If left uncontrolled, Black Lives Matter mobs may soon target churches, religious monuments

July 08, 2020 by: Michael Alexander

(Natural News) After toppling, beheading and vandalizing the statues and icons of historical figures said to be associated with colonialism and slavery, rioters affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement and other similar anti-establishment groups such as Antifa have moved on to new targets: churches, religious monuments and statues.

This development was first documented in Washington, D.C., where protesters, for the second time, vandalized and defaced St. John’s Episcopal Church – their way of scoring revenge against Episcopalian slave owners, according to a report by the Washington Examiner. Coincidentally, this was the same church where President Donald Trump held up a copy of the Holy Bible just minutes after dispersing a crowd with tear gas and rubber bullets.

This was followed by an incident in California, where several Native and Black protesters tore down a statue of Junipero Serra, a Spanish priest whom Pope Francis canonized as a saint back in 2015.

The toppling of the Serra statue, which San Francisco archbishop Salvatore Cordeleone described as “an act of sacrilege” and “an act of the Evil One,” has led people from different Christian communities to air fears that the attacks on Christian monuments and symbols will continue unabated.

“Statues of Jesus are next. It won’t end. Pray for the USA,” Matt Schlapp, the chairman of the American Conservative Union, said in a tweet.

Shaun King, an author, Leftist civil rights activist and a prominent figure in the Black Lives Matter movement, further fanned the flames of speculation and panic among Christian communities after tweeting that taking down statues of Jesus would be acceptable — especially if these statues and icons depict Jesus as white

“Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down,” King tweeted, adding that such depictions of Jesus are nothing more than propaganda that promotes the idea of “white supremacy.” (Related: Anti-Christian Left calls for toppling of Jesus statues.)

King failed to mention in his tweets, however, that depictions of Jesus and the saints often vary from culture to culture, with each artistic depiction taking on characteristics and visual cues from the societies it was made in.

As a response to these incidents, as well as the previous removal of Confederate statues and other historical monuments that have been deemed “racist” by radical Leftists, President Trump signed an executive order granting federal protection to public monuments and other statues of historical figures.

“They’re looking at Jesus Christ, they’re looking at George Washington, they’re looking at Abraham Lincoln, they’re looking at Thomas Jefferson,” Trump said during a meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda in the White House’s Rose Garden, vowing to stop the toppling of monuments and statues carried out by rioters.

The order, which was signed by the President on June 27, not only mandates the prosecution of people who have been proven to have rendered damages to federal monuments, but also, the potential withholding of federal funding from state and local governments in case they fail to protect any public monument and statue within their jurisdictions.

The order, Trump said, will also be retroactive.

Anglican Church to “evaluate” and “review” list of monuments

While most Christian denominations have reacted with panic and anger over the recent incidents surrounding religious monuments and statues, some, such as the Church of England, have chosen to react in a more tempered fashion.

The Church of England, for instance, which has more than 16,000 churches and 42 cathedrals, noted that following the resurgence of the global Black Lives Matter movement and the death of George Floyd, monuments celebrating people who were involved in the “discrimination or exploitation based on race” during their lifetimes could be removed.

“We acknowledge that dialogue alone is not sufficient and must have real outcomes. These may include the alteration or removal of monuments,” Becky Clark, the church’s Director of Cathedrals and Church Buildings, said.

Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, meanwhile, said that their review of the histories of the individuals depicted in the statues and monuments will be conducted “very carefully” to assess if they should be retained in their places or not.

Clark stressed, however, that the removal or alteration of “problematic” statues and monuments must be done in a safe and legal manner, a reference to the violent dismantling of statues that happened across America and in some places in Europe within the past few weeks.

“Dialogue has to be open and honest. Churches and cathedrals are considering how they can address the issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement and which demonstrations and direct action have brought into such sharp relief,“ Clark noted.

“Anti-Christian violence rooted in Marxist ideas”

Nathan Stone, in a column for The Federalist, stated that the current trend of anti-Christian violence and iconoclasm exhibited by rioters is rooted in Marxist thought and ideology.

“The reason for the attacks becomes clearer when considering that Black Lives Matter and Antifa are Marxist organizations and [that] Marxism is an enemy of Christianity,” Stone said, noting that atheist ideologies such as Marxism often consider transcendent religions like Christianity as “the enemy.”

“It’s why the Soviet Union was an atheistic state, which replaced God with the Communist Party,” Stone said, referring to the violent religious purges initiated by Communist leaders Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Nikita Khrushchev.

Another reason, Stone said, for the current spate of anti-Christian violence manifesting in America, is the hatred that Marxism holds for the evils that Western Civilization has committed against the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, Marxism’s reaction to the wrongs committed by the Western world is not rooted in the latter’s reform, but rather, its total obliteration.

“Marxism assumes that because the windows are dirty and cracked, the entire house must be demolished,” Stone said, adding that if the current trend of violence against Christianity and other religions is not stopped, the United States may soon bear witness to church burnings like the ones committed during the French Reign of Terror.

Authorities decry “modern-day persecution” of Christians

Despite calls for calm and temperance, several individuals have adopted a more militant stance in response to what they say is modern-day persecution of Christians.

“If they try to cancel Christianity, if they try to force me to apologize or recant my Faith, I will not bend, I will not waver, I will not break,” Jenna Ellis, a constitutional law attorney and senior legal advisor to the Trump 2020 campaign, said in a tweet, in reference to the torture of Christian martyrs during the days of the Roman Empire.

Ordained minister and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, meanwhile, believes the current spate of hate and violence toward religious iconography would only serve to strengthen the Christian faith.

According to Huckabee, while rioters and protesters can take down the images and art depicting Jesus, they can never take “the true spirit of Jesus Christ” out of the lives of His followers.

“Historically, under oppression and persecution, the true faith begins to show even more dramatically. It’s because in the midst of darkness, [the] light becomes more obvious,” Huckabee added.

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VIDEO Taking Down Memorials and Erasing History – Why he couldn’t stay silent!


Gus Iwasiuk
Writer — Physician — Lecturer
June 25th, 2020

The definition of a memorial is something, especially a structure, established to remind people of a person or event. It is not necessarily meant to celebrate, but to primarily serve as a reminder.  It often honors such persons or events, but often is just a bookmark, lest we forget.

Guernica, Picasso’s painting of death, destruction, and suffering certainly does not celebrate the Spanish Civil War.  The Holocaust Memorial is not a celebration of joy.  The Barbarians crashed the gates of Rome and knocked off the marble heads of the statues in the Forum.  That is why they were Barbarians! The Iranian Revolutionary Guards destroyed the Buddhas of Bamiyan that were a UNESCO Heritage Site created in the 6th century. They belonged to all of us as historical milestones of our heritage.

Tearing down memorials is a mark of barbarism and ignorance by people who often do not understand what they are doing, and furthermore, is a crime against the community. That is demonstrated by the recent destruction of the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial.  Unless, of course, they did it to protest the North’s attack on the South and continued use of black slaves to work the cotton fields.  Although I doubt that, it is more likely they were “dumb ass stupid.” They didn’t know that  Ulysses S. Grant was the lead general of the northern troops appointed by Abraham Lincoln, and was the reason the South lost the war.  He subsequently became President of the now re-United States of America.

That does not explain the desecration of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. That was an act of anarchy.

Memorials are created by the people of a community, past or present, to remember.  A group of citizens often serves as the inspiration to create the monument.  They may go out to raise funds for it. The elected government of the time must approve it and assists in making it come to fruition.  The creation of such a memorial is an act that belongs to the whole community, and not the property of one or another race, religion, or group. The destruction of which is then a crime against the communal property of the people. To remove it must be an act of the community, not individuals that have gone rogue, or city councils, that on their own decision to remove a memorial that was placed there by people of the past.  It is not their right to do so!

Erasing history was a common trait of the Nazis and Communists.  Hitler loved book burnings, and also burned Jews. Stalin had photographs air-brushed to remove people he wanted gone in addition to his infamous purges that erased people, luckily not my parents who were just barely a step ahead of the NKVD, the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (the secret police). Stalin had one of his rivals, Leon Trotsky, hacked to death by the NKVD.    The lack of response to prevent crime is tacit complicity of society to destroy history.  It was so with the Nazi’s, and it is likewise so now with our dear progressive citizens on the left who encouraged violent protest, even looting, and the wanton torching of buildings, which could not have happened without their support. I don’t think I misunderstood their intent. It is more important to protest than to contain Covid-19, they said.  Besides, buildings can be rebuilt.  And Hollywood came to the help of those arrested by providing bail money. To watch evil happen, then support it, is just as bad as actively participating in it.

Ben Crump, the attorney of George Floyd’s family, said this, “I’m not sure pulling the statues down is the right thing if we now don’t get the lessons to understand how we can learn from those things, so we don’t repeat those mistakes of the past. You know, they say history — if not studied — we will often repeat it.” Ben Crump urged Americans to step back and take a “broad view” of the underlying issues. A wise man, indeed!

The Confederacy pulled away from the Union precisely because the Union was moving toward a new path.  Slavery had been institutionalized in the country ever since the Founding Fathers failed to address that issue at the beginning because if they had done so, the South would not have joined the other colonies.  To say they were traitors to the country fails to understand that slavery was part of the country that would not have had a chance to become “the United States of America.” That is what the Missouri Compromise was all about, keeping the balance between slave and free states, something that the Lincoln-Douglas debate set about to change.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act allowed settlers to decide if their new state was to be a free or slave state.  Such action paved the way for the imbalance that eventually led to the inevitable secession of the South.  If anyone was to blame, it was James Buchanan who fought for the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which allowed the imbalance to happen.  Claiming that the  South was treasonous is rather presumptuous and does not consider the historical timeline, the rules of engagement, and sovereignty. Fort Sumpter was in South Carolina, the first state to secede, and the fort belonged to the South. The Union refused to vacate the fort, a Southern possession. The legality of secession is still debated by the legal experts and has not been resolved.  Jefferson Davis’ treason charge was, in fact, dropped. As it stands now, a case could be made for the South in claiming treason of the North for changing the path of the nation and the methods they used to effect it.  But as usual, the victor makes the rules. But despite this dropped the treason case against the most culpable, Jefferson Davis, and pardoned every Confederate general.

Slavery was a worldwide institution. The 1800s saw the end of it throughout most of the world. The USA was not the first nor the last to abolish it; Norway and Sweden were the first Europeans to banish slavery in 1803.  It was Thomas Jefferson that stopped the importation of slaves in 1807.  It was not until 1834 that Britain abolished slavery. France followed suit in 1847, fifty years after the French Revolution. Spain still had a slave trade in Cuba until 1888. It was not until 1964 that the World Muslim Congress renounced slavery.  China and North Korea still use prisoners for slave labor today to such an extent that often a North Korean prison term is a death sentence.  It is believed that in Mauritania, there are still 43,000 enslaved people, mostly black with Arab overlords!

As the North and South fight over slavery unfolded, the question remains, who betrayed whom? Slavery was deeply embedded in society.  Christianity, Islam, and Judaism’s holy books supported it, something Jefferson Davis didn’t miss.  He often quoted Ephesians, VI, 5-7: “Servants, be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto Christ;” The blame for slavery needs to be shared by a lot more than the just the USA. It is quite complicated! If reparation payments ever come to pass, most countries of the world, including Africa, would have to contribute.  Slavery was and remains a sad chapter in human history.  Our efforts should be to wipe it off the face of the earth as it still plagues us.  Taking down statues misses the point besides not doing anything but encouraging violence, ignorance, and destroying art and history. Where is the effort against continuing slavery in the world where the outrage and anger should be more appropriately directed? Companies that were still using child slave labor in 2018 would surprise you, Microsoft, Apple, Nestlé, Hershey, Philip Morris, and others.  It is a lot easier to spraypaint the Lincoln Memorial than checking to see if the Nikes you are were wearing were made prior to 2017 in  South East Asian sweatshops that used child slave labor.  Ignorance is bliss!

Taking down memorials is an evil act of barbarous people doing barbaric things. It destroys human effort and creativity, that cost money, talent, and skill to remember noteworthy (not necessarily deserving or outstanding) persons and events of the past, actualized by elected representatives of the population of that era who thought it appropriate to put it up. That our society allows and tolerates this, even catering to the bloodthirsty mob, demanding this wanton act of destruction is a demonstration of our lack of resolve, if not impotence, and lack of respect for the population who thought it deserving to be memorialized.

A number of the statues they took down so far are Union heroes or had nothing to do with the Confederacy.  This is how they think regarding destroying history, we need to eliminate the South altogether. The South is not us! Then there is the white Jesus, who has to go with his white Apostles, even white chess pieces moving first is racist. Francis Scott Key’s composition, the Stars Spangled Banner, is a racist piece of music that deserves the knee. George Washington had slaves, as did Thomas Jefferson, along with the family of Kamala Harris. The OK hand sign really refers to the O KKK and so on.

But with denying these historical events, are we justified in holding ourselves superior to the Barbarians, the Nazi’s, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, or the mob of the French Revolution demanding the Guillotine?  A wise man, Winston Churchill, again comes up with the appropriate quote for this situation, “The people that forget the past have no future!” Do we need a “broader view?”

Destroying memorials is physical thought control, something the Nazis had perfected, and the Communists have employed this very effectively as recently as in the takeover of Venezuela. We will tell you what you should think, what you are allowed to believe. It makes you wonder if leftist cheerleaders organized the current societal upheaval.  A short video is worth a look to what happened in Venezuela:


From 1933 to 1945 Germany the thought police were all over and even infiltrated the family.  Children were encouraged to “rat out” their parents if they detected wrong thoughts. We are closer to 1984 than you think.  George Orwell was only 36 years late in dating his chilling prophetic novel, although his book might have been more accurately named 2020.  This is just the beginning, J.K. Rawlings, author of the Harry Potter series, predicts that the progressive movement will eventually reinvent all of science and history for us in the progressive interpretation of the future.



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