Everything You Want Is On The Other Side Of Fear!

October 4, 2019  The Godly Chic Diaries

Our Faith is like a child learning to walk. Jesus is our father. He crouches down, with open arms as we take our bumbling steps towards Him, and each time we make it to Him after a long journey, He stands us upright, helps us catch our breath. And then He backs up a little bit and then ask us to come a little further in our faith…

OUR FEATURED GUEST BLOGGER ISJORDAN SMITH: I am a Jesus lover. An ardent worshiper who longs for nothing more than to revel in the presence of the one who is WORTHY. I am a wife and mother of a new baby girl( BRAVEN) and Hair stylist. I thrive most when delivering the Word of God thus started speaking at local youth meetings at the age of sixteen. I have been traveling abroad doing mission’s work and now lead mission’s teams with my husband. I have had the opportunity to preach in the U.S. as well as Brazil, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua for the past eight years. My hearts beats with passion to encourage and empower women (women’s ministry) to walk in the freedom only Christ can provide. I love writing on topics of relationships and faith to share with you. Please check out Jordan’s blog/follow: Website: http://www.jordansmith.blog

Jordan’s story: I used to think being brave meant not being afraid of anything. I wanted so badly to be brave but I couldn’t seem to shake away the worries and fear. I didn’t know how to just not be afraid. I did devotions, I read the Bible, I prayed about it. For a long time it seemed like I would never get the answer. Until I got pregnant with my sweet baby girl. While in prayer for her, the name “Braven” was on my heart. I couldn’t escape the word Brave.

2 Timothy 1:7, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”

This verse not only says what God didn’t give us, but it tells us what He did give. I wasn’t handed a spirit of fear- the fear was not part of me. But power, love, and self-discipline was given to me. It IS part of who I am. Whether I felt that way or not. Suddenly I realized that being brave had nothing to do with not being afraid but everything to do with not letting fear have a voice in my life. Fear didn’t get to dictate the words I said, the choices I made, or the thoughts I focused on. Those were the words God wanted me to make sure my daughter knew, “fear doesn’t get a say.” Being brave means moving forward in faith regardless of how you may feel in the moment.

Sweet Friends, Do you realize how powerful you are? That you have everything within you to breakthrough FEAR and step into your greatness? Remember, it takes the same amount of energy to BELIEVE as it is to WORRY. In every season, every mountain, every loss, every victory, every answered prayer, God is with you. He loves you. He will take care of you. You are in good hands, today and ALWAYS. Amen! God bless you abundantly!!!

Blessings and Love. . . 😊 🙏


VIDEO What Is Going On?





By Reverend Paul N. Papas II  September 7, 2019


I admit sometimes I forget, and sometimes I can’t remember, and I don’t remember which it is. I tell the kids don’t get old and that I don’t know how that can be done, just don’t get old. Yes, they just look at me.

Where does one call to find out the offense of day, moment is? Is there a central clearing house? It sure seems like you can turn TV stations to find the same words and the same outrage coming from different talking heads. I figure someone is passing out words to say. Would someone please give me the phone number of who has a list of the current offense words, hats or whatever? This growing list is giving me a headache.

When I grew up our news came from newspapers where opinions were found in the Editorial section. News contained facts not propaganda.

Newspapers were printed once, maybe twice a day, or weekly.

There were no computers, cell phones, texting, emails, twitter, facebook or other such things that instantly post pictures and information to people worldwide.  When someone needed or wanted to pass along information or pictures if they didn’t meet in person they put them in the mail.

TV news was on early in the morning, at noon, 6 and 11pm in black and white. There were no twenty four hour TV stations. AM radio was mostly music, FM broadcasts were rare.

No one was shot up into space yet. President Eisenhower had not yet warned us of the dangers of the military industrial complex.

In others words people looked each other in the eye and spoke to each other.

Yes, in some ways you could say life was slower compared to today. In some ways life was more relaxed than today.

There actually is a way to support my statement that life was more relaxed then.  The amount of people suffering from anxiety, which is the activation of the Fight or Flight System, rose in response to increase to the strains of everyday life from the 1950s on.

“The common psychological features of these problems include a mélange of symptoms involving nervousness, sadness, and malaise. The typical physical symptoms consist of headaches, fatigue, back pain, gastrointestinal complaints, and sleep and appetite difficulties, often accompanying struggles with interpersonal, financial, occupational, and health concerns. These complaints account for a large proportion of cases found in outpatient psychiatric and, especially, in general medical treatment.” (1).

Am I suggesting we go back in time, not quite? There are very many good uses of modern technology. The biggest downside I see to modern instant communications is the lack of interpersonal communications.

Interpersonal communication is the process by which we exchange information, feelings, and meanings through verbal and non-verbal messages through face-to-face communication. It is not always what is said, but how it is said and the expressions used.  The absence of interpersonal communications can lead to a misinterpretation of what was said which today could lead to quite a flurry of tweets.

My suggestions include: count to ten before sending an instant message, perhaps you’ll change what you want to say;  text less; meet as many people as you can in person to talk face to face; and take walks.  You just might find your quality of life will improve as will those around, doing your part to make the world a better place.


(1) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2888013/

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How to Overcome your Fears


What is Fear?

Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the believe that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Perhaps you do get pre-occupied with an assortment of anxieties, doubt and fears that impede your growth to a better existence. Maybe you limit yourself, missing opportunities and life enhancing chances. You might be afraid of taking up commitments that can stretch you as an individual – or you are afraid that you might just have the hidden potential that could make you bigger.

The Principle of Freedom:

I believe people live in fear because they associate these emotions with a dangerous lack of control over the self and the world they we live in. Truth is, when you truly know God, stand for righteousness and oppose wickedness – you have a degree of courage, strength and power that exceeds any fear principalities or powers of darkness. Anyone living in fear should understand this because it is the only way to freedom and powerful spiritual protection.

In order to overcome your fears, you must find out what they are and what triggered them. Looking back into my life, I battled many fears, I was empty on the inside, lonely and unhappy. I lived in fear which was impressed on my mind as messages from bad experiences. They were messages from past disapproval, abuse and manipulation. It contributed to low self-esteem and made me feel like l couldn’t do any better – which kept me crawled in a safety net. I managed to transform through acknowledging them and spending countless hours on my knees.

I can honestly say that today l live a fearless life. Not death, nor Satan and all forces force’s of darkness, or any flesh and blood can shake me. They would have to go through Jesus Christ to get to me. This alone makes me live peacefully.

Photo by Toni Oprea on unsplash

Break Free From the Prison of Fear:

In the same way, you should shake off all fears and refuse to allow them to feed off your energy. The bible tells us clearly that fear is not from God, we should never allow any form of fear to grip our hearts to where we become frozen in – unable to respond in a positive manner to life’s inevitable challenges. You have a choice to make in life, you can either restrict your life and fall back in fear, or you can embrace the challenge of growth and move forward.

Horace T stated, “Fear is lack of faith. Lack of faith is ignorance. Fear can only be cured by vision. Give the world eyes, It will see. Give it ears, it will hear. Give it a right arm, it will act. Man needs time and room. Man needs soil, rain and sunshine. Needs a chance. Open all your doors and windows. Let everything pass freely in and out, out and in. No man hates the truth. Make the truth welcome than it’s counterfeits. Then man will no longer be afraid: but being ignorant. Being ignorant is being without faith.”

Identify the Source of your Fear:

You may have experienced fear subconsciously. But you can overcome it by the power of choice. You are the only one who holds this power, not your friends, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents or pastor. The first choice is to commit to recognize this limiting habit. Then learn to recognize and monitor your internal, mental, emotional and physical states. The enemy attacks your mind, through your thoughts he holds you captive by feeding you negativity.

Negative emotional attack makes you inadequate. It makes you see the impossible in everything. “And be not conformed to this world: but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove what is good and acceptable, and perfect will of God.” Romans 12:12

Great People who Overcame Mortal Fear:

When you find yourself in fear, think of Daniel from the bible, he was thrown into the lions’ den but he was not afraid because he trusted God enough to know that He would keep him safe. In the same way, whatever den you might find yourself in, have faith in God and He will see you through. Another good example Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They refused to bow down to worship the golden statue because their faith was in the true and living God. They understood that God was in control and they had nothing to fear.

No matter what your fears are, start praying and ask God to hold your hand out of it. He will put a hedge of protection around you and nothing will be able to penetrate that anymore. If your fears creep in at night, practice this night time prayer

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Are You A Bully Or Bystander For Christ

by Benham Brothers | March 24th, 2019

When we were kids, our dad used to say, “Boys, we are called to walk the narrow road for Christ – and that means there are ditches on both sides.” He learned this lesson well over the years.

So for followers of Christ today, if we are going to get in the game and be a bridge for the Lord, then we’ve got to walk the narrow way that leads to life – not just for our own sake, but for others’ as well.

One thing we’ve found through the years is the way for us to stay on the narrow path is to walk in love. But the ditches of anger and fear are always one step away on either side – especially in today’s polarized and often paralyzed culture.

We’ve discovered that boldness apart from brokenness leads to anger. Yet brokenness apart from boldness leads to fear. To faithfully be a bridge today requires both boldness and brokenness – to have one without the other lands us in a ditch off the path of the narrow way, rendering us ineffective for God.

If we are bold for God’s truth but not broken over our sin, we’ll operate out of a spirit of anger. This makes us bullies, which leaves others disconnected from God – because the truth we’re speaking can’t get past the angry look on our faces.

Boldness apart from brokenness makes a bully. This is what anger produces.

If we’re broken over our sin but not bold for God’s truth, we’ll operate out of a spirit of fear. This makes us bystanders, which also leaves people disconnected from God – because we’re too afraid to share the truth that can set them free.

Brokenness apart from boldness makes a bystander. This is what fear produces.

But if we’re both bold and broken we’ll operate out of a spirit of love. This is what gives us the power to faithfully stand in the gap in today’s culture and bring divine connection to divinely disconnected people.

Boldness and brokenness make us a bridge connecting Heaven to earth for those around us. This is what love produces.

We see this balance played out in the life of Peter, a man who fell into the ditch on both sides of the narrow road but finally found his way back onto the path and was used powerfully by God.

Think of ol’ Pete in the Garden on the night Jesus was betrayed. When he was awakened and saw the mob coming to take Jesus how did he engage?

He boldly grabbed his sword and cut off a man’s ear.

Not good – he was a bully.

But then we see him following Jesus at a distance into the city. His boldness was out the window. And when a young girl claimed he had been with Jesus he denied it three times.

Not good either – he was a bystander.

But thankfully, Jesus didn’t leave him in either ditch but, rather, restored him. And on the day of Pentecost it was Peter who boldly stood to his feet and proclaimed the message of the Gospel to the thousands gathered in Jerusalem, knowing full well it could cost him dearly.

And he did it with a heart full of love for the Savior he had failed but Who forgave him, set him back on his feet, and enlisted him in His kingdom-building effort here on earth.

That day, heaven touched earth for over three thousand people.

This was Peter, the bridge. He was both bold and broken. Operating out of a spirit of love, he was ready to stand. When the crowd showed up, he didn’t run after them or run from them; he stood for them.

This is what walking the narrow road for Christ looks like today. He wants to use us, but we must be both bold and broken to be useful.


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Joy In The Trials

August 2, 2019 by NATHAN MCBRIDE, Discerning Dad

There are few guarantees we can count being there to greet us every day. Few things we can wake up every morning and know without a doubt we will encounter them. God and His love for us is one. The second guarantee is trials. One removes anxiety, fear, and stress. The other adds anxiety, fear, and stress. What if in Gods infinite wisdom He gave us the tools to eliminate the anxiety, fear, and stress from trials? When Jesus faced the last hours and His greatest trial, he did it with grace, humility, joy and an understanding of Gods will.

How we as Christians encounter and endure trials is one of the center pieces that set us apart from the world. When we face the things that would break the world, and we move through them with Christ we are strengthened. We are drawn closer to our Lord and drawn closer in the relationships that Glorify Him. Fortunately, through His infinite wisdom he gave us the perfect road map to endure and grow through every trial.

James 1: 2-4 (NASB) Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

Romans 8: 28 (NASB) And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

Those two verses give us everything we need to encounter and endure trials the same way Jesus faced His. I have spent the past year focused heavily on those verses and facing trials with joy knowing that with an omniscient Father He is always building things to His glory and our benefit.

Trials have many forms. From the hard trials of losing a loved one, losing a job, depression or whatever you personally view as a hard trial, to trials of minor inconvenience, being late, cleanliness of a home, or an unexpected bill. Regardless of what the trial is we are taught to approach them the same. With Joy. Understanding that there is a purpose behind the trial for good is the key component to finding that joy amid the trial.

We have a few things to do to achieve this.

First, we need to make sure we are doing everything every day to a level that glorifies God. We need to submit to His sovereignty to work and move in our lives. By doing this we are allowing God to open and close doors as he sees fit. Basically, if you are giving a 100% to your job. You have given that to the Lord. You have submitted to His will and authority it. After that if you then lose your job you can know one thing in certainty. God has it and He is closing a door to move you where He needs you next. However, you can’t oversleep, not perform, blame it on the enemy and then say it’s God closing the door. Wrong you closed that door. That’s the first part, staying focused on doing all things to His Glory.

Secondly, we need to open our eyes. When we come into a trial, we need to see that there is a purpose for it. God is doing a work in us to bring out the good in it. How we see the trial changes the light we see it in. Trials can be for any purpose. They can be to show us something we need to give up and hand over to God such as an addiction. They can be to help us grow closer in those relationships that glorify Him. Psychologists have even proven that working through a hardship with someone is a key component to building a lasting bond in that relationship. So, trials with your spouse and children are a very good thing if you view it from that angle. They can be as simple as the enemy trying to deter, de-rail, or force you to question God. If that is it, you should see more joy in the trial as it’s a clear indicator to you moving down the right path.

Trials can protect us. Ever have those days where you just feel like you are perpetually running late. No matter what you do you can’t make up those 10 minutes you lost? You keep getting rerouted out of your plan for the day? Then at the end of the you drive by a fresh accident that if you would have been on schedule would be part of. Or you run into someone during the day that you get to help because you were 10 minutes behind. We don’t know Gods plan, but we do know He moves in our lives and while we play checkers, He’s playing chess.

Trials build testimony. As we go through trials and walk with Christ through them, we are building testimony to help others through similar trials. As we come along side one another in fellowship and life our testimony was perfectly built to help those we encounter. If you battled depression and gained control of it that testimony could be the very thing that saves another life. The difficulties and trials in your marriage will one day be something that could help save another marriage. Your financial trials and how you came out of that could be the very testimony of hope and grace that carries another through their trial.

So, the next time you encounter a trial remember, it’s for a perfect purpose, God is moving in it, and look forward to the beauty that will come as a result of the trial. There is either a reason for everything or a reason for nothing.

Father I pray that you help us see the joy and beauty in the trials we encounter each day. That we take them on with a new perspective and through that it removes the anxiety, fear, and stress we normally feel and replace them with joy and anticipation of good work you are doing through the trial. Amen.

Nathan McBride
Guest Discerning Dad

Guest- Nathan McBride- Joy in the Trials

Fear is a Liar

July 20, 2019


If you will let me have a proud mum moment for a minute, I want to tell you about my middle son Ethan. Ethan has a very unique wee personality, he loves the life of comfort and convenience. Yeah like. I hear you kid! Who doesn’t?

He is also a creature of habit and thrives in routine. Which means that, as I’m sure you can imagine, the summer holidays can become a little stressful for him and sometimes upsetting. This would mean that sometimes he is not as resilient when faced with new challenges.

A few weeks ago, on an unusually hot day here in Northern Ireland, we changed into our swim gear and packed up our buckets and spades and headed to the beach. We as a family are no strangers to the beach, it’s our happy place for sure. We love the beach and spend a lot of time walking near the beach. However, what we don’t normally do is go swimming in the water, because, usually, it would be freezing and what fun is that? Well, that and also my overwhelming fear of embarrassment of being caught in my bathing suit. I know it’s a vanity thing and I’m working on it.

However, that particular day God must have granted me with extra courage because there I was on the local beach, stripped down to my swimwear lying flat on my back on a picnic blanket while the boys built sandcastles beside me. Sorry, that almost sounded idyllic. Please don’t be disillusioned, what was actually happening was not the serene picture you may imagine. My boys were not blissfully building a beautiful sandcastle together, quite the opposite… It was more a case of knocking over each other’s build and throwing sand at each other which resulted in a wrestling match, my blanket being covered in sand, tears and losing my book page as I jumped up to separate the scuffle in a very undignified manner, which included an almost boob flash! So you can imagine how eager I was to get into the water to cool my burning cheeks.

So down to the water we went to cool off. While Joshua and I ran into the ice cold water squealing, Ethan had stopped dead on the edge, refusing to take another step. We cheered him on and tried to coax him in but there was no moving him beyond a few steps in and as soon as the seaweed hit his feet he jumped back out and started crying. He desperately wanted to go further, but his fear of what lurked beneath the water just wouldn’t allow him to. As he stood crying at the edge of the sea he was left with no choice but to turn back and watch his brother and me from the blanket. We tried to encourage him, but it was only him that could make that move into the water. 

A few days later we came back to the beach and again Joshua and I ploughed into the water and called for Ethan to join us. We promised the seaweed wasn’t an issue and somehow convinced him that we would keep him safe. As he waded out to meet us in the water, a few wee tears to started to fall but, once he realised he had conquered his fear, his sense of achievement and joy took over and he started feeling really proud of himself. I was so proud of him and since that day a few weeks ago we have been swimming in the sea close to every day because he enjoys it so much. He has even jumped over seaweed and jelly fish to get in! He is now so keen to pack up that swim bag and head to the sea.


here he is. swimming away. what a great boy!img_9973

Don’t get me wrong, Ethan still experiences the fear. He still has to make a decision every time he sees that seaweed whether the fear is going to control him or he is going to conquer his fear and enjoy his fun at the other side of his fear

I don’t think anyone of us is exempt from this type of crippling fear at some stage in our lives. I know personally, I have suffered from all types of fear, both rational and irrational. I had a terrible fear of heights. I only overcome this when I climb a mountain, like an actual mountain, not a metaphoric mountain. I have a rather embarrassing fear of touching raw wood. I know, I know, don’t ask. I have a constant underlying fear of rejection and criticism. I fear being a disappointment, I fear the future. It’s not that I live in this constant state of fear. When these thoughts arise, fear is the emotion I face.

The Bible tells us that perfect love cast out fear. 1 John 4:18. That is the love we receive from Jesus. So is that all we have to do then is receive this love and we will never feel fear again? it would be good, but NO! not really.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”
‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭NLT‬‬

We have an enemy and his plot is to kill any hope for a future, and his number one weapon that he likes to threaten us with is fear, because it’s his main purpose to hold you back from your future. And he will plot and scheme and use all different kinds of strategies. He will use people and circumstances to convince you that God is not for you and his intentions for you are not good.

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.”
‭‭Genesis‬ ‭50:20‬ ‭NLT‬‬

But it is walking by Faith and knowing that God is good and trusting him in every circumstance, that he has you and is going to take care of you, that you will be able to say to the enemy, on yer bike.

I love this quote from Joyce Meyers. We give the enemy access to our lives through fear and we give God access to our life through faith.

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

Romans 8:28 NLT

It is not for us to figure out the outcome of our circumstance or control the future, as tempting as it may be, but we are called to trust God with it.  Just as Ethan trusted me that no harm would come to him in my care in the water, God wants you to put your trust in your Heavenly Father and trust that you will be safe in his care. And when you do, you can experience all the joy that living a life in the will of God will bring you.

““But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.”
‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭17:7‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Fear is a Liar

Fear Isn’t a Design Flaw … It’s a Feature



Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Ever notice how often fear is mentioned in the Bible? Many of the verses tell us to not be fearful. And yet, fear plagues most people. As much as we don’t want to feel it, we feel it.

It may seem to be some “design flaw,” some error in our creation. After all, those verses seem to have the same message: “Fear not.”

Is it a design flaw?

Wouldn’t it be better if God had created us with some critical-detection system that alerts us to things that are important, rather than the instant-fear system we have?

Throughout my career, I have noticed one common thread among people who are stuck. They are caught by fear. At some point, as we slowly peel away the layers of an issue, we discover that the thing that has us stuck is fear – fear of change, fear of hurt, fear of failure and so many other fears.

When I was young, fear kept me stuck. I spun my feet desperately but still didn’t get away. Fear kept me in its grips, and many opportunities passed me by because I was too fearful to try.

Just a couple of years after graduate school, I was offered a teaching position at a university in another country. It would have been an amazing opportunity for me, and an interesting experience for my family. But I passed. It seemed too daunting, too big of a jump. I was worried that I wouldn’t be a good enough professor, that the change would be too much of a challenge for me and my family.

Then I passed on directing a counseling center. I wasn’t sure if I could step up to the challenge. What if the staff didn’t respect me? What if I couldn’t get a foothold in the community?

Both jobs were ideal situations for me. Challenges? Absolutely. But I was more concerned about the stretch than the opportunity. I let fear whisper doubts in my ear.

Then one day, it occurred to me that fear was not a design flaw: it was a design feature! I was not flawed because I felt fear. I was misusing the fear.

You might be misusing fear too. Most people do.

Fear is a bit uncomfortable. We tend to want to run away from the feeling, which usually leads us to avoid what we believe is causing the fear. We learn to pull back from anything that seems to provoke it “because I am afraid.”

Fear is not a “because.” It is an emotion, but an important one. Here are some of my “rules of the road” for dealing with fear.

1) Fear is a natural and normal emotion. Not one to be avoided, but to be noticed. God designed us to fear, but humans have interpreted fear as something to avoid.

2)  Fear is not an “avoidance indicator.” It is an “importance indicator.” Fear simply identifies that something is important. You don’t want to necessarily avoid it, but you do want to pay attention.

3)  Fear comes in two varieties.” First are the “existence fears.” Something poses a threat to your safety – to your existence – and you need to pay attention to remain safe in the face of that threat. The second variety are not real threats. In fact, they may be true opportunities to live the life that God intended for us. This means we must learn to do what makes us fearful.

4)  Fear toleration becomes easier with practice. When we flee from fear as our standard response, we never build up a tolerance for standing in the fear and choosing our action. The emotion of fear does us no harm. The cause of the fear may be a stumbling-block, but will become the path to our best life.

5) Fear allows us to discern God’s path for us. God has equipped us with a system designed to ultimately point the way to God’s path for us. Fear can be a valuable guide if we know how to navigate it. To sum things up: If, for true safety issues, your fear must be avoided, choose avoidance; but if it is something important, pay attention and allow yourself to sit in it. If fear is a sort of compass, discernment is our map, and we have to use these tools side by side.

This will take practice. If we’ve spent a lifetime avoiding what provokes fear, we haven’t spent much time using our discernment. We’ve probably become stuck on the “avoid setting.” It is time to embrace fear and move toward the things it has to teach us.

If you’ve been letting fear keep you from taking action, consider letting fear just point to the important. Take fear on as an advisor to what needs your attention. But don’t let fear keep you from action. Use a little discernment. If there really is a threat, use caution. But if it is really about discovering a bigger life — perhaps even discovering God’s purpose in your life — see that the fear is simply telling you to pay attention.

God calls us to expand into the life meant for us. Let fear guide you, and “fear not.”

Copyright © 2018 Dr. Lee Baucom, used with permission.