptable’ and ‘truly shocking’. 

She added: ‘A viable human being could have his or her life ended up to the point of birth. Yet a day, an hour, even moments later, similar action against a child could constitute murder.’

The world¿s most influential health organisation is calling on governments to scrap the legal time limit on abortion, The Mail on Sunday can reveal (stock image)

The world’s most influential health organisation is calling on governments to scrap the legal time limit on abortion, The Mail on Sunday can reveal (stock image)

The WHO’s ‘Abortion Care Guideline’ published this month – six years after the MoS revealed the Royal College of Midwives was pushing for the same policy – also recommends that governments: 

  • Allow abortion under all circumstances – ruling out laws banning terminations because the foetus is the ‘wrong’ sex; 
  • Stop women requiring approval from a doctor or nurse to have a termination; l
  • Roll out ‘pills by post’ schemes so that women can be sent abortion medication after a phone call; 
  • Curtail medical professionals’ rights to refuse to take part in abortions on conscience grounds. 

The United Nations, which oversees the WHO, has welcomed the suggested removal of what it called ‘unnecessary policy barriers to safe abortion’, including ‘limits on when an abortion can take place’. 

But nowhere in the 210-page document is there mention of the ethical debate about the rights of the unborn child, nor if abortions are morally acceptable when after 22-24 weeks the foetus has a good chance of surviving if born prematurely. 

It is also silent on sex-selective abortion, despite the termination of female foetuses being common in countries such as India, Pakistan and China. 

Tory MP Fiona Bruce, co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group, described any proposal to legalise abortion up to birth as ¿completely unacceptable¿ and ¿truly shocking¿

Tory MP Fiona Bruce, co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group, described any proposal to legalise abortion up to birth as ‘completely unacceptable’ and ‘truly shocking’

Prior to publication, the WHO consulted a panel of 12 ‘external experts’ including Dr Dhammika Perera, global medical director of UK-based Marie Stopes International, whose British arm carries out more than 60,000 NHS abortions a year, and Dr Laura Castleman, of Planned Parenthood Michigan, a branch of the largest abortion provider in the United States. 

Dr Perera has previously described terms such as late-term abortion and foetal heartbeat as ‘anti-choice rhetoric’. 

He also objects to the word ‘womb’ because it ‘assigns emotional and symbolic value to an organ’. 

Another member of the panel was Karthik Srinivasan from the International Planned Parenthood Federation, which lobbies to expand abortion rights. 

Christina Zampas, of the global Center for Reproductive Rights, which uses donations to ‘build, enforce, [and] defend’ abortion, advised on human rights law. 

The WHO document recommends ‘full decriminalisation of abortion’ and the scrapping of laws and regulations that ‘prohibit abortion based on gestational limits’ and ‘restrict abortion’ on any grounds (stock image) 

The WHO document recommends ‘full decriminalisation of abortion’ and the scrapping of laws and regulations that ‘prohibit abortion based on gestational limits’ and ‘restrict abortion’ on any grounds.

It says a review of 21 studies found that when women are denied later terminations it ‘can be viewed as [being] incompatible with… international human rights law’. 

It adds that time limits on abortion might also breach equality laws because they have a ‘disproportionate impact’ on some groups, such as teenagers and the poor.

In England and Wales women can have abortions for ‘social’ reasons up to 24 weeks. 

After that, they are only legally permitted in circumstances such as the mother’s life being at risk or if the child would be born with a severe disability. 

The Royal College of Midwives called for the ‘decriminalisation’ of abortion, including scrapping time limits, in 2016. 

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists followed in 2017 and the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2019. 

But Ministers have said they have no plans to change the law.

The WHO did not respond to a request to comment. 

Pro-abortion group Alliance for Choice said abortion should be provided to those ‘in need of it as early as possible and as late as necessary.

VIDEO Demonic Northern Ireland Politicians Dance As ‘Safe Zone’ Ban On Prayers At Abortion Clinics Becomes Law

By Cassandra Fairbanks March 25, 2022

Green Party’s Clare Bailey is ecstatic. Her bill, the first of its kind “anywhere in both the UK and Ireland” will effectively ban the act of prayer outside abortion clinics as well as any other last-chance effort to convince women to carry their pregnancies to term.

Bailey, the leader of the Green Party of Northern Ireland, has been pushing for her Abortion Services Safe Access Zones Bill since 2016. The legislation, which now only requires a procedural rubberstamp from the queen, will make an effort to persuade women to forgo the life-terminating procedure a violation of the law—even if such effort comes in the form of offering to help, or, through prayer, is directed at God.

Celebrating the bill’s success, members of the Northern Ireland Assembly danced, screamed, and hugged each other in exuberance.

Not everyone in Assembly was happy, however.  James Allister, a British Unionist member, spoke despondently about what it meant for the morals of society to not only accept the practice of abortion but also prevent any attempt to dissuade women from undergoing it.

“A woman’s womb should be the safest possible place for the unborn,” he said. “Yet, with abortion, it is the most dangerous place for the unborn, because it is there, in the womb, that, consciously, deliberately and by choice, death is visited on the unborn.”

According to the final revisions of the legislation, a constable will be authorized to warn, order the removal of, or use the necessary force to remove violators in the “safe zone.”

Actions that will be considered in violation of the law include influencing women seeking abortion directly or indirectly, impeding access, recording audio or video of women who are within the safe zone, or harassment. Due to the incredibly broad array of actions that might indirectly influence a woman within the safe zone, actions such as prayer for the end of abortion or for the souls of the unborn would be in violation of this law.

Those who violate the law will be fined up to £1,000.

Those who refuse to vacate the premises or resist enforcement of the law will receive a summary conviction and fine not exceeding £5,000.

VIDEO Abortion wasn’t something he cared about… but a baby’s scream changed everything

By Bettina di Fiore | March 16, 2022 

Joel Enge is living proof that a single changed mind and a single transformed heart can have a powerful impact on the lives of countless others. He currently runs Kingdom Life Academy, a faith-based school dedicated to renewing the lives of troubled middle and high school students by equipping them with the practical and spiritual skills they need to have meaningful futures. He also works with Mark Lee Dickson in the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn movement.

Shifting Perspectives

But abortion was not always an issue Enge cared about. “I knew it was wrong. But it was not on my radar,” he told Live Action News.

His journey toward involvement in the pro-life movement began after his college graduation. He had always been a straight-ticket voting Democrat. However, the pastor at his church “was an anomaly. He taught from a biblical perspective, [even] politically. Which is a big issue because … Black Christians blindingly, overwhelmingly vote Democrat,” Enge explained. “But he was not one to do that. He realized he had to stay with the conservative camp.” Under this pastor’s tutelage, Enge’s perspective shifted.

“But even then,” Enge recollected, “when Obama was running, I was drawn to the fact that finally, a Black president was possible. And I knew that, biblically, … I could not vote for him in the general election. [But] I [was] entertaining the possibility of voting for him in the primary.”

An Eye-Opening Scream

However, a seemingly random occurrence was to change all of that. “In late January, I went to the grocery store to buy a loaf of bread. And all of a sudden, I heard this baby scream,” Enge told Live Action News. Disturbed, he went in search of the child to check on her, and found her a few aisles over with her mother. 

“She was okay. Her mom was taking care of her. But I wasn’t okay. … I go to the cashier to pay for my bread, and I’m grieving, I mean, I am just messed up. It was all I could do to hold back the tears,” he said. “I make my purchase then hurry to my truck. I get in my truck and I just break. I’m weeping uncontrollably, almost hyperventilating. And finally I catch my breath. I’m like, “God, what’s wrong with me? Why do I feel like somebody died?” And He said, “Son, they have. The pain that you feel, the grief that you feel, is mine – from the millions of babies that have been killed.”

Enge went home and began to research abortion. “I just wept as I sat before my computer monitor,” he recalled. “I found out about Black genocide, I found out about Planned ParenthoodMargaret Sanger, all of it.” 

He also learned more about Obama’s record on abortion.“I found his speech to Planned Parenthood in 2008, when he said if he was elected … he was gonna ensure that [the ban on] partial birth abortion would be reversed. And that there would be no limits on abortion at all. And I was sick.”

READ: These Black leaders in history viewed abortion as Black genocide

Bold Words Falling on Deaf Ears

Enge and a local pastor both felt they had to speak up, so the Sunday before the general election, they made a presentation to the congregation. “I created a Powerpoint with all the information I had from the CDC. At that time we’d killed over 13 million, just from the African-American [community]. … We talked about the Democratic party and how … they are pro-abortion. And [we asked], how can we continue to stand for that?”

Enge faced immediate backlash – a “furious defense” of the Democratic party and a vicious attack against the alleged racism of the Republican party. Driving home afterward, he asked God, “Lord, what is wrong with us?” The scripture 2 Kings 17:17 – a verse he had never before read – came to him, and he looked it up when he got home. It read, “They sacrificed their sons and daughters in the fire. They practiced divination and sought omens and sold themselves to do evil in the eyes of the LORD, arousing his anger.”

He proceeded to read further back into verse 16: “They forsook all the commands of the LORD their God and made for themselves two idols cast in the shape of calves, and an Asherah pole. They bowed down to all the starry hosts, and they worshiped Baal.”

Enge recalled:

And so what the Lord was saying to me, is that we have made an idol. And the major idol is our Blackness. … When you stir the pot and throw the bone out to us about racism, we are like piranhas, we will fight, fight, fight, but at the same time … we don’t care about the thousands and thousands of Blacks that are murdered by other Black people every year. We are so caught up in this blindness, and there’s such a darkness. … You know, there was a movie, “Sleeping With the Enemy.” That’s what we’re doing. We are in bed with the enemy. 

Enge continued to stand up for his beliefs in his community, often at the expense of friendships and even financial support for his school. And just as often as he has faced anger and pushback, he has been met with abject apathy. He said:

I found Maafa 21. …  And I bought these DVDs and I gave them to various Black pastors. I think … that it’s going to wake up our community, wake up the church. Hmm-mm. They won’t even watch it. … I just felt hopeless. I got this burden that I can’t shake. And I’m carrying it for years.

Dreaming of Sanctuary

Then, Enge received an unexpected answer to his prayers – a way to make a significant impact in the fight for life. He told Live Action News:

[A]t the beginning of [the] Sanctuary Cities [for the Unborn movement] back in early 2020, I ended up reaching out to [Mark Lee Dickson], and I met with him on a Sunday. I thought, “Okay, this is something that I can really connect with, and help with.” … [T]hat night … I saw Mark in this dream. And it was like the movie “Ten Commandments” when Aaron and Joshua were putting blood on the door mantels. I saw Mark doing the same thing with the cities.

… I don’t claim to be a prophet or anything, but I just sensed that there’s some kind of judgment coming, and [for the] cities who pass this ordinance, there’s going to be some form of protection. And that’s when I knew, this is my doorway opportunity. And I feel like the Lord told me, “Any time you can be supporting this brother and this work, you do it. You do it.”

Enge helps by sharing his story and interfacing with city council members, getting petitions out, and doing what he describes as “grunt work” – whatever needs doing – to get the ordinances passed.

One mind changed. One heart transformed. Only God knows how many lives will be saved.

There are now 44 cities which have passed ordinances outlawing abortion in three states, and more are in the works. If you would like to make your city a sanctuary city, visit the organization’s website to find out how.

Tim Tebow’s Mom Shares How She Rejected Abortion When Told She Would Die: “He’s My Miracle Baby”

|  Steven Ertelt  |   Mar 16, 2022    |  Washington, DC

Pam Tebow is a profile in courage.

As most people know by now, she famously rejected abortion decades ago when told she would die from a major medical condition while pregnant with her son Tim. She ignored the medical advice and gave birth to Tm Tebow, who has gone on to become a Heisman trophy winner, an NFL player, and now a famous television and media personality who promotes life and his Christian faith.

Pam Tebow was recently the keynote speaker at the Wiregrass Emergency Pregnancy Services Seventh Annual Fundraising Banquet. There, she shared the amazing story of how she rejected abortion while her family was in the Philippines on a missionary trip.

During the Tebows’ stay, Pam Tebow contracted amoebic dysentery during what was her fifth pregnancy, fell into a temporary coma and received strong medication to combat the infection. Doctors believed that the baby would not survive and recommended to Tebow that she have an abortion. “They thought I should have an abortion to save my life all the way through the seventh month,” she said.

“When my doctor delivered Timmy, he said it was the biggest miracle he had ever been a part of,” Tebow said. “He said he had never seen anything like it and he couldn’t explain it. He said there was no explanation for how Timmy survived all of those months in the womb.”

That baby would grow to become the largest in size of her children, the mother of five said. “I call him my miracle baby.”

Eventually a television commercial about her amazing story was seen by millions.

“A survey revealed that 5.5 million people had a chance to re-think their stand on abortion because of that little commercial,” she said. “I love to call it a ‘God Story’ because it is one that would be impossible apart from the power of God.

Tebow urged the pro-life people attending the banquet to continue supporting the work of pregnancy centers that help women and unborn babies before and after birth.

“It takes a lot of faith to do everything that your pregnancy center and your community does,” Tebow told the more than 400 people attending the annual fundraising banquet. “It is absolutely incredible everything that they offer the clients. It’s amazing.

“They are really ministering to the Lord by ministering to these women in so many ways,” she said. “And they continue the relationship with these precious moms after the child is born.”

STARKVILLE, MS – OCTOBER 24: Quarterback Tim Tebow # 15 of the Florida Gators on the sidelines during the Mississippi State game, at Davis Wade Stadium on October 24, 2009 in Starkville, Mississippi (Photo by Rick Dole/Getty Images)

Community fights and keeps abortion business away – leftists would take all rights away from entire class of human beings

Grassroots campaign addressed doctors, city, neighbors

By Bob Unruh January 29, 2022

A community in New York state has fought to keep a Planned Parenthood abortion business away – and it has won.

Officials with the Thomas More Society explained the dispute developed in Brighton, a suburb of Rochester.

There, Planned Parenthood had made plans to set up business.

But, the organization reported, a “grassroots campaign” organized by Brighton Residents Against Violence to Everyone, or BRAVE, fought to prevent construction of the business.

“A January 10, 2022, email from attorneys representing the town of Brighton informed BRAVE that the town’s attorneys had ‘received confirmation that Planned Parenthood terminated its lease with Westfall Medical Realty and will not occupy the South Clinton Avenue, Brighton, premises,'” the society reported.

Among those working on the campaign was a group called Reprotection.

Spokeswoman Missy Martinez-Stone, explained, “The Reprotection team congratulates the activists in Brighton on their victory and we look forward to taking this precedent-setting lawsuit to other cities and towns across the country.”

Thomas More Society spokesman Tom Olp noted BRAVE focused on the negative impacts that a Planned Parenthood abortion facility would deliver to a community, and took those concerns to the town’s planning board, the existing medical facilities in Westfall Medical Park, and area residents.

It filed suit when the abortionists’ business was approved without considering those concerns.

“By tying these concerns together,” explained Olp, “the group’s attorney filed a proceeding in late August 2021 against the Brighton Planning Board and the applicant, challenging the approval of the project. The lawsuit focused on the site plan approval process itself, including the lack of a meaningful review by the Planning Board of the many issues that an abortion clinic can bring to a neighborhood community.”

He added, “The lawsuit questioned whether surgical facilities are a permitted use within the zoning district. It also raised the question of waste disposal, as well as deleterious secondary impacts to the community character. Under the advice and assistance of Reprotection, the lawsuit also challenged the proposed facility’s compliance with wastewater regulations and the lack of consideration of impacts to the town’s water supply.”

He noted the Reprotection organization turned up information about Environmental Protection Agency regulations as they relate to Planned Parenthood’s increasing promotion of the “at home” abortion pill.

More than five dozen individuals ended up appearing before the planning board – a total of nearly 130 appearances – to argue against the development.

They also sent letters to 80 doctors with offices in the area.

Colorado leftists would take all rights away from entire class of human beings

Radical plan adds to state’s anti-life heritage

By Bob Unruh March 10, 2022

It was April 25, 1967, that Colorado took the lead in the race to promote abortion, to make sure that unborn children could be killed at will, by adopting America’s first abortion law.

It wouldn’t be until six years later that the Supreme Court fell into line with the plan promoted at the time by Dick Lamm, then a Democrat legislator and later a governor whose philosophy of life was typified when he told senior citizens, “We’ve got a duty to die and get out of the way…”

Now its Democrat-majority legislature is planning another precedent-setting move – the removal of all rights from an entire class of living beings in order to make sure abortion remains available at any time for anyone.

Already, James Dobson of James Dobson’s FamilyTalk radio is urging residents to contact their representatives and senators about HB22-1279.

He said the Democrats are “on the verge of passing the most radical abortion law in the country.

“If it goes through, this law will legalize abortion through all 40 weeks of pregnancy. It will also prohibit requiring abortionists to give notice to parents of minor daughters, and even forbid any statute or regulation limiting abortion rights based on the concern for the health of the woman or the baby.”

Live Action also was raising the issue.

The pro-life organization explained Democrats in the majority in Colorado – and Democratic homosexual Gov. Jared Polis, could “legalize a woman’s right to leave her newborn child to die or allow for the acting ‘doctor’ to take action to kill the child. This has far-reaching, horrific consequences.”

The report continued, “House Bill 22-1279 is known as the ‘Reproductive Health Equity Act,’ but it has nothing to do with health; intentionally killing a preborn child is never medically necessary. As reported by Axios, the bill is a direct response to the pro-life bills that have passed in states like Texas, Mississippi, and Florida, which restrict abortion access to different points in the pregnancy. Mississippi’s law to restrict abortion to prior to 15 weeks is currently being reviewed by the Supreme Court. When the decision is handed down in June, it could mean that Roe v. Wade is altered, overturned, or left in place.”

Live Action explained, “Though abortion proponents have long mocked the idea of abortion survivors, the reality is that babies do survive abortions. Some are saved by compassionate medical professionals, while others are left to die.”

But lives wouldn’t be saved in Colorado, the report explained, saying, “Colorado’s bill would legalize the deaths of these newborns by both inaction and action. In addition to prohibiting anyone from ‘restricting, interfering with, or discriminating against an individual’s fundamental right […] to have an abortion,’ the bill would prohibit state and local public entities from: Depriving, through prosecution, punishment, or other means, an individual of the individual’s right to act or refrain from acting during the individual’s own pregnancy based on the potential, actual, or perceived impact on the pregnancy, the pregnancy’s outcomes, or on the pregnant individual’s health.”

“In short, this bill could force medical professionals to commit or participate in abortions, and let a newborn baby die if the mother wishes. Of course, a common, natural ‘outcome’ of pregnancy is that a person is born alive. This wouldn’t necessarily affect abortion survivors alone, but could also affect babies born with a disability or genetic condition that had not been discovered during pregnancy. Wrongful birth lawsuits have been filed against doctors who did not accurately diagnose a child while she was still in the womb, and therefore, the parents felt they lost the opportunity to abort their child. This bill could allow those parents to ‘abort’ their child after birth — infanticide.”

Further, the bill specifically denies any rights at all to a “a fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus,” by stating they do “not have independent or derivative rights under the laws of the state.”

“Colorado is in position to deny all rights to an entire group of human beings. The bill also includes a safety clause that states the legislators believe ‘this act is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, or safety,'” Live Action confirmed.

Axios reported the move is in response to proposed laws in other states that “add restrictions on abortion.”

But Colorado’s law would have no impact on others states’ laws, and its only effects would be to make the state a magnet for the lucrative abortion industry.

Axios said the American abortion industry is concerned the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade this year, and its key players want to embed their revenue stream in state law at least, state constitutions if they can.

In fact, Democrats in Coloardo are discussing a constitutional amendment to put before voters in 2024.

State Sen. Julie Gonzales, a Democrat from Denver and a sponsor of the new death law, said, “In a world in which Roe v. Wade falls we want to make it clear … that access to abortion care in Colorado is protected.”

Also in the race to promote abortion at the state level is Maryland.

WND reported this week on plans there to allow babies to die after they are born.

The concept actually isn’t new. Every few months or years, some extremist brings up the idea of allowing abortion after birth. It’s relatively easy to discard when some loner at a university on the other side of the world discusses a wild-eyed plan.

Or when, as WND has reported, paramedics in one region of Belgium say it would be all right to end the life of a baby born with a “serious” defect.

That’s been a recurring theme, with medical ethicists Francesca Minerva and Alberto Guibilini in 2012 claiming doctors “should be allowed to end the lives of disabled, and even unwanted, newborn babies because they are not ‘actual persons.'”

Former Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat, once discussed on radio a controversial 40-week abortion bill.

“If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother,” he said, alluding to a discussion about whether an infant should be allowed to live or die.

But now, the American Center for Law and Justice said that an American state is considering the idea.

According to the team of legal experts, “The Maryland legislative session is in full swing, and once again, abortion advocates are pushing their radical abortion agenda. Recently, we told you about the testimony we presented against Maryland House Bill 1171, which is attempting to codify Roe v. Wade in the Maryland constitution. Now, we’re preparing to submit testimony on Maryland Senate Bill 669 – also known as the Pregnant Person’s Freedom Act of 2022.”

That bill, at first glance, looks like it simply changes “woman” to “pregnant person” in its references.

But its provisions to prevent a “pregnant person” from being investigated for “terminating or attempting to terminate” her own pregnancy is where the plan gets lethal.

“The bill also proposes a revision of the fetal murder/manslaughter statute that would serve to handcuff the investigation of infant deaths unrelated to abortion. In other words – this bill will effectively legalize infanticide,” the ACLJ reported.

“The exact language of the bill states: ‘This section may not be construed to authorize any form of investigation or penalty for a person . . . experiencing a . . . perinatal death related to a failure to act.’ (Emphasis added). In other words, a baby born alive and well could be abandoned and left to starve or freeze to death, and nothing could be done to punish those who participated in that cruel death,” the organization’s report explained.

“The bill also includes a section that would allow ‘a person [to] bring a cause of action for damages if the person was subject to unlawful arrest or criminal investigation for a violation of this section as a result of . . . experiencing a . . . perinatal death.'”

So, the ACLJ reported, “if a baby died because it was abandoned and police investigated and eventually arrested the person responsible for the baby’s death, then the woman could sue the police and get monetary damages for having been investigated and arrested.”

The report said even worse is that the language in the bill “is without clear definition,” so “the bill could prevent any investigations into the death of infants at least seven days AFTER their birth, and may extend to infants as old as four weeks!”

It’s because “perinatal” isn’t defined in the bill and medical tomes say it starts at the “20th to 28th week of gestation and ends 1 to 4 weeks after birth.”

Since the state already has a “safe haven” law, allowing a mother to give up an infant without penalty, “there is absolutely no reason for Maryland Senate Bill 669’s attempt to prevent someone who lets their baby die from being investigated.”

The ACLJ reported that because of concerns that it raised, the “perinatal” language is being removed from the S.B. 669 plan, but an identical bill still is pending in the Maryland House.

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