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Along Came a Spider, Trafficking at an Elite Eastern College

Lawrence Ray a/k/a Lawrence Grecco and Isabelle Pollok have been charged in a sex trafficking and money laundering scheme involving Sarah Lawrence College students [1][2][3].  Amazingly enough, Ray was the parent of a student at the exclusive institution.  Pollok was a student there at the time.

Apparently, Ray presented himself as an advisor and confidante to his daughter’s classmates, extorting them after having gained their confidence.  Pollok allegedly abetted the scheme.  Both have pleaded not guilty.

A Father Figure

Against school policy, Ray moved into Sarah Lawrence’s townhouse style, on-campus housing with his daughter and her roommates during their sophomore year in late 2010.  No one, however, reported him to authorities.  According to the indictment, he then began “therapy” sessions with the roommates during which he assumed the role of a father figurre.

Blackmail, Extortion, and Prostitution

Over the course of a decade, Ray and Pollok are alleged to have manipulated students into providing explicit photos, embarrassing personal information, and false confessions.

Five students were then blackmailed, and pressured to perform manual labor.  At least one is said to have been forced into prostitution, with Ray collecting over $500,000 from her over the course of 4 years.  Physical abuse is, also, alleged.

A Cold-Blooded Scheme

This was a cruel and cold-blooded scheme, carried out for an extended period of time.  It exploited the vulnerability of young people, and is likely to have caused Ray’s own daughter serious distress.

Psychopaths are often charming, intelligent, and excellent at mimicking emotions [4A][5].  According to L. Michael Tompkins, EdD, a psychologist at Sacramento County Mental Health Treatment Center, they are “skilled actors whose sole mission is to manipulate people for personal gain [4B].”  But they lack empathy, and have no fear of consequences.

Psychopaths crave excitement and enjoy breaking rules.  Con men frequently fall into this category [6].  They lack ethics and experience no pangs of conscience, casually moving from one victim to the next.


Without placing blame on these young people, one cannot help but wonder what may have been lacking in their lives.  If not to authorities, why did none of them mention the unusual living arrangement or “therapy” sessions to a parent?

This is, of course, the nature of grooming.  A predator gradually and insidiously gains the trust of his victim, just as a spider lures a fly into its web.  An expensive setting is no defense.

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A review by Husch, Blackwell has concluded Louisiana State University failed to provide a clear reporting path for complaints of sexual assault or harassment, while allowing athletic dept. officials undue influence over the handling of such complaints. 



Along Came a Spider – Trafficking at an Elite Eastern College

A Strange Alliance : Secular Humanism and Neo-Paganism

By William D. Howard

  Beginning in the 1700s, in Europe one can see the forming of a strange and seemingly self-contradictory alliance of intellectuals and writers that made up what we now call the “Enlightenment”. Broadly speaking the “Enlightenment” was a much needed antitoxin against religious fanaticism, senseless wars, and the social/political injustices of that period. But all social movements carry within them the seeds of ideological extremes and so did the “Enlightenment”.  Secular humanism was one of those extremes and the neo-paganism was the other. Instead of reforming the Judeo-Christian culture and returning it to its original humane beginnings, secular humanism opted for the total elimination of religious faith. Religion in general was seen as an evil, retrograde, influence.

  Like a bi-polar mind divided against itself, the “Enlightenment” also produced a number of writers/philosophers that promoted a neo-pagan view of life. The secular humanists were the dominant voices, but the neo-pagans could claim the most famous writer of this period, Jean-Jacques Rousseau. His great influence on both the French Revolution and the next great cultural/social movement “Romanticism” is well established. Rousseau began the cult of nature worship and promoted a morality based upon the standard of personal feelings.

  The debates and contradictions we see in modern American culture today are exactly the same. Those who want to eliminate the influence of religion not only in our government but our society in general and those that promote a “New Age” of nature worship. They seem to be natural enemies but in reality they work in a symbiotic alliance to undermine what has been our Judeo-Christian tradition. They are strange bedfellows and useful enemies. What they do have in common is the main objective of ending what has been the dominate influence of the Judeo-Christian morality in American history.

If we seek a second commonality it is in their values systems. Both reduce truth and goodness to human sized standards. Each individual is his own oracle or as the once prominent radical of the 1960s, Jerry Rubin told us: “If it feels good do it.” Rubin is a good example of the strange hybrid mix of pagan values, nature worship, and Marxist ideology. Based upon his own immature understanding of life and history and following the pagan credo of feelings first, he made wild statements that excited an equally ignorant youth culture of that day. This is why young voters today are carried away by the socialist rhetoric of Sanders, Warren and the most historically ignorant of them all A.O.C. Without an understanding of the lessons of history, and without core values that have withstood the test of time all people are subject to the sway of demagoguery. For this reason it would be more accurate to call the “Democratic Party” the “Demagogic Party”. Their common methodology is to cut the cord between reason and facts and make emotions the primary adjudicator of truth.

  Secular humanists believe that you can have a highly moral society without religious faith but history has shown that it takes the inspiration of religious faith to maintain a high moral standard. The other great enemy of Judeo-Christian culture are the neo-pagans who talk a good game of peace, love, and healing the planet, but are always found attempting to undo the linkage between sexual morality and the sacredness of human life. Religious studies author Michael F. Strmiska wrote:

“… in pagan magazines, websites, and internet discussion… Christianity is frequently denounced as an antinatural, antifemale, sexually and culturally repressive, guilt-ridden… authoritarian religion that has fostered intolerance, hypocrisy and persecution throughout the world.”

  Unfortunately for the neo-pagans and secular humanists who believe the same thing a statistical study of the world’s different cultural regions proves a very different case. Those parts of the world which have been most influenced, by the values and spiritual outlook of the Judeo-Christian tradition, are the same areas of the world which are most prosperous and have the best record of human rights and democracy. These are also the same areas which have experience in modern history the least amount of wars and genocide. Those who would object to this view and who point to the wars and genocide in Europe before 1945 as proof must face the historical fact that Hitler’s Nazi German empire was based upon a pagan value system. Western civilization rejected those values and paid a high cost in defeating that empire. The same is also true of the secular humanists who would promote a socialist or so-called progressive agenda. They must face the facts, that the wars and mass-murder perpetrated by Communist Russia and China, were the product of a violent off-shoot of secular humanism.

When you take God out of the discussion you are only left with human philosophies and some are more hate filled and dangerous than others. Marxism was the product of a malevolent human mind that cost the world over 100,000,000 lives and counting.

  If one over-lays a series of maps showing those regions of the world which are today least free, have the most human rights violations, are poorest and have produced the most wars and refugees, one sees a common connection. They are the same regions of the world which historically have had the most enduring pagan cultures. Where there are exceptions to this rule (Like Japan or South Korea) it can be explained by the fact that they have been highly influenced by the value system of Western Civilization.

  Despite the overwhelming historical evidence in favor of the positive influence of the Judeo-Christian tradition, the secular humanists and neo-pagans continue their tireless efforts to undermine and replace it with a new pagan foundation.

  Opinion polls taken in America, on questions about sexuality prove that they have largely succeeded.  Tom W. Smith in a piece published by the University of Chicago in 2013 stated the bottom-line:

“ …there has been an increase in sexually-permissive attitudes over the last four decades… with more approval of premarital sex, same-gender sex, gay marriage… and the legal access to pornography.”

  These changes were not accidental. They are the by-product of intentional efforts, made by a committed community of believers who are in control of our mass-popular culture. President Obama’s endorsement of homosexual marriage and the Supreme Court’s narrow ruling in its favor were only the cherries on- top or the white flag of national surrender.

The American Psychological Association, as early as 2001 reported that “… 68 percent of television shows during the 1999-2000 season contained sexual content…” A Kaiser Family Foundation, report in 2011, found that between 1998 and 2005 the number of sex scenes on American television had doubled. Another more recent study showed that in the 1970s there were only five homosexual characters presented on American television, but by the 2000s there were 390.  The Atlantic, reported in 2011, that “92% of Top Billboard songs are about sex”. Chrysalis L. Wright Ph.D. wrote in Media Psychology Review, that “… young adults listen to music between two and four hours each day… more than 1/3 of popular songs contain explicit sexual content and 2/3 of these references are degrading…”

  The latest homosexual propaganda that has recently appeared on TV is an ad entitled “Beyond I do”. It presents two totally silent lesbians, holding several small children and looking very contented. The message is clear: Gay marriage is not the end of the homosexual rights campaign but its new beginning.

  Homosexual marriage once celebrated by the Progressives as the capstone of Gay rights is now viewed by the same people as a new corner-stone to build America’s pagan future on. Starting in the 2020 school year, the state of Illinois will require its public schools to include LGBTQ history in their curriculum.  Christian and Jews have of course been here before, and just as when in ancient Rome they refused to celebrate human carnage as sports entertainment or refused to commit collective adultery and call it “love making”, we must now refuse to accept the “Politically Correct”, “New Speak” of “One Love”. Some homosexual feminists, are now calling for what they describe as “Open-sourced fully collaborative gestation.” Put in laymen’s terms they would replace the traditional family with homosexual social engineering.  The question must be asked, how many innocent children will be subjected to their radical family experiments? How many lives must be sacrificed upon the altar of “Political Correctness”.

  The great Author of “Animal Farm” and “1984” would, if he were alive today easily recognize the language of the Left as propaganda. The words gay and homophobia are both insidious, gay because it is a euphemism for a life style which is anything but benign. Homophobia is especially insidious because its use transfers the sting of abnormality to the normal. The deviant now becomes the healthy and morality is turned up-side down. In ancient Rome, Jews and Christians faced the same type of smear campaign. They were labeled “anti-social”, even “lovers of death”. They suffered for their beliefs but in the end it was pagan Rome which collapsed under the weight of its own perversion. The Pro-Life tendency of Christianity grew in strength, while Rome’s population declined as a result of self-inflicted infanticide.

  Like America’s culture today, ancient Rome set a very low bar for sexual morality. It promoted a harsh double standard in the treatment of women. With few exceptions it licensed male promiscuity and allowed pederasty and the rape of men, women, and children who were slaves. Judaism raised the standard to a much higher level. It strongly condemned adultery, homosexuality, a husband forcing himself on his wife and sex outside of marriage. Judaism produced the healthiest and most wholesome, family life in the ancient world. Jesus another Jew, raised the standard even higher. His view was encapsulated in his statement:

 “If a man looks on a woman and lusts after her, he has already committed adultery.”

  His statements implicitly condemned polygamy, easy divorce and made love the only acceptable standard for human relationships. All of this raised the value and improved over time the treatment of women. Most importantly his teaching linked the sacredness of human life with his teaching on sexual purity. By linking these two principles of Judeo-Christianity it became impossible to pretend that rape, pedophilia, adultery, prostitution or any type of permissive sexuality were compatible with the respect for life, either slave or free.

William D. Howard is a freelance writer who had a long career as an educator. He holds degrees in philosophy and history and has traveled widely in over 40 countries.

Groups receiving anti-AIDS taxpayer funds refuse to condemn prostitution

Supreme Court hearing challenge to federal requirement

(Image courtesy Pixabay)

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing a case brought by the federal government against organizations receiving taxpayer funds to combat AIDS that refuse to abide by the requirement that they expressly oppose sex trafficking and prostitution.

The American Center for Law and Justice has submitted a friend-of-the-court brief in the case, U.S. Agency for International Development vs. the Alliance for Open Society International.

Groups receiving grant money through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, PEPFAR, are required to oppose sex trafficking and prostitution.

The program is credited with saving millions of lives.

ACLJ said that while the policy “seems like common sense, particularly in the face of known health risks associated with each and the immense societal damage and human rights violations associated with trafficking, grantees have claimed that ‘policy requirement’ violated their First Amendment rights.”

The case previously came before the Supreme Court, which agreed that the requirement was unconstitutional and returned the case to the lower courts.

There, a judge struck down the policy “not just as to domestic grant applicants, but also their foreign affiliates.”

So the federal government is back at the Supreme Court, still fighting for the requirement that recipients oppose prostitution and trafficking.

“When selecting among competing applicants for discretionary funding, government can look to the relevant qualifications of the applicant to ensure the effectiveness of a government program,” ACLJ argues.

“For example, government could disqualify tobacco merchants from an anti-smoking campaign, or require a documented pro-democracy record or policy for applicants to receive funding in a program to promote democratic principles and institutions abroad.”

ACLJ argues the requirement is an effort by the government to find the best-suited applicants.

“Congress is certainly entitled to judge that those with a demonstrated commitment are more likely to be dependable and effective in carrying out the program as Congress designed it,” ACLJ said in a brief.

Since trafficking and prostitution contribute to the spread of HIV, the legal group argues, why “would it not be legitimate for Congress, when doling out money, to prefer those grantees who explicitly oppose such destructive practices?”

A hearing is scheduled for next month.

ACLJ contends the requirement is “nothing more than a means of selecting suitable agents to implement the government’s chosen strategy.”


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It’s Not The Equality Act, It’s The Pedophile Protection Act

May 3, 2019 By Bryan Fischer



The hideously misnamed “Equality Act” begins its journey through Congress this week. It’s designed “to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation.”

Now the 1964 Civil Rights Act already makes it illegal for discrimination to occur on the basis of “sex,” by which the authors of the bill meant “male or female.”

One significant thing to note in passing is that the authors of this bill evidently agree – whether they realize it or not – that the CRA of 1964 does NOT provide special protections based on “gender identity” or “sexual orientation,” because if the term “sex’” was expansive enough to include both, there would be no need for the Equality Act.

So, we should all be able to agree that, while “sex” in the 1964 CRA referred to the division of humanity into males and females, protections were not extended to lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. Hence the felt need for the “Equality Act,” to address this lacuna in civil rights law.

“Gender identity” contains a raft of problems all by itself, for the category seems limited only by the hyperthyroidal imaginations of gender activists. Facebook allows you to choose from no less than 71 – count ‘em – genders. The old “male and female” thing is so last century. Now you can adopt a veritable cornucopia of sexual identities, starting with “asexual,” “hermaphrodite,” or “intersex,” and working your way up to “gender variant” or “pangender.”

Mind you, there is no biological or genetic marker for these various departures from the norm – it’s all in your head. Which makes the whole concept enormously subjective and fluid, and allows you to slip into it just about anything you want.

But what is truly pernicious is that “sexual orientation” is nowhere defined in the bill. Now everyone has a working definition of “sexual orientation” in their heads, a definition that begins with “male” and ends with “transgender” or some such thing. But “sexual orientation” is not defined anywhere in the bill or anywhere else in federal law. Everyone, including off-the-reservation judges, will get to make up their own definition.

This means that “sexual orientation” will mean anything you want it to mean, INCLUDING PEDOPHILIA OR BESTIALITY.

On 5 May 2018, the University of Würzburg in Germany held a conference with the theme of “Future Societys” [sic] that featured a presentation by Mirjam Heine, a medical researcher. Here’s what she had to say (emphasis mine):

“According to current research, pedophilia is an unchangeable sexual orientation, just like for example heterosexuality. No one chooses to be a pedophile. No one can cease being one.”

Snopes investigated the report of her remarks and found it to be “True.” In fact, organizers admitted that “a speaker (at their conference) described pedophilia as a condition some people are born with.”

So now we have medical professionals saying pedophiles are born that way, God made them that way, they can’t stop being one no matter how hard they try, and if you’ve got a problem with that, your problem is not with the guy who wants to rape kids but with the God who made them that way.

If the “Equality Act” were to become law, pedophiles would have special privileges and protections under law that you and I would not have. Because religious exemptions are specifically forbidden in the bill, pedophiles could not be prevented by Trail Life USA (the conservative Christian alternative to the Boy Scouts) from becoming leaders of small boys. And if you have a problem with that, you’re the one who is going to wind up in jail.

Churches could not prevent pedophiles from working with their children and their youth groups. The Roman Catholic Church could not prevent self-admitted pedophiles from becoming priests and working with altar boys.

It will not be long before bestiality (sex with animals) becomes a protected category. Prostitution will soon follow, as will incest and necrophilia (sex with dead people).

This is what the future holds if this law passes. If you want to keep our country from becoming the Disneyland of Deviancy, it’s time to bombard our congressmen with phone calls urging them to vote against the “Equality Act.” Why? Because it, in reality, is the “Pedophile Protection Act.”

Follow me on Twitter: @BryanJFischer, on Facebook at “Focal Point”

Host of “Focal Point” on American Family Radio, 1:05 pm CT, M-F

(Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Family Association or American Family Radio.)


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