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VIDEO “Brazil is Going Full Gulag. This is the Worst Communist Takeover Ever” – Lula forcibly injects its political enemies with deadly covid “vaccines”

By Richard Abelson January 14, 2023

A young girl being searched and detained as a “Terrorist” in Brasilia

The US has begun deporting Brazilian opposition leaders to the Gulags as evidence mounts the Jan. 8 riots were staged. US journalist Glenn Greenwald complained about the Communist takeover he helped enable: Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes is “making himself chief censor of the world,” Greenwald said. Speaking to Steve Bannon, Brazil observer Matt Tyrmand said: “They are going full Gulag. This is the worst Communist takeover ever.”

Senator Marcos do Val says he has new evidence against the incoming leftist Justice Minister Flávio Dino in the so-called “Storm on the National Congress” Jan. 8 and will ask for  Dino’s removal and arrest.

Dino was “aware of the risk of hostile actions and damage to the government buildings” January 8, Antagonista reports: ”In a letter sent the day before to the governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha, the minister said he had been informed by the Federal Police of the “intense movement of people who, dissatisfied with the result of the 2022 Elections”, organized “bus caravans to move to Brasilia/DF”.

TRENDING: BREAKING: COVER UP: Lawyers Found More Classified Documents in Biden’s Private Library Than Previously Known

“According to reports, this movement would have the intention of promoting hostile actions and damages against the public buildings of the Ministries, the National Congress, the Presidential Palace, the Federal Supreme Court and, possibly, other bodies such as the Superior Electoral Court,” Ibaneis Rocha wrote.

At the same time, the new Lula government announced it would press charges against former President Jair Bolsonaro. Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes approved a request by the Attorney General’s Office to investigate  former President Jair Bolsonaro for “instigation of undemocratic acts” that resulted in “vandalism and violence” in Brasilia last Sunday, Jan. 8.

This particularly ironic because Bolsonaro disappointed many supporters by not calling the elections stolen or taking any steps to prevent the Lula takeover. In 72 days of protests, Bolsonaro spoke to supporters only once, to lead them in prayer in a tearful scene with his wife (Gateway reported).

41 US “Democrats” have called for revoking Bolsonaro’s visa, who is staying in Florida, presumably so he can be put in the “Lulag” too, along with the rest of the US-based opposition.

Biden Regime sending Anderson Torres to Gulag in Florida Friday

US police officers in Florida were seen deporting former Secretary of Security of the Federal District Anderson Torres on the night of Friday, 1/13. Brazilian police raided Torres’ house and allegedly found a draft decree proposing the introduction of martial law to overturn the result of the country’s presidential election, a Justice Ministry spokeswoman told CNN.

Pro-Lula protestors in Brazil called for “Communism” and “no immunity” for former President Bolsonaro.

The Communist government is holding 1159 protestors in Federal Prison without access to lawyers or charges, forcing them to sign confessions of “terrorism”. At least one protestor appears to have attempted or committed suicide and 3-4 others reportedly died of dehydration and medical emergencies. There is a total press blackout on these deaths.

The Lula Regime is clamping down on the opposition suspending leading channel Jovem Pan as well as prominent opposition figures like host Monark, Congressman Nikolas Ferreira and influencer Barbara of channel “Te Atualizei”, who all had their Twitter accounts suspended. Monark had 1.4 million followers and Ferreira 2 million.

Corrupt Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes denied a request by representative Nikolas Ferreira to arrest Justice Minister Dino for dereliction of duty in the capital attacks.

Left-wing Snowden reporter Glenn Greenwald, who lives in Brazil and was a vocal critic of Jair Bolsonaro, has realized his own liberty is now in danger and is apparently getting a severe case of Communist Gulag buyer’s remorse: “We just obtained a censorship order that is genuinely shocking, directing multiple social media platforms to *immediately* remove numerous prominent politicians and commentators”, Greenwald wrote.

Elon Musk responded to Greenwald, asking for more info. Greenwald responded that “I can’t post it yet – just waiting for last legal clearances from our lawyers. It’s insane that, as a journalist, I even need to worry about this, but that’s the climate here” (in Brazil).

A video from the “Lulag” prison camp showed police asking the political prisoners who among them was feeling sick. “A girl raised her hand and went to front thinking she would be helped. The officers screamed at her, ripped off what was on her head, then kicked out her legs & tackled her to ground. Army present, watched it all. Did nothing. Inhuman,” Matt Tyrmand wrote.

Speaking to Steve Bannon on “War Room”, Tyrmand said that Brazil had gone from “zero to Stalin in no time.” What happened on Jan. 8 was a “template learned from Jan. 6 – coax ‘em in, show that your agents provocateurs are destroying everything, and then arrest all the patriots, and send a message to the rest of the country. They created a Gulag at the Federal Police Academy and rounded up 1700 people, old women and men, young kids, every race, Brazilian patriots through and through…

We have video of them getting into arguments with the agents provocateurs (during the riot), saying ‘Don’t  break this window, this is our house.’ They were trying to (protest) peacefully, as they had done 72 days previously, because these are peaceful, patriotic warriors. They got cornered and gulaged, and at least one woman died of dehydration. Unconfirmed reports say that 4-5 people have died.”

Prisoners were forced to sign confessions with no legal advisory, Tyrmand said. “The men and more able-bodied females have gone into a Federal Penitentiary, with no charges, no due process, no investigation, no trial, and they are now in jail. Gateway Pundit had a letter describing the absolutely inhumane conditions,” Tyrmand noted.

The regime is calling the protestors “terrorists” now, Tyrmand said. “They are trapped like sardines in these small facilities, literally cloaked in the Brazilian flag to keep warm at night, kids lying on the Brazilian flag as a mat, talk about a powerful poetic symbol.”

The Lula Regime has gone “hogwild on the censorship”, Tyrmand said: “Jovem Pan news has been kicked off the air, the Brazilian equivalent of Fox news, Paulo Figueiredo Filho and all of the right-wing journalists have been deplatformed. The extradition notices are being drawn up, for the journalists and pastors and activists who have residence in the US. They’re putting out red notices, reiterating the call to extradite (leading journalist) Allan dos Santos.”

Jair Bolsonaro, who remained silent for two months of protests, is nonetheless being charged for “sowing distrust in the election system” for asking for auditable paper ballots, Tyrmand said. “Everybody is going to jail. They used a Hitler Reichstag Fire to cement power”, Tyrmand said.

Lula da Silva is “just a figurehead”, Tyrmand noted, the real power lies with Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes. “They are going full gulag, it is absolutely gross. Even Glenn Greenwald, who helped build this, cheerleading the fight for Lula against Bolsonaro, now he’s giving a press conference, because now they’re trying to censor him.”

Moraes should be “in the Hague”, Tyrmand said, “Because people are dying in the makeshift Gulag and the prisons. And everybody who was put in federal penitentiary was force-vaxxed. If this is not a violation of the Geneva convention, it is worthless. Where is Human Rights Watch? Where is Amnesty International? Where is the United Nations Charter for Indigenous Rights, given that Chief Serere Xavante is still in prison because he is a brave soul with faith, and he is not signing the denunciation letter that they have been torturing him to get him to sign. This is the worst Communist takeover ever.”

Truth Brazil has launched a petition to investigate the failure of the Justice Minister, which you can sign and share here:

Assine a petição de investigação e responsabilização dos envolvidos na segurança, administração nos atos de 08/01/2023 e fatos ocorridos depois dos atos. É necessário investigar porque a segurança falhou. 1.167 pessoas estão presas sem investigação.

— truth Brasil (@truth_brasil) January 13, 2023

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PURE EVIL: The Lula da Silva regime in Brazil forcibly injects its political enemies with deadly covid “vaccines”

January 14, 2023 by: Lance D Johnson

Image: PURE EVIL: The Lula da Silva regime in Brazil forcibly injects its political enemies with deadly covid “vaccines”

(Natural News) Now that the popular Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been removed from office, a new communist force is rising up to take his place. Bolsonaro had largely resisted much of the medical tyranny that swept the world from 2020 to 2022. He fought back against mandates and vaccine passports, and advocated for medical privacy, body autonomy rights, and proper treatment of Brazilians.

Now the new President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, is insisting on persecute his political enemies and forcibly injecting them in makeshift cells. The Lula da Silva regime has arrested over 1,500 who protested the official results of the 2022 election in Brazil. Approximately seven hundred sixty-three of the protestors are being charged with invasion and depredation of public buildings in Praca dos Tres Pederes. They are currently being screened for disease, forcibly vaccinated, and sent to makeshift cells, as they await further punishment. The prisoners are appealing to Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court for a request for freedom.

Brazilian political prisoners are force injected with covid-19 death shots

According to the Federal District government, the number of individuals rounded up so far include 498 men and 265 women. The men are being sent to the Papuda Provisional Detention Center and the women are being separated and sent to separate structures at Colmeia. Journalists on the ground have provided details about the conditions that these political prisoners face. The prisoners are issued a uniform and a rolled-up mattress, without a pillow or blanket. They are handed a hygiene kit that includes soap, feminine pads, toothpaste, and a toothbrush. The cells come in different sizes and can hold several detainees. A bathroom is available in the cell. All cell phones are confiscated. Detainees who support Bolsonaro are separated from the other prisoners.

Most shocking, the detainees are treated liked medical slaves. They are forced to undergo medical tests and be subject to covid-19 jabs. A medical task force was deployed to the camps to inject the covid-19 vaccine into the detainees, against their will. For many of the detainees, these forced jabs are like a death shot. Covid vaccines have already killed upwards of 32,000 people in Brazil.

Any detainee who is determined to have a comorbidity is also forced to take government-approved medications. The prisoners are fed a crummy diet as they await their virtual hearing with a judge and a prosecutor.

When it is their time to appear before a judge, the detainees are brought into a prison-like environment called a parlatory. These makeshift courtrooms were created during the covid-19 scandal by communists who sought to facilitate quarantine orders and physical isolation on the unvaccinated population. These parlatories are now being used to speed up the persecution of political prisoners, who are force jabbed against their will and essentially forced to confess their support for the Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva regime.

During these sessions, a judge appears virtually over a screen.  The detainees have a short amount of time to present their case to the virtual judge and the prosecutor. To speed up the process, thirty judges are deployed on screen to deal with multiple cases at once. A defense attorney assists the accused, yet the process for each prosecution takes around 20 to 30 minutes in total. Those who were caught in the act of damaging property are sentenced immediately. Prosecutions that lack direct evidence are sent directly to the Federal Supreme Court, where Minister Alexandre de Moraes makes a judgement on the individual’s request for freedom.

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Sources include:


The above is an another example of what happens when election thieves are allowed to get away with their steel.


Global Abortions Surpass 1.1 Million in First Ten Days of New Year


More than 1.1 million abortions have already taken place worldwide in the first ten days of 2021, according to statistics provided by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.).

Using W.H.O. data, a website called Worldometer keeps a running tally of data related to everything from demographics to economics, and also provides a continuously updated total for abortions performed in the calendar year. As of this writing, the number of abortions for 2021 stood at 1,113,770.

According to W.H.O., there are an estimated annual 40-50 million abortions in the world, which corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions performed each day.

Currently, abortion is the leading cause of death in the world, with some 42.7 million abortions performed in 2020, followed by heart disease, cancer, and lower respiratory disease.

Abortions in the United States disproportionately target the black population, with black children aborted at more than 3 times the rate of white children. This means that by functional standards, abortion is a deeply racist institution, regardless of the intent of the abortion industry.

According to the most recent abortion data (2018) provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), black women have the highest abortion rate in the United States and white women have the lowest.

Among white women in the U.S., there are 110 abortions for every 1000 live births, whereas among blacks, there are 335 abortions for every 1000 births. Blacks are therefore aborted at over 3 times the rate of whites and more than half of all black deaths in the U.S. are the result of abortion.

More than a third (33.6 percent) of all deaths by abortion in the United States in 2018 happened to black babies, despite the fact that blacks represent just 12.3 percent of the population.

Conversely, non-Hispanic whites, who make up 60.6 percent of America’s population, account for only 38.7 percent of all U.S. abortions.

Even in its origins, the abortion movement, spearheaded by the Planned Parenthood Federation, Marie Stopes International, and EngenderHealth has been no friend to blacks, despite their official propaganda to the contrary.

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the U.S., was a notorious racist and eugenicist, and worked tirelessly to reduce the black population. As part of the eugenics movement in the 1930s, Sanger thought that abortion could effectively cull “inferior races” from the human gene pool.

Sanger selected inner cities with a high concentration of minorities as the sites for her first abortion clinics, and still today, 79 percent of Planned Parenthood’s abortion facilities are located in black or minority neighborhoods.

Planned Parenthood’s research and propaganda arm, the Guttmacher Institute, was named after former Planned Parenthood president Alan Guttmacher, who was also Vice-President of the American Eugenics Society.

Guttmacher was an advocate of coercive population control, and believed that to achieve a significant reduction of the black population while avoiding accusations of racism, the involvement of the United Nations was indispensable.  “My own feeling,” he said in an interview in 1970, “is that we’ve got to pull out all the stops and involve the United Nations.”

“If you’re going to curb population, it’s extremely important not to have it done by the damned Yankees, but by the UN. Because the thing is, then it’s not considered genocide. If the United States goes to the black man or the yellow man and says slow down your reproduction rate, we’re immediately suspected of having ulterior motives to keep the white man dominant in the world. If you can send in a colorful UN force, you’ve got much better leverage,” Guttmacher said.

Planned Parenthood has continued to employ Guttmacher’s strategy, using the United Nations to pressure nations to legalize abortion and selecting black women as its spokespersons to conceal its latent racism.

As a 2015 Wall Street Journal article concluded: “[I]f liberal activists and their media allies are going to lecture America about the value of black lives, the staggering disparity in abortion rates ought to be part of the discussion.”

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