Is It Written?


Dear friends,

Today, I want to invite you to do some research in your own bible.

Someone said to me today that they had been a Christian for almost all their life and then they discovered that there is some sort of a higher source, but it is not the GOD of the bible and Christianity doesn’t have the truth. They went on  – and I didn’t interrupt them, which was not because I didn’t want to fight for my beloved SAVIOR or because I denied HIM or anything, it was only because I saw the obsession in their eyes and knew they wouldn’t listen to me, at least not in this moment, so I just let them rant – this is a person I see regularly and I will have an opportunity to speak to them about this again very soon, most likely tomorrow…

In fact, they will most likely (have to) tell me that they were wrong…

Maybe not about GOD, or at least not so quickly – even though I do believe that this is the purpose of them speaking to me, because THE HOLY SPIRIT wants them to return to GOD!!!

Consider that THEY opened this conversation, even the topic, they had no idea they were talking to a Christian, let alone a passionate evangelist 🙂

So I will most certainly keep you posted about the journey back to THE LORD of this person – like I said, I don’t think I will have to say or do much, they came to me to convert themselves back  – if you want to put it like that… they are of the kind which speaks to you without ever letting you say anything, finishing your sentences for you, telling you what you will say next and what your objections are and I have learned to just let them, because there is no point in stopping them – even if they ask you something, you need to wait for a really long time to find out if they are truly asking YOU what they are asking you or if they are just having a conversation with themselves in your presence and will answer the question they asked YOU shortly afterwards themselves… I am sure you have met a person like that…

What I wanted to share with you though, so that we can all consider it, is their claim that there was a verse missing in the bible and that that’s why the bible is wrong and the entire book is a lie.

They said they thought it was Matthew 18:11.

I suppose they instantly regret what they had said when I opened my bag, took out my bible and said: “let’s have a look, shall we?”

You who know me wouldn’t be surprised to learn that I never, ever go anywhere without a bible, now, would you?

But this person had only just met me… so they were not prepared.

So I let them take a look in my bible, and what can I say, lo and behold, Matthew 18:11 was there!


And what a great and important verse it is!


They read their own fate and future out loud – this is one of the moments when I LOVE MY FATHER’s sense of humor soooooo much!

Of course they have no idea yet.

Even if they never speak to me ever again, me, I KNOW that THE HOLY SPIRIT arrested and convicted them today and that it will only be a matter of time until they are a Christian again.


They don’t know yet and they may never admit it before me, but their life has already been changed for good – trough their own words, because me, I hardly said anything.

What they said when the verse was there in my bible was that they will ask the person about the verse that is missing and tell me next time.

They did give me a little chance to say what I had to say about it.

What I said was that I knew that for instance in the “Jehova’s wittnesses’ bibles”, some verses had been taken out and that I had taken note of them in my phone and that I had told some of them once when they had come to my house – and that they had been baffled…this person though will not give up.

They believe that the bible is a lie.

And this is also “because King James was a person” that’s why they believe the bible is a lie…

When I said that I wouldn’t doubt the entire bible only because there was a verse missing and that I had learned that certain books were kept out of the bible because there had not been as many thousand matching historic reports and proofs for them as for other books, they said “ah, this is what you believe about it”. They said it with a lot of disdain and I found out shortly after that it is their mother who is the “fanatic Christian” in their life… I hear the bells ringing…

At least they asked me if I had been a Christian for a long time and when I said that I had been into many things which are very similar to what they had mentioned BEFORE I had become a Christian, I could see that there was a lot going on in their brain – in fact, they were getting angry. They couldn’t tell me, because I had not said anything to trigger them, but they were angry because they were smart enough to realize that the excuses they had found before, the accusations they had had towards other people weren’t working on me…

For me, it is clear that this person is brainwashed by the enemy.

Well, they will come back and it will be interesting what they will do when all the scriptures they will have on their note will NOT be gone, but will be there in MY bible.

I had done some research on the various versions of the bible a while ago and also on why certain books were not included in the bible or only in the bible of  some other cults… I did it again today and found that it is not only the JWbible which has taken out verses, also the NIV – and I want to invite you to compare for yourself – perhaps you have different versions of the bible at home or you can compare the different versions online.

Me personally, I only read in and rely on the King James Version of the bible, simply because it came out shortly after printing presses had been invented and it seems the oldest version of a translation made available for the masses and also, I prayed about it and this is what I personally heard when asking MY FATHER which version of the bible HE says I should use and rely on.

Everyone must make this decision for themselves.

Me, I sometimes like to look at a verse in a different translation in order to understand it better. But reading and meditating on GOD’s word is happening in King James English for me and also, when I hear the voice of MY FATHER speak, which happens sometimes, it is always King James English HE is speaking…

Perhaps you’ll want to check out the verses in your bible, the ones which are there in the KJV and are not there in the NIV for instance (perhaps also elsewhere, I didn’t check).

  • Matthew 17:21
  • Matthew 18:11
  • Matthew 23:14
  • Mark 7:16
  • Mark 9:44 & 9:46
  • Mark 11:24
  • Mark 15:28
  • Luke 17:36
  • John 5:3–4
  • Acts 8:37
  • Acts 15:34
  • Acts 24:6–8
  • Acts 28:29
  • Romans 16:24
  • 1 John 5:7–8

Me, I wouldn’t want to be without them… would you?

Curious to hear which version of the bible you are using, my friend, and why you prefer this translation and if you checked the above scriptures and found them in there…?

I hope and pray that this would inspire, bless and heal you and that THE LORD will bless you richly in all areas of your life and that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you and bring you peace. In JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN.


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Pray For Them

I’m at the point in my motherhood journey where the cutesy stuff just isn’t cutting it anymore. My kids are in high school and middle school now and that naive, innocent phase, as much as it stings my heart, is over. The world expands more and more each passing year and there’s not a darn thing I can do to slow it down. We spend a huge chunk of their lives shielding them from all the bad stuff, and then suddenly have to make an uncomfortable shift: teach them about all the things before the world does. To say I feel like I’m in a battle for souls is not an understatement.

There’s the natural teen stuff we all had to deal with like friendships and dating, but now we have all kinds of bonus issues like easy-access internet pornography, social media nonsense, and vaping. The quick, 5 minutes with Jesus stuff isn’t cutting it anymore. My kids are at Christian schools and the things they are having to deal with keeps me awake many a night. Even the ‘good’ kids are slip-sliding away into all kinds of gray areas that leave me questioning everything. They are inundated with Biblical truth and walking off into a totally different direction.

My son’s high school had their first suicide last week. I can’t even breathe when I think about it. Kids who he grew up with and have known for years are taking paths that I know they weren’t raised to take. So I cry out to God for an explanation and an answer… what can I do to keep this from happening? I’m a doer. If I can read it to them, type it out, teach it, put it on a notecard, I’m on it. My struggle is that I think if I can just convey the right information to them, they’ll want to choose God.

Today, the Lord just kind of flattened this right out of me… in a good way. I pulled out an old prayer I wrote for them a few years ago and read it out loud. Jesus is their Savior, not me.

This is irrationally hard for me to admit. My marching orders come from Jesus. I can’t control my way to Godly teenagers, but I can guide them and pray for them. Here’s just a bit of what I prayed for my kids today:

  • Give them wisdom to not be unequally yoked in their relationships. Send them friends that will build them up.
  • May rebellion never get a foothold in their lives. Give them a healthy understanding of boundaries and may ungodly things be unattractive to them.
  • Show them it’s ok to be different. May they live supernaturally, not strategically.
  • May they desire holiness over being popular or relevant.
  • May they dwell on the the good things they have and not their weaknesses.
  • May forgiveness, confession and compassion be a part of their daily lives as they learn to receive and give mercy.
  • Give them a vision, a big picture to live for that goes beyond what they can see now. Assure them that momentary troubles are not permanent and that You have good plans for them.

I’m learning that the time to pray is when I least feel like praying. That’s ok. This is an offensive war we are in. Letting the days slip by without giving them the tools they need is my greatest fear. We can’t be ignorant of what is happening to our loved ones or think they are immune from the enemy’s attacks. None of us are. But thanks be to God that He has them in the palm of His hand and we can remove ourselves from the drivers seat.

Perhaps this is what our teens need most: parents with a single-minded determination to follow him. We will not do so perfectly, but our own stumbling progress toward discipleship puts us on the same road as our teens — and what a joy it is to be traveling toward Christ together.


Traveling the road together is a huge privilege. Scary as can be at times, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Don’t sit by while the world has it’s way with your kids or anyone close to you… know God’s word and pray it. Shout it out loud. Let the heavens know to whom you belong.

Pray For Them