How Do You See Your Future?

By Reverend Paul N. Papas II
30 November 2010

Fear of the future phobia is a very common phenomenon. Your future is that particular part of your life which you have no definite idea. In fact, it is one of the major human characteristics of the fear of the unknown and the unseen. Now the question is why should you be afraid of your future? This is principally because of the unstable present and the struggling past years of life. With today’s uncertain time in wake of high unemployment and the still sinking housing market the future can be really scary.

During the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, a group of social analysts gazed 100 years into the future and tried to forecast what the world would be like in 1993. Some of their predictions were:

* Many people will live to be 150.

* The government will have grown simpler, as true greatness tends always toward simplicity.

* Prisons will decline, and divorce will be considered unnecessary.

They were wrong on all counts! So, what does the future really hold? We don’t know, but one thing is certain and that is, change is constant. Some people do have a hard time dealing with change.

We know that the social analysts at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair were wrong from our observations. We judge our situation for ourselves when our life turns upside down and everything seems out of control.

We can give way to fear and panic, or we can choose to have faith that our future has a light at the end of the tunnel.

Existence has become a matter of competition where you can be afraid of failure, but there is also a fear of success.

Every time you stand up you grab the future in your palm. For some people it seems as though that every time they stand up to grab the future it slips out of their hands, which for them, could lead to a fear of the future phobia.

Fear of the future phobia is quite alarming. The fear of what may happen in the coming years can drive people in such as state that become frozen in place or develop various medical conditions which could include mental illnesses.

What may happen to you in the coming years and where you may see yourself standing in the future are some of the most important questions you may have in your mind.

Until and unless you find yourself stably positioned in your life you become too worried and excited. The thought of what might happen in future can even cause death.

When you sit down to talk about your future phobia you have to take into consideration the three stages of your lives, the past, present and the future.

You always learn from your past for a better present. When you are able to analyze the present properly, you can arrange and prepare yourself for the future.

Future phobia is especially intense with those who have just started a new business with zero revenue, zero consumers and zero start up funds or when the bottom drops out of a business.

The businessperson may have invested everything he had and then suddenly he starts being afraid of future failures in life.

What Can You Essentially Do To Avoid Fear Of The Future Phobia?

• Firstly, in order to rid yourself from phobia you should try to understand your own potentials and eliminate your phobia with help.
• You should create the future you desire in your mind through the process of visualization.
• Plan for your future achievements. Your effort should make your dreams turn into reality.
• Believe in yourself and try to be successful in life.

Future phobia is most common among the teens. Teens are in most cases adventurous and always ready to discover the undiscovered and see the unseen.

Now mad enthusiasm can lead to utter destruction if not systematically handled and programmed.

The young generation needs an appropriate guideline to succeed in the future. It is very important to remember that resource without experience and knowledge can often prove to be damaging.

Moreover, for some once they fail it is very difficult for them to stand on their feet and thus they quite easily slide themselves into fear of the future phobia.

This country was built by men and women who overcame great obstacles to give us the Republic we now have. If they could overcome great obstacles with much fewer resources than we have today, then we too can overcome the many obstacles that face us and keep our Republic.

You can be stuck in the past or frozen in place or you can get up on put one foot in front of the other, walk up to the door, put your hand on the door handle, turn the handle, open the door, walk through the doorway toward the future and close the door to your past behind you, freeing yourself.

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