Battle for Freedom: Truckers vs. Trudeau ,Shock as Protests Escalate The Honks heard around the world Far left go full fascist: Crush Them! -Majority of Canadians Want All COVID Restrictions Lifted – NZ

Supporters arrive at Parliament Hill for the Freedom Truck Convoy to protest against Covid-19 vaccine mandates and restrictions in Ottawa, Canada, on January 29, 2022. - Hundreds of truckers drove their giant rigs into the Canadian capital Ottawa on Saturday as part of a self-titled "Freedom Convoy" to protest vaccine …
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Far-left Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing mounting frustration in his side of the political aisle for failing to act in the face of growing “Freedom Convoy” protests against coronavirus-related mandates – frustration he tried to stem by making a last-minute appearance in Parliament on Monday night.

Trudeau announced that he had tested positive for Chinese coronavirus on January 31 and that he would be recovering in an undisclosed location. The announcement immediately preceded the arrival of a “Freedom Convoy” of trucks into Ottawa, where they have been parked since, honking in protest and demanding an end to vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and all restrictions on civil rights imposed by the Trudeau government in the name of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

The Ottawa protest has been, according to police, largely peaceful, attracting families and creating a party atmosphere in the city’s downtown. The prime minister emerged once during his quarantine to broadcast remarks from his undisclosed hideout dismissing the protesters as deranged, racist conspiracy theorists.

“The concerns expressed by a few people gathered in Ottawa, right now, are not new, not surprising, are heard, but are a continuation of what we’ve unfortunately seen in disinformation and misinformation, online conspiracy theorists, about microchips, about God knows what else that go with tinfoil hats,” Trudeau rambled early on in his isolation period.

“After Ottawa’s mayor asked for a huge surge of police, Mr. Trudeau promised the feds would make available the resources the city needs to end the protests. He said Transport Minister Omar Alghabra would work with provincial authorities to ensure protesters face consequences,” Clark wrote. “But this was a belated effort 11 days into an episode that has seen authorities of all levels and politicians of all stripes fall short of actual leadership.”

“Mr. Trudeau’s surprise evening appearance was a belated attempt to throw something into the void of leadership – one that Ottawa residents have now seen at every level, and from every stripe,” he concluded.

At the Toronto Star, columnist Heather Scoffield applauded Trudeau for once being at “the forefront of efforts to keep aggressive populism at bay,” and wondered where the Trudeau of the past had gone.

“The demonstrators are not the face of law-abiding, mostly vaccinated Canadians, but of a fed-up public that is fraying in the face of repeated pandemic constraints and fears for the future,” Scoffield alleged. “Trudeau has made that case with clarity. … But there’s no case for his near-silence to the broader Canadian public about the crisis that has overrun Parliament Hill.”Robert Kraychik / Breitbart News

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Scoffield acknowledged Trudeau’s coronavirus diagnosis.

“Of course, Trudeau has been confined to isolation after he and two of his children tested positive for [Chinese coronavirus]. But officials say he is feeling fine,” she wrote. “And Trudeau, more than anyone, knows how to reach out to the public from the confines of his home office. Indeed, he has made several virtual appearances over the past 10 days.”

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Tyrant Trudeau is Losing – Majority of Canadians Now Want All COVID Restrtictions Lifted – Up 15% in Two Weeks

By Jim Hoft February 8, 2022


Despite all of Justin Trudeau’s lies, smears and dirty tricks, he’s losing the battle of public opinion.
The Canadian people have had enough.

The latest polling shows a majority of Canadians want the tyrannical COVID restrictions to end.  This is a 15 point swing in public opinion in just two weeks.

Toronto Sun reported:

TRENDING: BREAKING BOMBSHELL: Fusion GPS Didn’t Only Work on Steele Dossier, They Worked on Nearly Every Key Anti-Trump Narrative Coming from DOJ and Mueller Gang

A majority of Canadians now say it is time to end COVID restrictions, according to an Angus Reid poll, a sharp increase from when the same question was asked in early January.

The latest poll, taken Jan. 27-28, found 54% want restrictions to be lifted compared to just 39% who wanted restrictions lifted when the same question was asked two weeks earlier.

The poll asked people if they agreed or disagreed with the statement: “It’s time to end restrictions and let people self-isolate if they’re at risk.”

“A majority (54%) now say it is time to remove restrictions and let Canadians manage their own level of risk, an increase of 15 percentage points since this question was asked in early January,” the Angus Reid Institute said.

New Zealand Protest Convoy Blocks Capital: Demands End to Vaccine Mandates

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - FEBRUARY 08: A protester walks past vehicles blocking Lambton Quayduring a rally at Parliament on February 08, 2022 in Wellington, New Zealand. The protesters were rallying against the New Zealand government's Covid-19 rules and restrictions and vaccine mandate. Convoys of motor vehicles travelled from as far …
Hagen Hopkins/Getty


Hordes of vehicles blocked streets around New Zealand’s Parliament on Tuesday, in a protest mirroring others building around the world demanding an end to coronavirus restrictions and vaccine mandates.

An estimated “hundreds” to over a “thousand” vehicles have surged into the capital of Wellington with authorities reluctant to move them on or arrest them due to fears about the “safety” of their “staff.”

New Zealand’s leftist Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has declined to meet with the convoy, saying she is too “busy” to meet her opponents.

Vehicles in the convoy included cars, trucks and motorbikes and displayed signs such as “Jabcinda we know you sold your soul to the devil”, “Stop the mandate #Freedom” and “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful.”

A protester wears a t-shirt displaying a slogan during a protest at Parliament on February 08, 2022 in Wellington, New Zealand. (Hagen Hopkins/Getty)

Protesters hold placards as they gather in front of the parliament building in Wellington on February 8, 2022, during a demonstration against Covid restrictions, inspired by a similar demonstration in Canada. (MARTY MELVILLE/AFP via Getty Images)

A multitude of flags were also spotted alongside the NZ flags brandished by the protestors including the United States’ flag, former President Donald Trump-themed flags, and British flags.

The vehicles remained outside New Zealand’s Parliament – which had just reconvened after their summer break – for hours, and appear to have left the area peacefully later on in the day, with the Wellington police not reporting any arrests.

An eye-witness testimony from the scene known as ‘Anne’ told the New Zealand Herald queues of convoy cars heading into Wellington via the Kāpiti Expressway said that vehicles “came, and they came, and they didn’t stop – it was unbelievable”, and at times the “queue must have gone on for at least three-quarters of an hour”.

“It’s going to be huge in Wellington … I don’t even know how they’re going to get in there”, Anne said.

This combination shows trucks (top) parked in the Canadian capital Ottawa during continued protests against coronavirus vaccine mandates and restrictions and a file picture of a convoy parked on the streets in front of the parliament building in New Zealand’s capital Wellington on February 8, 2022, during a similar demonstration. (MARTY MELVILLE, DAVE CHAN/AFP via Getty)

The key aims of the protest were reported to be to challenge the mask mandate for pupils in schools and also the vaccination requirement for certain public sector jobs such as for nurses, teachers and police officers.

New Zealand has had some of the strictest coronavirus restrictions, but following both domestic and international pressure has begun to relax its rules.

Protesters hold a sign during a protest at Parliament on February 08, 2022 in Wellington, New Zealand. (Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

Following the news that Charlotte Bellis, a pregnant New Zealand journalist, was forced to rely on the Taliban for support, in a shocking turn of events, after New Zealand refused her entry, Ardern’s government U-turned on their strict entry requirements – introducing a gradual relaxing of the entry requirements – possibly to avoid further embarrassment.

Ardern has also promised she won’t implement any more lockdowns.


VIDEO Dr. Francis Collins Used Religious Leaders to Push COVID Origin Narrative and Masking and Vaccine Policies to Their Congregations – Shaquille O’Neal: “You Shouldn’t Be Forced to Take Something You Don’t Want” – VA AG steps in

By Joe Hoft February 4, 2022

How Dr. Collins used religious leaders to push COVID origin and masking and vaccination directives onto American Christians. 

In an excellent article at the Daily Wire, Megan Basham outlines how Dr. Francis Collins used religious leaders to push the government’s COVID policies to Christians. 

Dr. Francis Collins of the NIH was used as a vehicle to push the government’s theories and practices upon Christians during the pandemic.  He pushed his and Dr. Fauci’s scam that COVID was created independently in nature calling those who thought it was built in a lab, conspiracy theorists.  Since that time we have uncovered Dr. Collins and Fauci’s lies to Congress on the subject.  These doctors didn’t want Americans and Christians to know that COVID was created in a lab in China by the Chinese military using US dollars they gave to aid in the research and development.

We now also know that Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins were scheming on ways to destroy those who were challenging failed and deadly policies.

Basham writes:

Collins participated in a livestream event, co-hosted by CT [Christianity Today]. The outlet introduced him as a “follower of Jesus, who affirms the sanctity of human life” despite the fact that Collins is on record stating he does not definitively believe, as most pro-lifers do, that life begins at conception, and his tenure at NIH has been marked by extreme anti-life, pro-LGBT policies. (More on this later).

But the pro-life Christian framing was sure to win Collins a hearing among an audience with deep religious convictions about the evil of abortion. Many likely felt reassured to hear that a likeminded medical expert was representing them in the administration.

During the panel interview, Collins continued to insist that the lab leak theory wasn’t just unlikely but qualified for the dreaded misinformation label. “If you were trying to design a more dangerous coronavirus,” he said, “you would never have designed this one … So I think one can say with great confidence that in this case the bioterrorist was nature … Humans did not make this one. Nature did.”

It was the same message his subordinate, Dr. Anthony Fauci, had been giving to secular news outlets, but Collins was specifically tapped to carry the message to the faithful. As Time Magazine reported in Feb. 2021, “While Fauci has been medicine’s public face, Collins has been hitting the faith-based circuit…and preaching science to believers.”

The editors, writers, and reporters at Christian organizations didn’t question Collins any more than their mainstream counterparts questioned Fauci.

While Christian leaders were pushing Collins as a man you can trust, there was evidence that indicated this was not so.

Going by his concrete record, however, he seems like a strange ambassador to spread the government’s Covid messaging to theologically conservative congregations. Other than his proclamations that he is, himself, a believer, the NIH director espouses nearly no public positions that would mark him out as any different from any extreme Left-wing bureaucrat.

He has not only defended experimentation on fetuses obtained by abortion, he has also directed record-level spending toward it. Among the priorities the NIH has funded under Collins — a University of Pittsburgh experiment that involved grafting infant scalps onto lab rats, as well as projects that relied on the harvested organs of aborted, full-term babies. Some doctors have even charged Collins with giving money to research that required extracting kidneys, ureters, and bladders from living infants.

He further has endorsed unrestricted funding of embryonic stem cell research, personally attending President Obama’s signing of an Executive Order to reverse a previous ban on such expenditures. When Nature magazine asked him about the Trump administration’s decision to shut down fetal cell research, Collins made it clear he disagreed, saying, “I think it’s widely known that the NIH tried to protect the continued use of human fetal tissue. But ultimately, the White House decided otherwise. And we had no choice but to stand down.”

There was a whole strategy surrounding the implementation of COVID policies and narratives.  The Christian coalition had to be addressed.  Dr. Collins, despite his horrible record, was never challenged and was used to push insane and untrue directives and tales to the faithful.

“You Shouldn’t Be Forced to Take Something You Don’t Want” – Shaquille O’Neal RIPS Vaccine Mandates (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft February 4, 2022

Shaquille O’Neal ripped the experimental vaccines the government is forcing on the American people.

The former NBA star is one of the few celebrities with the guts to speak out against the dangerous vaccines.

FOX News reported:

Shaquille O’Neal opened up about his thoughts on mandated COVID-19 vaccination policies, disagreeing with the notion that people should be forced to get the jab.

O’Neal, the Basketball Hall of Famer who won NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat during his career, encouraged his listeners on “The Big Podcast with Shaq” to “be safe and “take care of your family.” But he disagreed with forcing those people who don’t want it to get it.

“But it’s just, people don’t want to take it, and you shouldn’t be forced to take something you don’t want,” he said.

O’Neal and his co-hosts Nischelle Turner and Anthony “Spice” Adams spoke about the New York nurses who were accused of making more than $1 million over fake vaccine cards. O’Neal said the two shouldn’t be sent to jail and gave Turner a hypothetical scenario regarding her work on “Entertainment Tonight.”

Virginia AG to Intervene in Loudoun County Mask Fight After Assistant Principal Threatens to Charge Maskless Elementary Schoolchildren with “Trespassing”

By Cristina Laila February 2, 2022

Janet Davidson, Assistant Principal of Creighton’s Corner Elementary School

Virginia’s Attorney General is set to intervene in Loudoun County’s mask fight after several school officials publicly threatened to suspend maskless children.

Recall, Newly sworn-in Governor Glenn Youngkin signed an executive order giving parents the right to decide whether their child wears a mask to school.

Far-left officials at Loudoun County Public Schools however are defying the governor and forcing children to wear masks at school.

Loudoun County Public Schools: Where rapists are protected and allowed to roam around campus while maskless children are suspended.

Earlier Wednesday, audio of the assistant principal of a Loudoun County’s Creighton’s Corner Elementary School threatening to charge maskless schoolchildren with “trespassing” surfaced.

In Virginia, trespassing is a class I misdemeanor that holds a 12-month jail sentence or $2,500 fine.

This woman should be fired immediately.

“It is important that I point out to you, stated in the letter that you’ll receive, it’s important that I point out to you that they’re not allowed on campus or on Loudoun County Public School property starting tomorrow,” said Assistant Principal Janet Davidson. “It will be considered trespassing.”

AUDIO via Daily Caller reporter Chrissy Clark:

A student at Stone Bridge High School (same school where male student raped a girl without being suspended) was already suspended for 10 days for not wearing a mask on campus.

Virginia AG Jason Miyares said he was going to intervene in the Loudoun County mask fight shortly after this audio was released to the public.

Miyares told the Daily Caller’s editor Vince Coglianese, “You will be seeing some news from our office in the next 24 hours on behalf of those parents in Loudoun County…”


Jummai’s Vax Nightmare: Double Leg Amputee & Will Lose Her Hands Too. Right After Vax


Shocking Truth Exposed About COVID By Pioneer Doctor Contracted By Federal Government

VIDEO State Democrats block Ivermectin treatments, kill public comment – Censor Americans is Incredibly Disturbing – Over 20,000 Americans March Against Vaccine Mandates

Lawmakers order police to remove proponents of suppressed COVID drugs

By Art Moore January 23, 2022

In a Twitter video, Virginia Democratic state Sen. Louise Lucas crumples a piece of paper to signify what Democrats intend to do with Republican bills (Video screenshot)

In a Twitter video, Virginia Democratic state Sen. Louise Lucas crumples a piece of paper to signify what Democrats intend to do with Republican bills (Video screenshot)

A bill in the Virginia state Senate that would have allowed health-care providers to prescribe ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine was blocked by Democrats after they shut down a public comment session and ordered state Capitol police officers to remove citizens from the chamber.

As the Democratic majority on the Senate Education and Health Committee moved to kill the Republican bill, Democratic committee Chairwoman Sen. Louise Lucas cut the remote audio feed of Charlottesville radio show host Rob Schilling as he expressed support for the legislation, reported the National File.

After the 9-6 party-line vote, Lucas banged her gavel and ordered police officers to remove the doctors, family members of COVID patients and others who came to speak in favor of the bill.

“Virginians are dying,” a woman who was ordered to leave shouted.

Holding up a copy of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci,” she said of the the White House coronavirus adviser who has suppressed the use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19, “People across this nation are dying as a result of this man.”

Another woman shouted, “Tyrants!” as she and others were kicked out.

The sponsor of the bill, Republican state Sen. Amanda Chase, told National File that Democrats “will legalize marijuana but prohibit the use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID in a right to try state like Virginia.”

“If Virginians are going to be given the right to try marijuana, then give them the right to try life-saving ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine,” she said.

The National File noted that after the vote, the committee chairman, Lucas, posted a video on Twitter in which she vowed to form a Democratic “brick wall” that will throw Republican bills in the trash. She illustrated her declaration by crumpling up a piece of paper and tossing it aside.

One of the doctors would have been immediately impacted by the legislation is Dr. Paul Marik of Eastern Virginia Medical School, who is suing a Norfolk hospital for banning him from prescribing ivermectin to his COVID-19 patients.Supporters of Dr. Paul Marik greet him as he enters a Norfolk, Virginia, courthouse Nov. 18, 2021, to ask for an order allowing him to treat COVID-19 patients with ivermectin (Twitter video screenshot)

Supporters of Dr. Paul Marik greet him as he enters a Norfolk, Virginia, courthouse Nov. 18, 2021, to ask for an order allowing him to treat COVID-19 patients with ivermectin (Twitter video screenshot)

His lawsuit argues Virginia’s Advanced Directive statute gives hospitalized patients the right to choose what treatment they receive as long as a doctor determines it to be appropriate.

Marik told local WAVY-TV that the issue is bigger than one particular drug.

“This is not about ivermectin. This is about the bedside doctor being able to do what doctors have been doing for decades, and what doctors do across the world,” he said. “Doctors decide what is the best treatment for their patients, and they alone are responsible for the patient and the treatment of the patient.”

He said ivermectin is among other “safe off-label drugs that they are prohibiting me from using.”

As WND reported, ivermectin is featured on the NIH website as a treatment for COVID-19 that is “under evaluation.”

In fact, ivermectin is the second drug listed – under the highly touted, expensive COVID-19 drug with many side effects, remdesivir – on the NIH page, which is titled “Antiviral Agents That Are Approved or Under Evaluation for the Treatment of COVID-19.”

Marik was a co-author of a peer-reviewed study published in February by the American Journal of Therapeutics that found that ivermectin reduces coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths by about 75%.

Ivermectin, in more than 30 trials around the world, causes “repeated, consistent, large magnitude improvements in clinical outcomes’ at all stages of the disease,” according to the study.

The evidence is so strong, the researchers believe, the anti-parasitic drug should become a standard therapy everywhere, hastening global recovery.

Marik said at the time that the data are “overwhelming.”

“We are in a pandemic, and this is an incredibly effective way to combat it,” he said. “If we use ivermectin widely, our societies can open up.”

Marik is a founding member of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), a team of doctors that formed at the beginning of the pandemic to develop protocols to treat COVID-19 patients.

He developed a protocol to treat septic shock that became the basis for a COVID-19 treatment developed by FLCCC co-founder Dr. Pierre Kory, who testified of its effectiveness to a U.S. Senate committee.

Ivermectin is approved by the FDA for other treatments and has been successfully used off-label for COVID-19 patients. From 10% to 20% of all prescribed drugs are used off-label. Ivermectin has been shown to be effective as a preventative and early- and late-stage treatment in 130 studies, with 84 peer-reviewed, including 66 with results comparing treatment and control groups. Studies have demonstrated its ability to inhibit the replication of SARS-CoV-2 as well as its strong anti-inflammatory properties.

But many pharmacists and doctors, along with Marik, have disclosed that health-care management is barring them from prescribing ivermectin. And the drug was the target of a media and government disinformation campaign, dismissing it disingenuously as “horse dewormer.” The FDA’s official Twitter account posted a caption above a photo of a horse: “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.”

NIH points out on its “antiviral agents” page that among the serious side effects seen in patients who take remdesivir are severe renal failure and liver damage. Ivermectin, on the other hand, is “generally well tolerated.” The World Health Organization, in November 2020, recommended against the use of remdesivir in hospitalized COVID-19 patients. The WHO said at the time that there was “no evidence that remdesivir improves survival and other outcomes in these patients.”

Meanwhile, ivermectin, whose inventors won a Nobel Prize, has a better safety record than several vitamins, with an average of only 160 adverse events reported every year. It has been safely administered several billion times around the world, virtually eradicating diseases such as river blindness in Africa.

The ivermectin side effects observed, according to the NIH, include “dizziness”; “pruritis,” which is an irritating sensation that creates an urge to scratch; nausea and diarrhea. The NIH said unspecified “neurological” adverse effects have been seen in the treatment of parasitic disease, but it’s unclear if they are connected to the drug or to the underlying conditions.

In September, more than 8,600 scientists and physicians from around the world signed a declaration condemning public policy makers of “crimes against humanity” for restricting life-saving treatments such as Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine while quashing debate and scientific inquiry.

“I Say This Sadly as a Lifelong Democrat, to Censor Americans is Incredibly Disturbing” – Dr. Naomi Wolf with Steve Malzberg

By Joe Hoft January 23, 2022

Dr. Naomi Wolf was on with Steve Malzberg on his ‘Eat the Press’ on RT America and they discussed Joe Biden’s declining cognitive abilities. 

Dr. Wolf shared the following:

I say this sadly as a lifelong Democrat, to censor Americans is incredibly disturbing…

A transcript of their discussion is below:

TRENDING: Wisconsin Speaker Vos Is Secretly Pushing Legislation to Increase Number of Drop Boxes After Judge Ruled Them Illegal in State

Biden [sound clip]: I’ll make a special appeal to social media companies and  media outlets, please, deal with the misinformation and disinformation on your shows. It has to stop. Covi-19 is one of the most formidable enemies America has ever faced.

Malzberg: Our president scolding our media and social media platforms to censor what he calls, misinformation about covid. Joining me now, to discuss this and more, is feminist, author, and CEO of the Daily Clout, Dr. Naomi Wolf. She’s also the author of Outrageous Sex Censorship and the Criminalization of Love, and the End of America (those are two separate books).

Doctor, welcome back, so good to see you. What we just saw from Biden, is so disturbing on so many levels, directing the media. In addition, it ignored the fact that Biden’s own CDC and others in government keep giving us changing and conflicting information on COVID constantly. So where do you think we’re heading when it comes to all of this?

Wolf: These are huge questions and they are also related to how the White House has allowed a President who is suffering from cognitive impairment to have a two hour press conference. I’ve said before that I believe the coup has already taken place in the sense that many thoughtful people have persuaded me with evidence that we are not in a situation in which are adversaries are not benefiting from our decline, and in some ways not hasting it.

Wolf: And, so , what that has to do with our president now invoking social media and tech companies allegiances to the Democrat party, and I say this sadly as a lifelong Democrat, to censor Americans is incredibly disturbing because we have a first Amendment. But tech companies are not supposed to be creating a one party, party line, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. And he’s asking them to merge and intensify this unholy oligarchy that’s been created with the DNC and whoever has benefited from the DNC and tech companies and pharma in a way that is going against more and more emergence of a collapsing narrative around covid.

Malzberg: I want to get to another example of trying to reign in the media. We recently had almost what they said 300 physicians and scientists writing to Spotify, demanding they reign in Joe Rogan show and put an end to what they call to “COVID lies”. Now we’ve seen, that not all of these 300 scientists and doctors are not scientists or doctors at all. We’ve also had doctors fired for prescribing certain medications for COVID.

Wolf: Right. It’s an all-out war. I was just looking this morning at the AMA’s talking points, where doctors are supposed to give their patients who are afraid of side effects from vaccines. They are completely in violation of the science, and they come from the NIH and they are not correct. I have so many doctors come to me saying that they have been threatened with losing their licenses if they let people with pre-existing conditions know what the risks are or give them informed consent. And that it illegal, and these people will go to jail. It’s against the neuro [inaudible] code, against the ADA, it’s against every law for informed consent that doctors are supposed to sign on for.

Wolf: You’re right to point out the nonsensical letter for the “misinformation” signed on by a lot of veterinarians and dentists. But even if it was signed by doctors, the history of science shows that science proceeds to open debate, medicine proceeds to open debate.

Steve: Right.

Wolf: People used to think you’d need to give women hysterectomies to keep them from being angr and insane. Or that you needed to give women of color sterilization in order to purify the race. Those were mainstream scientific positions. In my own lifetime, silicon breast implants were being prescribed with no awareness that there were health consequences. They had to be withdrawn…[inaudible], so on and so on.

Wolf: So the fact that we are in a CPP style environment, media environment, in which scientists in Doctor Malone who helped to invent the MRNA vaccine and podcasters are told “you must not speak about whatever it is your concerns are”. That is not an American or Western reality. It is a truly totalitarian reality. I have to say as a CEO of a tech company that is rolling out as a Facebook competitor, it is a really good time to be not Big Tech, GETTR, other alternative platforms that are not big tech or aligned with the oligarchy are really expanding. People need free speech.

Steve: Naomi, I want you to watch this. Watch this.

Goldberg [sound clip]: It means that every time you sneeze or talk, you are spreading more hassle for them. They are trying to clean their country up. They are trying to put everybody in a mask, and here you come. You think tennis needs you that badly? No, honey. No.

Steve: That’s Whoopi Goldberg on the View this past Wednesday with her…

Naomi: You know, Steve, I’ve watched that clip before we got on the air…

Steve: I just want to explain to the folks that she’s weighing in on Australia’s deportation of the world’s number one tennis player, Novack Djokovic, who was unvaccinated and was attempting to defend his title in the Australian Open. This saga was finally over when the court upheld a ruling of the health administer in that country, cancelling his visa. This after he was granted a medical exemption to enter the country., Now there’s talk he may be banned from the French Open as well. What do you think of Whoopi’s logic there? (laughs)

Naomi: Well, I was going to say that now I understand why so many of my former friends and loved ones who watch shows like the View and watch CNN, NPR and read the New York Times, they are so delusional respectfully, they are insane. It’s because they are watching nonsense like this. Studies show that categorically, and even the CDC confirms, vaccinations doesn’t even affect transmission. So they whole narrative that President Biden repeats that you have to get vaccinated for other people. It’s a totalitarian lie. It’s a lie that is propagated in order to otherize the unvaccinated and to justify the CCP style social controls….

Steve: Naomi…Naomi…I want to get to one more, sorry to interrupt, before we run out of time. I have to ask you about this now deleted tweet from former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, of which some interpreted it as urging Democrats to give Senate Kristen Sinema the back of their hands. Many interpreted it to mean as encouraging an act of violence against the Senator for voting against ending the filibuster. Like you said, you’re a Democrat, were a Democrat, worked with Clinton and all that, and this is Reich, what do you think of these kind of attacks and specifically what Reich put up and then took down?

Naomi: You know, yeah, I don’t agree that he was encouraging violence against women. I think that’s too literal of a reading. But I absolutely see that, and I’m writing about this now, the kind of encouragement of otherization, withholding of groceries, withholding of medical care, withholding of free assembly of the unvaccinated or of people who are standing in the way of the Democratic agenda, leads to the kind of worsening of sensibilities that leads to cruelty. And we’re seeing unbelievable cruelty, nice people like Robert Reich, pleasant guy, right, are now feeling comfortable expressing in public. It’s shocking, but if you study history it’s not that surprising because just otherizing the unvaccinated.

Wolf: The fact that I can’t walk into a restaurant in my own city, New York City, the great melting pot, the great liberator of refugees from totalitarian regimes from around the world. It leads to the Nazification of public discourse that we are seeing. It’s tragic and it ends in a very bad place, but I’m not surprised to see people saying things now they wouldn’t have said two years ago.

Steve: Naomi, I can go on with this conversation, and unfortunately I can’t. Thank you so much for coming bac on and we will speak to you again soon.

Naomi: It’s my great pleasure, thank you Steve.

PHOTOS AND VIDEO: Over 20,000 Americans March in Washington DC Against Vaccine Mandates and Medical Tyranny

By Alicia Powe January 23, 2022

Over 20,000 Americans turned out today in the cold to attend the DEFEAT THE MANDATES RALLY in Washington DC.

The peaceful rally includes several voices and top authorities on the Coronavirus in the country today.

Speakers Include: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.,

Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullogh, Lara Logan, Steve Kirsch, etc.

TRENDING: Wisconsin Speaker Vos Is Secretly Pushing Legislation to Increase Number of Drop Boxes After Judge Ruled Them Illegal in State

More than Six Thousand Federal Workers will also join the rally in DC including: Firefighters, First Responders, Doctors, and Americans in Peaceful March to Defeat the Mandates

An American Homecoming – January 23, Washington, DC

Preliminary List of Speakers

Bret Weinstein, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Jessica Rose, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Christina Parks, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Richard Urso, Vaccine Injured Representatives, Civil Rights, and Constitutional Law Attorney Tricia Lindsey, Will Witt, union activist Tramell Thompson, Lara Logan, Del Bigtree, Steve Kirsch, Chris Martenson, Jo Rose, and Firefighters with Operation Freedom of Choice, Wendy Williams, Samuel Eaton, Rick Sterl, Will Jones. 

Here’s video from the march and rally today by TGP reporter Alicia Powe.


POWERFUL! Professional Cycling Champion and Vaccine Victim Kyle Warner: “We Were Asked to Do Our Part for Our Country and Then Cast Aside in the Name of Profits!” (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft January 23, 2022

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on Kyle Warner, a 29-year-old mountain bike race champion, who was diagnosed with pericarditis, POTS, and reactive arthritis a month after he took the second dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

Kyle Warner now says his career was ruined due to the diagnosis and heart problems after taking the government-promoted COVID vaccine.

On Sunday Kyle Warner spoke at the massive Defeat the Mandates march and rally in Washington DC.

Kyle delivered an emotional speech where he described how his life has changed since taking Dr. Fauci’s vaccine.

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Kyle Warner:  In an instant I went from winning mountain bike races to being completely bedridden.  The last six months have been a revolving door of doctor, hospital and cardiology visits…  I wasn’t aware of the fact that the companies giving the shots were given total legal immunity by the US government.  I learned the Covid vaccines were not eligible for the vaccine injury compensation program due to their unapproved status.  This means the people behind me qualify for the government aide program specifically established to help injured Americans with vaccine injuries.  Zero corporate liability.  Zero backup plan.  What could go wrong?… We are not conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers. We are Americans, just like you, from every different background possible. Yet, we are united by one thing. We were asked to do our part by our country and then cast aside in the name of profit!

This was a very powerful speech!
Warner has been castigated by the left after speaking out against his horrific experience.


Supremes to hear arguments over Biden’s COVID shot demands – Top doctor scolded by Biden

After administration admitted it was using ‘workaround’ to impose its agenda

By Bob Unruh December 23, 2021

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments on Jan. 7 over Joe Biden’s demands that Americans take the experimental COVID-19 shots.

In an announcement, the court said, “Consideration of the applications … for stay presented to Justice Kavanaugh and by him referred to the court is deferred pending oral argument. The applications are consolidated, and a total of one hour is allotted for oral argument. The applications are set for oral argument on Friday, January 7, 2022.”

The Daily Wire reported the mandate is Biden’s strategy to work around the limits he faces on what he can order people to do by using an Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule to demand all companies with 100 workers or more force their employees to get the shots – or weekly testing.

At the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Joan Larsen wrote this week that the petitioners appear to be likely to succeed.

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“[Petitioners] say, for example, that the mandate violates the nondelegation doctrine, the Commerce Clause, and substantive due process; some say that it violates their constitutionally protected religious liberties and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. To lift the stay entirely, we would have to conclude that not one of these challenges is likely to succeed. A tall task.”

Tim Pearce of the Daily Wire, which participated in the request to the Supreme Court, noted that Chief Judge Jeffrey Sutton also found, “It is one thing to tell a worker to don a mask at the start of a hazard-filled shift and doff it at the end. It is quite another to tell a worker to vaccinate on the basis of a risk that exists whether he is on the clock or off and that amounts to a medical procedure that cannot be removed at the end of the shift. Confirming the point, the Secretary of Labor has never imposed a vaccine mandate or for that matter a vaccinate-or-test mandate on American workers. The [Occupational Safety and Health Act] does not clearly give the Secretary power to regulate all health risks and all new health hazards, largely through off-site medical procedures, so long as the individual goes to work and may face the hazard in the course of the workday.”

The court session was scheduled after Justices Samuel Alito and Kavanaugh were asked to intervene in lower court cases, which also involve an demand health workers take the jabs.

Kavanaugh had been asked by challengers to the employer mandate to reverse an appeals court ruling that said the administration could enforce its vaccine-or-testing rules for large companies. Separately, the two justices were asked by Biden’s administration to reverse orders against a requirement that health care workers take the shots.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki claimed it was clear that there is “legal authority” for Biden’s requirements.

“The OSHA vaccination or testing rule ensures that employers are protecting their employees and the CMS health care vaccination requirement ensures that providers are protecting their patients,” she said.

The two unusual policy moves would impact an estimated 90 million Americans.

Lower court rulings have disagreed on the disputes.

At PJMedia was the explanation, “The Biden administration has previously recognized their lack of authority to impose a vaccine mandate. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said earlier this summer that vaccine mandates are ‘not the role’ of the federal government. ‘Well, I think the question here — one, that’s not the role of the federal government,’ she said on July 23, offering no exception to this assessment. ‘That is the role that institutions, private-sector entities, and others may take. That certainly is appropriate.'”

The report also revealed, “White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain also effectively acknowledged that such a mandate isn’t constitutional when, back in September, he retweeted a tweet that effectively praised Biden’s use of an OSHA rule as a workaround for enacting an unconstitutional federal mandate.

Top doctor scolded by Biden for COVID ‘lies’: ‘I’m just giving Americans the data’

Dr. Peter McCullough updates WND on omicron, vaccines, treatments

By Art Moore December 23, 2021

Dr. Peter McCullough in an interview with WND on Dec. 23, 2021 (Video screenshot)

Dr. Peter McCullough in an interview with WND on Dec. 23, 2021 (Video screenshot)

The Wikipedia entry for Dr. Peter McCullough states matter of factly in the second paragraph that the renowned cardiologist and medical scientist with 600 peer-reviewed published papers to his name has “promoted misinformation and falsehoods about COVID-19, the vaccines and treatments.”

President Biden picked up on that charge Tuesday in his introduction of measures against the new omicron variant, centered on more vaccination and exponentially expanded testing. The commander-in-chief undoubtedly was referring to McCullough and a number of the scientist’s colleagues when he charged that the “vaccine hesitancy” of an estimated 40 million Americans has been “fueled by dangerous misinformation on cable TV and social media.”

Biden called on “the purveyors of these lies and misinformation to stop it.” The president described as “immoral” their distribution of data on safe and effective early treatments along with reports of vaccine injuries from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website amid suppression of traditional scientific debate.

In a 30-minute video interview with WND on Thursday discussing the government’s response to the omicron wave along with the latest on vaccines and treatments, McCullough was asked how he reacted to Biden’s statement.

TRENDING: Heroic teen McDonald’s worker leaps through drive-thru window to save customer’s life

“Just like this interview today, I’m just giving Americans the data,” he replied. “These are the published papers, and I cite them. So, I’m not giving misinformation. I’m not giving information. I’m just giving data, and that’s for individuals, doctors, scientists and the public at large to interpret.”

McCullough, who said he has been vaccinated for COVID-19, told WND the way forward is to simply “drop all the rhetoric and all the angst regarding the discussion here and just constantly – like we did today – dispassionately review the published data.”

What’s really immoral, he said, is the suppression of treatments that he, many doctors around the world and studies have found to be life-savers, such as ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and monoclonal antibodies.

“I get calls every day from patients where the treatment has been suppressed,” he said.

In fact, after the interview, McCullough told WND he had received many such messages during the conversation.

“The doctors are denying them treatment for COVID-19, and they’re scrambling to find monoclonal antibodies, and they’re upset that our government is not helping them get these life-saving infusions,” he said.

People also are upset, he said, about the silence on vaccine injuries and the lack of a government treatment program for them.

He said that more than 200 million Americans have responded to the government’s call to get vaccinated, but the CDC’s database records nearly 1 million reports of vaccine injuries, which McCullough previously has estimated could be only one-fifth the true total. Other studies estimate it’s much higher.

“They feel like they have been forgotten about, that they’ve been left behind by their government,” he said.

Many of McCullough’s 600 peer-reviewed publications have appeared in top-tier journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association and The Lancet. He testified to the U.S. Senate in November 2020 against what he described as the federal government’s politicization of health care during the pandemic, curbing or blocking the availability of cheap, effective treatments. In a speech in September, he told of having been stripped of the editorship of a Swiss-based journal after having lost his position with a major health system, “with no explanation and no due process.”

Baylor University Medical Center fired him in February. And Texas A&M College of Medicine, Texas Christian University and University of North Texas Health Science Center School of Medicine have cut ties with McCullough, accusing him of spreading misinformation.

“I’ve been stripped of every title that I’ve ever had in that institution. I’ve received a threat letter from the American College of Physicians, [and] a threat letter from the American Board,” he said in September.

All because of his “lawful” participation “in a topic of public importance.”

He said there are “powerful forces at work, far more powerful than we can possibly think of, that are influencing anybody who is in a position of authority.”

McCullough is the chief medical adviser for the Truth for Health Foundation, a physician-founded charity that says it is “dedicated to following the Oath of Hippocrates to serve individual patients to the best of our ability and judgement and to uphold the highest standards of medical ethics.”

Supporters of McCullough have set up a funding campaign site to help support the travel costs for his national and international efforts during the pandemic.

See the WND interview:

Time to ‘step up’
McCullough has called for a “pivot” from the current policies to early treatment and “compassionate care” for those who have COVID or have been injured by vaccines, which have included myocarditis, neurological issues and blood clotting.

“Now is the time for doctors to step up. Now is not a time for rhetoric or harsh statements regarding scientific discourse,” he said.

McCullough said he and his colleagues are holding public programs that draw from 500 to 5,000 in which people are eager to learn “after being stonewalled on any information regarding early treatment and now on any information on the vaccines.”

“They are simply told to take the vaccines with no analysis of how the vaccines are doing and how they can be administered safely,” he said.

McCullough said that both President Trump and President Biden and the federal government should have supported presenting “monthly comprehensive vaccine reports to the public.”

“Instead, we’ve had nothing.”

Asked where people could find doctors who share his willingness to employ safe and effective early treatments that have been suppressed by the government, McCullough pointed to the website of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, which has a roster “about 500 or 600 doctors who are trying to treat the whole country.”

‘Preying upon the vaccinated’
The good news about the omicron variant – which the CDC said this week is 73% of new cases and more than 90% in much of the country – is that the data show hospitalizations and deaths are down significantly, McCullough noted.

The CDC estimates 79% of new cases are people who have been fully vaccinated, he pointed out, observing “it’s almost as if omicron is preying upon the vaccinated.”

“But it’s a very mild syndrome: runny nose, no pulmonary symptoms and some body aches, and individuals get over it.”

What’s clear, he said, is that “the vaccines don’t stop transmission and they pretty clearly have no impact on omicron.”

He advises people gathering for the holidays simply “to be prudent,” staying home if you have symptoms and seeking early treatment if you are over 65 and have underlying medical issues.

Studies show the virus is being spread almost entirely by people with symptoms, not the asymptomatic. And pre-symptomatic spread also is minimal.

Noting the 500 million test kits ordered by the federal government, McCullough said tests should never be done on people with no symptoms, “because it will simply generate false positives.”

He explained that the virus remains in the body for a long time, producing false positives in people who are no longer sick or infectious.

Here’s an easy way to fight COVID-19
McCullough discussed the new Pfizer and Merck oral treatments given emergency use authorization this week by the FDA and the off-label, repurposed drugs he has been administering and advocating.

He said the new drugs will be “welcome into the standard program,” but “the real question is are they better than hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin?”

“I don’t know. There’s been such a good track record with those drugs,” he said. “They’re widely used.”

But the biggest advance in treatment of COVID-19, he said, is an oral nasal treatment that long has been used by doctors to treat viral and bacterial sinusitis.

The lead agent, he said, is sold as Betadine, which is 10% povidone iodine. It can be purchased at a pharmacy or online for about $10.

A small amount of Betadine can be squirted into a shot-glass sized container – enough to cover the bottom – and the rest of the glass can be filled with water.

The solution is administered in the nose with a nasal bulb or spray syringe.

“Squirt it up the nose over the sink. Sniff it back and then spit it out,” McCullough advised. “Do that in both nostrils and then gargle with the rest, spit it out in the sink.

“I tell you, that has a tremendous effect. People should do that after their Christmas dinner, their congregant setting, [after] they’ve been around people.”

He explained that the virus takes three to five days to multiply in the nose.

“So we should actually zap it right there in the nose before it gets a head start,” he said.

A study of the nasal treatment for COVID-19 showed it knocked down the PCR positivity from 303 to less than 30 in a few days, McCullough said, and there were virtually no hospitalizations. This kind of “nasal decontamination” has been done in Bangladesh, he noted, where there is virtually no COVID.

Food-grade hydrogen peroxide would be a “second best” substitute for anyone who doesn’t tolerate Betadine.

“I want every American, instead of focusing on hand sanitizer,” to use the treatment regularly, he said.

“It’s not a hand infection,” he said of COVID-19. “It’s not even spread by the hands; it’s actually in the nose.”


VIDEO WAYNE ROOT: The Great Vaccine Mandate Scam -Dr. Scott Atlas – More Boosters – Dr. Jane Ruby Testimony

By Wayne Allyn Root

This is the “Great Vaccine Mandate Scam.” Biden is using the vaccine mandate (and vaccine passport to come) as a “Trojan Horse.” In other words, it looks like he’s trying to protect America and save lives, when in reality he’s using this vaccine mandate as a cover story to destroy the U.S. economy, capitalism, and the great American middle class all at once.

This is a communist takeover of the US by a small minority at the top who have rigged elections and are now busy high-jacking the country, as if they have some powerful mandate.

They don’t. As a matter of fact, everyone hates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They have no support, while they dismantle the country.

Have you seen the polls lately? Biden is at 36% approval in the latest Quinnipiac poll. 36%. It just can’t get much lower than that. Anything lower than that and your support is pretty much friends, relatives and paid campaign staff. Ask Kamala. She’s at 28%.

How low can Joe go? Remember, when any Democrat politician gets up in the morning, they automatically have about 45% of the vote locked up. That represents everyone in America who lives on government handouts- welfare checks, food stamps, Medicaid, Obamacare and 1000 other government giveaways.

So, 36% support for Biden means that pretty much every working Joe and Jane in America has now turned against Biden. The entire middle class hates Biden’s guts. That’s why they chant “F—ck Joe Biden” and “Let’s Go Brandon” at sporting events.

But Biden and his communist cabal don’t care. They are using a secret weapon to wipe out their middle class opposition: the vaccine mandates.

These mandates are squarely aimed only at working Americans. If you have a job, you’re being threatened with losing your job, your income and your pension. Biden is threatening to destroy your life, to make you homeless.

But if you’re a lazy bum, sitting home watching Dr. Phil and waiting for your EBT card to arrive in the mail, you’re safe. Biden isn’t taking a dime away from you. Only Americans with jobs are being persecuted.

Why not lose your welfare if you’re unvaccinated? Why not lose your food stamps? Why not lose your Medicaid or Obamacare?

Why is it only middle-class Americans, who work for a living, who pay taxes, who bust their butts, who have families to support, who are being persecuted over this vaccine mandate?

Because the great American middle class, and anyone who works for a living, and pays taxes into the system, is overwhelmingly Republican-conservative.

This is how u destroy an economy, make tens of millions of middle-class people unemployed and dependent on government, kill off capitalism, and turn the USA into a socialist nation.

This “Trojan Horse” kills the economy in a second way. A large portion of the country is unvaccinated and plans to stay that way. If we can’t walk into retail stores, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, conventions- all those businesses will lose a large portion of their business. They’ll soon be crippled, or out of business.

The rumor is by early 2022 (after the holidays) Biden will ban air travel by the unvaccinated. Say goodbye to the airlines. Without the unvaccinated as customers, airlines will be out of business. Fast.

And as a bonus, Biden’s vaccine mandate destroys FIRST RESPONDERS. One third or more of police, fire, border agents, prison guards, and our military heroes will soon be gone.

Think I’m exaggerating? See Boston. Hospitals there are overwhelmed. There are no ER or ICU beds available for all the sick people. They’re flying sick people to other states. Why? Boston lost a large percentage of nurses because of the vaccine mandate.

The country is a mess. The economy will soon be a disaster. The middle class is being systematically destroyed. This is a fast-moving tragedy. It’s the end of America.

And it’s all being perpetrated by a brain-dead zombie puppet with 36% approval, using a “Trojan Horse” called the vaccine mandate.

We are the majority. We all despise Biden. The question, are we going to let this happen?

Wayne Allyn Root is known as “the Conservative Warrior.” Wayne’s new book, “The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book” is a #1 bestseller. . Wayne is host of the nationally- syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Radio Network, daily from 6 PM to 9 PM EST and the “WAR RAW” podcast. Visit, or listen live at allyn-root/ or “on demand” 24/7 at

Dr. Scott Atlas UNLOADS on Fauci and Birx: The Lockdowns Caused More Deaths and Ruined Millions of Lives (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft November 21, 2021

Dr. Scott Atlas, a former member of President Trump’s COVID Task Force in 2020 and a Robert Wesson Senior Fellow in health care policy at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, joined Maria Bartiromo this morning on Sunday Morning Futures.

Dr. Atlas unloaded on Dr. Tony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx for their failed pandemic strategy that caused more Americans to die and ruined millions of American lives.

Dr. Scott Atlas: The data is the data and the data is being denied by the lockdowners. The data shows the following, the Bjornscoff(?) studies of 24 European countries, the lockdowns did not reduce the deaths during the pandemic. That was a spring 2021 study. A January 2021 study from Stanford’s Ben David and colleagues, lockdowns failed to stop the spread of the infection. In fact, one of the authors said it was pro-contagion, increasing infections. And the most important study was the National Bureau of Economic Research by Rand, in June this year. Everybody should look at it because they showed analysis of 43 countries and all the states that lockdowns increased the excess deaths during the pandemic. Earlier lockdowns increased the deaths during the pandemic. And when the lockdown was instilled, deaths were coming down and deaths started increasing when lockdowns were implemented. So the Birx-Fauci lockdowns that was the advice of the task force the entire year failed to stop the spread of the infection. They failed to stop the dying and they destroyed millions and millions of people, particularly low income families.

Dr. Atlas has a new book out, A Plague Upon Our House.

Via Sunday Morning Futures.

עדות נאמנה 3: ד”ר ג’יין רובי משמיעה חוות דעת בפני בית דין בישראל | רב הנסתר בטלגרם

Dr Jane Ruby

My testimony before the Israeli Beit Din in Jerusalem translated with Hebrew subtitles. The rabbis decided to warn their communities against the bioweapon. I was honored to stand with Dr. Zev Zelenko and many others – we stand at the Frontline to save all people, especially the children from this atrocity. Baruch HaShem.–3-.html


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