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We read in Exodus 15 that right after the Lord delivered the Israelites from the hands of Pharoah by miraculously dividing the red sea, they sang and worshipped the Lord through a song. However, It is ironic that just after the victory, the miracles, and the powerful hand that God has shown them – they grumbled to the Lord.

They grumbled about their water being bitter and they grumbled that they didn’t have meat to eat. But even in their grumblings, God acted upon His character – gracious, merciful, and faithful. And He answered them. In Exodus 16:11 to 12 “And the Lord said to Moses, I have heard the grumbling of the people of Israel, say to them at twilight you shall eat meat, and in the morning you shall be filled with bread. Then you shall know that I am the Lord your God.

It is humbling to know that even in our grumblings, our complains, God is Merciful enough to hear and even answer it. He doesn’t have too but He does only for the purpose for us to know that He is the Lord our God.

Allow me to share a little testimony or right fully said, rebuke from the Lord. For two weeks, I have been like the Israelites who have been grumbling to the Lord. The Lord called me out with this passage.

While I was grumbling about having to wake up early for work The Lord reminded that I should be thankful that I am alive and I have a job.

While grumbling about not having this blessing that we have been praying for. The Lord reminded me that He has never left me. My family and I are still able to eat three times a day. We are still able to sleep in the comfort of our homes and we have clothes to wear.

We grumble of what we don’t have and forget of what we have and who our God is. Like the Israelites, after God has shown them His power through the plagues, dividing the red sea, yet in an instant, they grumbled. They grumbled for the very little things, the daily necessities of life that God has promised to provide. They forgot how powerfully God delivered them from slavery but on the very little things they couldn’t trust God. We too sometimes forget how God powerfully delivered us from our greatest problem which is sin hence there is nothing that our Almighty and Powerful God cannot do.

Half of year 2019 has passed and I would like to encourage you to look back and write down the things that the Lord has done for us for the past 7 months. From there, let’s give thanks for God’s faithfulness. This would be a really good practice because we quickly forget what God has done for us especially if the present doesn’t seem good for us. I am very sure that when we write down all the things God has done, it would prove the very character of God. It will prove that He has never left us and that He is and always true to His promises. Thus, it would result to a thankful heart.


Christian Mom

Be Thankful

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