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VIDEO Leftists Protest AZ Judge’s Ruling On AZ Abortion Ban, Lifts Planned Parenthood’s Injunction, Abortion In AZ Is Now ILLEGAL

By Jordan Conradson September 24, 2022

An Arizona Judge has ruled that the state can enforce its ban on abortion following the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade.

Previously, Planned Parenthood filed an injunction to block the law from taking effect and continued aborting babies.

Fox 10 reported,

Planned Parenthood Arizona has joined several other providers that have restarted abortion care in the state — although it may only be temporary — after clinics ceased providing the service when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that women do not have a constitutional right to end a pregnancy.

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The organization says it can perform the operations under a court injunction that blocks the near-total abortion ban.

Planned Parenthood Arizona this week began providing both medication and surgical abortions at its Tucson clinic, one of four in the state where it provided abortions. Those four and three others run by the group never halted other care, such as pap smears, contraception and other reproductive services. Planned Parenthood plans to begin offering vasectomies in the fall.

A Judge in Pima County lifted the injunction on Friday, and Arizona will now return to its pre-Roe law, which states,

A person who provides, supplies or administers to a pregnant woman, or procures such woman to take any medicine, drugs or substance, or uses or employs any instrument or other means whatever, with intent thereby to procure the miscarriage of such woman, unless it is necessary to save her life, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not less than two years nor more than five years.

Trump-Endorsed Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers gave the following statement to The Gateway Pundit.

Rogers: Today’s ruling was fitting because the only reason it stood was because of Roe vs. Wade. Now we hearken back to our original pre-statehood Arizonans who knew back in the territorial days the precious value of life. The battle going forward will be for the people of Arizona to hold their elected officials accountable to enforce the law.

Read the ruling here.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre chimed in on the ruling, referring to abortion as a healthcare worker’s “duty of care” and claiming that some women “would face dire health risks.”

However, Arizona’s pre-Roe abortion law allows a woman to get an abortion if “it is necessary to save her life.”

The Hill reported,

The White House condemned a Friday ruling in Arizona that allowed the state’s abortion ban to be enforced, saying that it will set women in the state back “more than a century.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement Saturday that the potential consequences of the ruling are “catastrophic, dangerous, and unacceptable.” 

The ban, which was originally passed in the 1800s before Arizona became a state and has been blocked since the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, forbids abortion in all cases except for when the life of the pregnant person is at risk.

“If this decision stands, health care providers would face imprisonment of up to five years for fulfilling their duty of care; survivors of rape and incest would be forced to bear the children of their assaulters; and women with medical conditions would face dire health risks,” Jean-Pierre said.

What about women who face dire health risks after an abortion? The Lozier Institute previously reported, “a United States study examining 173,279 low-income California Medicaid patients found that women who underwent abortions had nearly double the chance of dying in the following two years, and ‘had a 154 percent higher risk of death from suicide than if they gave birth.”

They don’t care about the real facts on abortion.

Katie Hobbs also took part in the fear-mongering, vowing to block any pro-life legislation if she is elected Governor.

Katie Hobbs has previously lied to the voters of Arizona, claiming that Kari Lake wants to criminalize lifesaving post-miscarriage treatments after claiming that she had a miscarriage.

Democrats can only justify their stance on abortion by lying.

Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake recently slammed Hobbs, calling her lies “sick,” during her “Ask Me Anything Tour” when asked whether or not she would criminalize D&C procedures after miscarriages.

Katie Hobbs has voted against legislation that requires doctors to maintain the life of a baby if they survive an abortion. Further, she voted against abortion limitations every chance she was given as a State Legislator.

Lake: D&C procedure is what happens after you have a miscarriage. I am from a family of nine. I think I’ve told you that some of you knew that. Eight girls one boy. Some of my own family, my own sisters had miscarriages. My mother, God rest her soul, had two miscarriages, and she loved those babies so much that she said that she really had eleven kids even though only nine of us were born. To equate a miscarriage with an abortion is sick. Any woman who’s had a miscarriage wants that baby so bad. To equate that with an abortion is sick. I would never keep D&C procedure from a woman having an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage. And I wish that Katie Hobbs had the gall, I wish she had the backbone to show up and debate this topic. The press never asks her about her abortion stance. I think everyone in this room would agree that nine months into a pregnancy is too late to have an abortion.

She’s okay with that. They think I’m controversial because I’m pro-life. She actually voted against a bill that would have required that a baby who survived an abortion get medical treatment. She voted against that. She wants that baby to die on a cold metal medical tray. This is controversial. This is outrageous. And I will not sit here and have the media, who is doing bidding for Katie Hobbs, tell me that she’s got a great plan when it comes to abortion. She’s using that because she knows, she absolutely knows that she’s wrong, that nine months is too late to have an abortion. It’s way too late. And so she’s trying to deflect her own stance on abortion, which is really horrendous in my opinion.

Radical leftist protestors are planning another protest on the Arizona Capitol tonight at 5 pm, hosted by “Arizonans for Reproductive Freedom” and “Arizona Human Rights Fighters.”

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that violent leftist insurrectionists attempted to breach the Arizona Capitol two nights in a row while rioting against the recent SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and give the power back to the states.

The Gateway Pundit will provide updates on these “protests.” 

Trump-Endorsed Abe Hamadeh RIPS Kris Mayes’ Radical Left Agenda At AZ AG Forum


Call To Action: Arizona Legislature Passes Parental Rights Bill to Stop Schools From Pushing Sex on Kids

 CATHI HERROD   APR 14, 2021

A slim majority of Arizona lawmakers today affirmed a parent’s fundamental right to educate and guide the upbringing of their own children. The Arizona House passed SB 1456, sponsored by Sen. Nancy Barto, along party lines – all 31 Republicans voted in favor of parental rights, 28 Democrats voted against parental rights, and one Democrat was absent and did not vote.

The battle for authority over who will teach sex education and when got heated as some lawmakers argued for government control and voted against transparency of curriculum. That prompted Representative Jacqueline Parker to ask, “Why is everyone so afraid of parents being aware of what their children are being taught?”

In the end, parents won because SB 1456 acknowledges parents have the fundamental right to control what, when, and how their children will learn about human sexuality – not the culture or the government.

SB 1456 prohibits sex education before fifth-grade in Arizona district and charter schools. It also requires schools provide the sex ed curricula for grades 5-12 for parental review. Parents would then have to opt-in their child for sex ed if they so choose. It would also require parental opt-in for instruction about HIV, AIDS, sexual orientation and gender identity. Requiring parents to opt-in rather than opt-out better protects students from inadvertent sex ed or sensitive curriculum parents do not want their children exposed to at school.

I applaud the sponsor, Senator Nancy Barto, and all AZ lawmakers who voted in favor of parents and children and got this bill to Governor Ducey’s desk.

ACTION: Contact Governor Ducey and politely ask him to sign SB 1456! Send him an email here or call his office at (602) 542-4331.

Election Integrity

by Jerry Newcombe, D.Min.

This is not a banana republic. This is the United States of America.

Election integrity is at risk. How this is resolved may well determine what kind of a country we become and what kind of a legacy we leave for our children and posterity.

As one man put it, “The importance of getting it right outweighs the importance of rushing to judgment.” Who was this? Some rube with the Trump campaign? No, actually, that was former Clinton cabinet member Warren Christopher on November 11, 2000, speaking on behalf of the Gore campaign during the hotly contested Bush-Gore election.

The media, including Fox News, have already called this race for Joe Biden. Joe Biden even said he has a “mandate” from the American people. Many are calling him “president elect.” Is it not more honest to call him, at best, the “projected president elect”? Besides, who died and gave the media the authority to decide who is president?

There’s always cheating in elections, I suppose. It seems that conservatives always have to get a percentage or more of extra votes to counteract the cheating. Hmmmm. If the left is so great, why do they so often have to cheat to win?

There are serious and credible allegations of voter fraud in some of the key swing states. The swing states include Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Here are some examples:

•Citizen Free Press reports: “Giuliani tells Maria Bartiromo [Fox News] this morning [11/8/20] that as many as 900,000 invalid ballots were cast in Pennsylvania, and that the Trump campaign will reveal the full slate of evidence in court.”

•Trump attorney Sidney Powell added that they’ve identified 450,000 ballots in PA that only had Biden on them (not any vote for candidates of other offices on the ballot).

•Similarly, 23,000 mail-in ballots show up in Philadelphia after election day closes. And every one of them is a vote for Joe Biden. As Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan says, that is “statistically impossible.”

•In Pennsylvania, supposedly 840 voters were 101 or older; 39 lived through the Civil War; 45 were born in the 1800s. These are among the 21,000+ dead people in Pennsylvania that are reported to have voted. As some wag noted, “I see dead people….voting.”

•Despite court orders, poll counters in Philadelphia and Detroit reportedly have prevented Republican vote counting monitors from seeing the ballot counting. Furthermore, in some instances, workers have boarded up windows, eliminating any pretense of transparency.

•A software “glitch” in Michigan has caused thousands of votes for Trump to be applied as votes for Biden. Ian Miles Cheong tweets (11/6/20): “The software used to tabulate the votes in one county sent at least 6,000 Trump votes to Biden. 47 counties used the software. Other states may have, too. Was it a glitch or a ‘feature’?”

Jordan said, “This is the first time in American history, where you have a party systematically set out to win an election after the election. That’s what they’re doing, and it has to be stopped.” [Emphasis added]

Perhaps love of abortion motivates the left. As Gary Bauer of American Values noted that if someone has no problem with killing babies up to the moment of birth (and even after, in some cases), why would they have a problem with cheating in an election?

Judge Darrell White is a conservative Christian and founder/director of Retired Judges of America. I once interviewed him for Christian television in reference to America’s Christian heritage.

He told me, “Our founders were not atheists.  They pledged their lives, their fortune, their sacred honor on behalf of themselves, but also, on behalf of posterity. That’s us and our grandchildren and we hold the truths of the Constitution and the sacred guarantees that are ours as Americans. We hold them not as owners, but in trust. We are trustees for the next generation.” [Emphasis added]

As trustees, it is up to us to make sure that we preserve our national heritage and genuine trust at the polls. White adds that “our founders clearly had a biblical worldview”—a major component of which is a belief in the “notion of the depravity of man.”

The division of powers by the founders was based on their knowledge that man is sinful. James Madison, a key architect of the Constitution, put it succinctly: “All men having power ought to be distrusted.” That’s not cynical. It is because of that view we enjoy the freedoms we enjoy.

The day could come when we lose that freedom because of a monopoly of power by the Ruling Class, by big tech (which has systematically censored conservative and Christian content), and by big media.

Love him or hate him, Trump is fighting for our nation’s election integrity.

There’s something rotten in Denmark. Well, I don’t know about Denmark.

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