VIDEO From Homeless to America’s Chess Master, Meet 10-Year-Old Christian Refugee Tanitoluwa Adewumi

By Jesse T. Jackson -May 14, 2021


A homeless Christian refugee was recently crowned America’s newest national Chess Master after winning the Fairfield County Chess Club Championship tournament in Norwalk, Connecticut on May 1, 2021. The 10-year-old Tanitoluwa Adewumi was homeless in New York City after he and his family fled the Boko Haram terrorist group’s religious persecution in Nigeria.

Nigeria (after Iran) was listed as the 9th most difficult country to follow Jesus in the world by Open Doors in 2021. The report says, “More Christians are murdered for their faith in Nigeria than in any other country. Violent attacks by Boko Haram, Hausa-Fulani Muslim militant herdsmen, ISWAP (an affiliate of the Islamic State group) and other Islamic extremist groups are common in the north and middle belt of the country, and are becoming more common farther south.”

Adewumi Praises God After Winning Several Championships

Adewumi won the New York State K-3 Chess Championship two years ago while he was living in a homeless shelter and made national headlines. He is one of the youngest people to be named a Chess Master; there are only 27 total Chess Masters. Being named a Chess Master is beyond remarkable for someone who has only been playing chess for three years.

After being asked how his new title of Chess Master compares to winning the New York State Championship, Adewumi said, “It’s better, I would say. But I thank God for everything that he’s done for our family.”

Tanitoluwa’s father, Kayode Adewumi, posted on his Facebook page and gave credit to God for his son’s success. The father posted, “Our God has done it again today. Tanitoluwa won chess club of Fairfield Connecticut championship.”

Since the wins, the Adewumi family has been able to move out of the homeless shelter. And since winning the New York State Chess Championship, Tanitoluwa has written a book about his life titled My Name Is Tani . . . and I Believe in Miracles. Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show’s” Trevor Noah is considering making a film based on the book..

In Adewumi’s favorite chess match he’s ever played, he lost to Chess Grandmaster Hikaru Makamura. When recalling that match, the young Adewumi gave this sage-like advice: “I say to myself that I never lose, that I only learn, because when you lose, you have to make a mistake to lose that game. So you learn from that mistake, and so you learn [overall]. So losing is the way of winning for yourself.”

The national Chess Master now has his eyes set on becoming the world’s youngest Grandmaster. The current record holder is Sergey Karjakin who won the title at 12 years and 7 months.

VIDEO A New Home for a Widowed Mother In Need

Ken Hulme – 700 Club International Managing Director

It was early on a Sunday morning in 2019 when an 8.0 earthquake struck the nation of Peru. Anita and her children had been asleep. 

As the earth shook, Anita grabbed her daughter and ran as their house fell of the stilts it had been built upon. 

“Before he died my husband and I build a house for the children to live in,” mom Anita told us. 

In just 5 seconds, Anita, who was already a widow, was left homeless with four children. Their house, nowperched on its side, was not stable enough for them to recover most of their belongings.  

Anita’s 12 year-old daughter told us what she lost: “I lost my bed…and my quilt.”

The family sought shelter with relatives. There was no money to rebuild. 

Then Operation Blessing heard about Anita’s situation. We delivered new building materials and metal sheets for a roof. 

Then we hired construction workers from the community and built Anita and the children a brand new house. We also bought them new beds and furniture.

Anita cried as she realized she had been given a new house for her children. “I want to thank God!” she declared. “And I am so grateful for everything you did for me. We are so happy.”

Did you know?

CBN provides disaster relief from national offices around the world bringing aid where needed most: clean water, medical care, food, shelter, and basic essentials. Explore the life-changing work of CBN.

Did you know?

CBN partners help proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel to 159 countries and territories in 75 languages with 57 years of integrity. Explore the life-changing work of CBN.

When a devastating earthquake destroyed her home, Anita and her four children barely escaped with their lives. The storm destroyed nearly everything the family owned. A single mother, Anita had no way of rebuilding her home, and was hopeless. However, thanks to partners like you, Operation Blessing stepped in. Anita received a newer, bigger, and safer house for her family to live in. Thank you for your generosity and heart to help the hurting! To learn more, go to

Program connects homeless Veterans to employment initiatives

HVRP delivers employment training, transportation, professional clothing, and more. And through the VA Homeless Programs Office, homeless and at-risk Veterans receive ongoing support services, medical care, and housing.

August 31, 2019

VA, DOL, and the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) recently met to promote housing stability and employment opportunities for Veterans. This partnership led to the Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program (HVRP), which provides Veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless with the comprehensive support they need to obtain and maintain gainful employment.

HVRP delivers employment training, transportation, professional clothing, and more. And through the VA Homeless Programs Office, homeless and at-risk Veterans receive ongoing support services, medical care, and housing.

HVRP in action

Randall Sarrett, a Veteran who had experienced homelessness for almost six years, benefitted from the collaboration.

Sarrett met with Kaniko Neighbors, a vocational development specialist at VA Greater Los Angeles. After Sarret applied for a housing voucher with HUD-VASH, Neighbors connected Sarrett with HVRP.

Almost immediately after entering permanent housing through HUD-VASH, Sarrett landed an interview for an accounting position. But he needed professional clothing. That’s when HVRP stepped up.

Sarrett was given a round-trip Uber ride to a clothing store to choose a suit, shirt, tie, and dress shoes. His interview was a success, and he began employment at New Directions. Sarrett then needed casual work attire for his new job, so HVRP provided funding for work clothing, as well as a bus pass for his commute.

“Once Randall took advantage of VA’s and HVRP’s benefits, he said it was the best choice ever,” said Neighbors. “He still resides in Los Angeles and has been employed at New Directions ever since.”

And, since he was a “model tenant,” Sarrett’s landlord agreed to house another Veteran through the HUD-VASH program.

The HVRP program began in 1987. In the fall of 2018, Congress passed the Veterans Benefits and Transition Act, which expanded HVRP eligibility. Eligibility criteria were further expanded through a 2019 appropriations act. As a result of those changes, organizations that receive HVRP grants are now able to serve many Veterans who were previously ineligible.

DOL, VA, and USICH presented a series of webinars from July 30 – August 8, 2019, to ensure the successful rollout of the HVRP program expansion. To listen to the webinars, visit

More Information

  • Visit VA’s Homeless Veterans website to learn about employment initiatives and other programs for Veterans exiting homelessness.

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