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VIDEO Black history as American history – ADL Quietly Changed Its Definition of Racism to Exclude White People – Black Caucus

By Ken Blackwell, CP Op-Ed Contributor

The American Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Today, Americans of all stripes are constantly bombarded with an insidious propaganda campaign against our shared history. From critical race theory to ripping down historical statues, our national story is being rewritten as irredeemably sinful. These efforts have taken a particularly racialized characteristic by implying that Black history is somehow distinct from, or in opposition to, “American history” itself, rather than an integral part of it. 

Looking back to our past, we realize that this narrative of scorn isn’t how the great heroes of American history saw their homeland. The American patriots we still honor today — including African Americans — did not see Black history as something apart from American history. In fact, they saw the principles of the American Founding, enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, as the key to their story of perseverance. 

Fredrick Douglass, in his 1852 address “What To The Slave Is The Fourth Of July?” called the principles of the Declaration of Independence “saving principles,” the Constitution a “glorious liberty document,” and Independence Day “the very ringbolt in the chain of your yet undeveloped destiny.” He knew that liberty and equality were the keys to the American Founding, and he knew that any nation founded on such revolutionary propositions could not remain a slaveholding nation forever. 

Rather than berate America’s founders, Douglass went on to call them “brave men,” “statesmen, patriots, and heroes.” He urged his audience to “honor their memory” because “they seized upon eternal principles.” According to Douglass, through these very principles — fundamentally American principles — “liberty and humanity” rather than “slavery and oppression” would be final. 

Just over 100 years later, Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. King’s vision, he emphasized, “is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.” Like Douglass, King mentioned with favor the “magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence,” calling them “a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir.”

To King, slavery, segregation, Jim Crow laws, and all other forms of racial inequality were ultimately a betrayal of American principles. King’s dream, he said to more than 200,000 people from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, was that “one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” 

Both Douglass and King saw the course of American history as the ironing out of America’s founding principles, even with all of the ugly bumps and bruises that came along the way. Equality, in their minds, was a promise baked into America’s very DNA. It was a promise that took far too long to fulfill, but a promise that America pursued nonetheless. 

This embrace of Americanism can be seen throughout the entirety of American history. It is in the blood of Crispus Attucks falling as a martyr to spark the American Revolution. It is in the steely resolve of the Massachusetts 54th regiment charging Fort Wagner to change the course of the Civil War. It is in the ingenuity of Elijah McCoy revolutionizing the locomotive industry with his automatic lubrication system. It is Jesse Owens humiliating Naziism on the world stage. It is at the tails of the Tuskegee airmen patrolling the skies of North Africa and the Mediterranean. 

These examples, and countless others like them, testify to the truth that Black history is an integral part of American history — not set apart as something in contradiction to the story of American life, but a vital part of our national identity.  

We remember the past to lead us through the present, and we seek inspiration by looking back to the example these great figures left for us to follow. They realized that, as Americans, they were more similar than different. But we can only be genuinely united when we rediscover our shared American identity, rooted in our Founding principle: “all men are created equal.”

Today, just like at the time of Douglass and King, these principles are our “ring bolt.” They are our “promissory note.” These truths inspired the words and deeds of heroes of the past, and these same principles guide us through the future. 

This Black History Month, let’s remember that Black history is American history and come together to reunite under our American principles — just like our forefathers did before us.

J. Kenneth Blackwell is Chairman of the Center For Election Integrity at the America First Policy Institute. He formerly served as Ohio Treasurer and Secretary of State.

ADL Quietly Changed Its Definition of Racism to Exclude White People

ADL Greenblatt
(Photo by Leigh Vogel/Getty Images for Concordia Summit)


The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an organization that claims to have a non-partisan agenda against hatred and discrimination but is actually a partisan, far-left outfit that regularly smears conservatives, changed its definition of “racism” in 2020 to exclude white people.

The update borrows the language of critical race theory, suggesting that only “people of color” can be victims of racism, and that a system that prioritizes people who aren’t white is not racist.

People hold up signs during a rally against “critical race theory” (CRT) being taught in schools at the Loudoun County Government center in Leesburg, Virginia on June 12, 2021. (Photo by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

Rainmaker Photo/MediaPunch/IPX/AP

According to online archives, the change occurred sometime between June and September 2020. The change went relatively unnoticed at the time, but recently drew attention on social media.

On June 1, 2020, the ADL’s definition of racism was one that most Americans would agree with:

Racism is the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another, that a person’s social and moral traits are predetermined by his or her inborn biological characteristics. Racial separatism is the belief, most of the time based on racism, that different races should remain segregated and apart from one another.

But by September 2020, after a summer of violence and looting brought about by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, the old definition of racism was removed.

In its place came a much shorter definition, more in line with the dictates of far-left critical race theory, that defines racism as the oppression of “people of color” by white people.

The marginalization and/or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.

The ADL’s previous definition would have (correctly, in the view of many Americans) defined far-left critical race theory as racist, because it suggests that “a person’s social and moral traits are predetermined” — that white people are, due to their inborn characteristics, privileged and oppressive.

The new definition adopts that very same argument, making the ADL racist by its own previous definition of the word.

The ADL’s new definition also appears to endorse, or at least not oppose, racial hierarchies in general — just racial hierarchies that benefit white people. It implies that a racial hierarchy that left white people at a disadvantage would not be racist.

Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News. He is the author of #DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal The Election.

Black Republican In Virginia House Blasts Black Caucus: ‘It’s About Being Leftist’ (VIDEO)

By Mike LaChance February 4, 2022

A.C. Cordoza is a Republican in the Virginia House who is black. During a recent speech on the House floor, he blasted members of the Black Caucus for being about ideology more than anything else.

Cordoza described a questionaire he was given when he applied to join the caucus, which was full of left leaning questions.

He also described his journey from Democrat to Republican.

From the Associated Press:

‘About being leftist’: GOP Del. Cordoza criticizes Black caucus after membership denial

The only Black Republican in the Virginia House has taken to the chamber floor to criticize the legislative Black caucus for rejecting his application for membership.

A.C. Cordoza’s speech Thursday prompted a sharp rebuke from Democratic members of the caucus.

The group’s chairman confirmed that the group had voted against accepting the freshman member but questioned his intentions for seeking to join.

The Virginia Pilot has more:

Cordoza said when he reached out to the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus about membership, he was given a policy questionnaire about whether he supported a wide range of liberal priorities.

“I asked myself what any of those things mentioned have to do with being Black? The answer is, it has nothing to do with being Black. It’s about being leftist,” he said.

He called the rejection disheartening, but not shocking.

Del. Luke Torian, a caucus member, responded on the floor pointedly: “Sometimes people can speak prematurely and not have all the facts.”

Del. Lamont Bagby, the caucus chair, told reporters later that Cordoza went through the same application process as anyone seeking to join.

“He’s not the first individual that did not receive enough votes to be a member. He’s the first one to use it for political gain,” said Bagby, who declined to name the other individual he said had been rejected.

Bagby said he had questions about whether Cordoza’s application had been in good faith.

Watch his speech below:


VIDEO Four Times God Powerfully Subverted Racism in the Bible – Challenging Politicians who “block poor parents”

By Dale Chamberlain -January 27, 2022

subverted racism

With the conversation of race in America looming large among Christians, considerable debate has arisen about how we ought to engage in activism, whom we should and shouldn’t partner with, and which causes we should support and pursue.

In the midst of that debate, a large swath of Christian leaders have warned us about the dangers of wokeness and Critical Race Theory, urging us to “just preach the gospel.”

To be sure, CRT has become something of an evangelical boogeyman, an excuse for many Christians not to engage in the hard work of racial justice and equity. But I hold the belief that the Bible speaks wisdom and truth into every aspect of life. As such, it has plenty to say about how we should think about issues of systemic racism.

While we don’t often notice it, the Bible talks about race a lot. Many of the stories and passages of Scripture that we easily call to mind actually have deeply racial overtones. But since we aren’t embedded in the culture of the people to whom the Bible was originally written, we miss it.

References to race relations, feelings of supremacy among the majority culture, and rebukes of unjust power dynamics are baked into many of the stories we tell our children.

While there are numerous instances throughout Scripture where this occurs, I thought it would be helpful to call out a handful of specific times we see it—particularly in passages of Scripture that most long-time Christians know well.

Here are four specific times where God powerfully subverted racism in the Bible.

1. God Subverted Racism When He Sent Jonah to Preach in Nineveh.

We all know the story of Jonah. If you grew up in Sunday school, it’s one of the first bible stories you ever learned—partly because it makes for the best coloring sheet material. But if you’ve revisited the Old Testament book of Jonah as an adult, you quickly realized that it’s kind of a bizarre story.

Jonah was a prophet. It was his job to preach repentance toward God, so that people could avoid judgment. But when God sends Jonah to Nineveh to do his job, he runs the other way. It’s only after a three-day all expenses paid spiritual retreat inside the belly of a fish that Jonah relents and actually goes to Nineveh.

And after Jonah preaches to the people, they repent. The entire city turns from their wicked ways and gives honor to the one true God. As a prophet, you would think that Jonah would be elated! But he wasn’t.

You see, Jonah didn’t run from Nineveh because he was afraid that they wouldn’t listen. He wasn’t worried that he would be persecuted for preaching there. He didn’t want to preach to the Ninevites because he knew that if they repented and turned to God, God would heap grace and blessing on them. And he wanted nothing less than for the foreign Ninevites to get the same gracious treatment from God that Israel did.

In fact, Jonah was so upset about the good fortune of the Ninevites that he said, “It is better for me to die than to live” (Jonah 4:8).

While God had chosen Israel to fulfill a specific purpose in his plan of redemption, He used Jonah to rebuke the idea of Israelite supremacy.

God loves the people groups that the majority culture doesn’t care about. God loves the people that the majority culture would rather see dead, gone, or marginalized. And He’s willing to have a giant fish hand deliver reluctant prophets to their city gates in order to show them (and us) how much He loves them.

2. God Subverted Racism When He Included Gentile Women as Important Figures in Jesus’ Lineage.

When the Messiah came, it was important to the Jewish people that He could prove His kingly lineage. So it’s no surprise that both Matthew and Luke spill a considerable amount of ink on Jesus’ genealogical records.

In biblical genealogical records, the author doesn’t necessarily mention every name. That’s because the point of the genealogy isn’t administrative but theological. And as Matthew writes to a deeply Jewish audience, you would expect for him to highlight only the names of those who had the highest Jewish pedigree.

But that’s not what he does. Among his list of names, he includes four non-Jewish people. And not only were they not Jewish, they were women.

Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba were all women who came from outside the nation of Israel, and who had been oppressed or marginalized in some way.

  • Judah tried to abandon his daughter-in-law Tamar after her husband died, which would essentially condemn her to a life of destitution.
  • Rahab was formerly a prostitute, which was likely the result of some form of oppression.
  • Ruth was a poor Moabite who would glean crops just to survive.
  • Bathsheba, whom Matthew only refers to as “Uriah’s wife,” was taken as one of King David’s wives after David murdered her husband.

Long before modern debates about intersectionality, God saw fit to take marginalized and oppressed women who were born outside of his chosen nation and make them part of the tapestry of Jesus’ messianic lineage. This speaks so loudly to God’s specific desire to dismantle unjust systems of power as part and parcel of ushering in His heavenly kingdom.

3. Jesus Subverted Racism When He Made a Samaritan the Hero of a Parable.

The parable of the Good Samaritan is another well-worn Bible story. But we don’t often pause to realize that for Jesus’ Jewish audience, “good Samaritan” was a contradiction in terms. The fact that Jesus made a Samaritan the hero of His parable in contrast to the cowardice of respected Jewish religious leaders helps us understand why the Pharisees wanted so badly to kill Him.

As the story goes, a man was traveling from one city to another when he was attacked by a band of robbers. They beat him within an inch of his life and took everything, including the shirt on his back.

As he lay on the ground incapacitated, both a Jewish priest and a Levite passed him by. They were likely both on their way to the temple in Jerusalem to perform official duties, and they would be rendered unclean if they came into contact with this man and he ended up being dead or had died in their presence. If that happened, they wouldn’t be able to perform their temple duties. So they thought it best to avoid the situation.

But then along came a Samaritan. Samaritans were only partly Jewish. Their lineage was mixed with those of the surrounding nations. They had also mixed their religious practices with those people groups through the generations. To the Jewish mind, Samaritans were half-blood heretics. But because the Samaritan wasn’t preoccupied with cleanliness laws, he stopped to help this man, saving his life.

In this story, Jesus is pointing out how their own cultural supremacy was keeping even the most faithful Jews from practicing love, compassion, and mercy. Because they were so fixated on maintaining their culture, they neglected the suffering of others. That’s a prophetic word for us today.

4. Jesus Subverted Racism When He Gave His Church a Multiethnic, Multiracial Mission.

Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He commanded His followers to go into all the nations and make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). In the Greek, the term Jesus uses is ta ethnas, which literally translates to “the nations” or “all the different people groups.”

But eight years later, that still wasn’t really happening. As the Church continued to grow and expand for the better part of the next decade, it never left the confines of the Jewish people. So Jesus Himself intervened to force the issue.

Jesus appeared to the apostle Peter in a vision and showed him a spread of foods that the Jews considered unclean. And he told Peter to eat and enjoy, encouraging him that God had declared it clean. At the same time, Jesus was calling to a Roman man named Cornelius, telling him to seek Peter out.

Once the two men met and Peter preached the message of Jesus to him, Peter witnessed Cornelius and his men receive the Holy Spirit with power. It was at this moment that Peter realized that Jesus was serious about the ta ethnas part of His great commission.

Yet it wasn’t for another ten years (almost two decades after Jesus’ ascension) that the Church leaders met in Jerusalem to codify the inclusion of non-Jewish Christians into the Church community.

The Church has always seemed slow to capture a vision for what Jesus meant when He called for a Church of the nations. But as we wade into the uncomfortable waters of questioning our assumptions about the superiority of majority culture, we tap into a vision for the Christian movement that’s grander than we ever could have imagined.

All Are One in Christ Jesus.

Too often, Church leaders are quick to quote Paul’s words in Galatians in order to advocate for a color-blind view on race that denies the existence and ongoing effects of systemic racism.

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:28)

But Paul wasn’t saying that these distinctions between individuals and groups magically disappear when we come to faith, or that we won’t have to grapple with the long standing power imbalances that arise from them.

Quite the opposite.

Distinctions of race, ethnicity, and gender are important. In fact, they’re God ordained. As we see and celebrate our differences, we more fully understand the God in whose image we are created. We just can’t allow structures that privilege one of those groups above others to persist.

If we’re attentive, we see that God consistently challenges assumptions of superiority throughout the course of the biblical narrative. As we seek to be faithful to the new kingdom that Jesus has ushered in, may we be equally consistent about dismantling systems of inequality in our own time.

A version of this article originally appeared here.

Sears: We’re ‘Challenging’ Politicians Who Deny Poor Kids School Choice and Send Their Kids to Private School


On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Fox Business Tonight,” Virginia Lt. Gov Winsome Sears (R) discussed the push for school choice in Virginia and said they are taking on politicians who can send their kids to private school, but “block poor parents” from doing so and make zip codes into “the red line on the kind of education you are going to get.” Sears also stated, there’s “a real awakening happening” in immigrant, Black, and Hispanic communities embracing conservative ideas.

Sears stated, “[W]e are challenging those politicians who, by the way, they have the ability to send their children — because they have the resources — to send their children to private schools. Why would you stand in the doorway and block poor parents who want their children to make school choices? Why would you stand in their way and say no, you must go to this school and this school only? For me, that’s the new red line. Your zip code, once again, is the red line on the kind of education you are going to get.”

She added, “Well, there is a real awakening happening, and it’s happening in the immigrant community. It’s happening in the Black community. Latinos especially, you see are really seeking to really embrace the Republican ideals, the conservative ideals. Because you can see what’s happening, for example, in Florida with the school choice. The charter schools are going gangbusters, it’s working there. People want choice. And we’re going to have that in Virginia. … You, politician, you have the opportunity to send your child to whatever school you want. Because you have the means to do so. And by the way, the wealthy, they already have that choice. So, it’s not as if we’re taking money away. What we’re saying is, don’t stand in the way of parents who have begged me, as I was on the campaign trail, why can’t we send our children to whatever school we want? That’s what we’re talking about, the future of the child.”

Follow Ian Hanchett on Twitter @IanHanchett

Running The Race

By Discerning Dad Jan 29, 2021

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.” Hebrews 12:1 NLT

Inclusivity training in a common standard in businesses and recently we had one at my work. The goal of this training was to help the employees understand that both employee and customer bring bias into their situations at work and how to navigate this bias so it does not display itself in a negative way. Bias has a negative connotation but it does not have to be. Everyone has bias. Bias can be defined as “a particular tendency, trend, inclination, feeling, or opinion, especially one that is preconceived or unreasoned that can affect a person’s actions.” We all have bias and opinion based on our interests, upbringing, affiliations, activities, career, place of residence, and the list goes on and on. The trick is to not let your bias treat anyone differently.

People have no shortage of opinions on things and Christians are not any different. Christians usually have an answer for what they believe and why. They can tell you all about what sin is, what political party to vote for, what grace is and is not, if you can lose your salvation, what denomination to follow, what the end times are going to look like, and especially how OTHER Christians are supposed to behave!

This is especially the case on social media, from what I have seen, the typical Christian typing away responses to online forums or posts to either believers or non, has no shortage of opinions and “facts” based reasons why someone else is wrong and why they are right.

The missing piece to this formula is love…

But what’s love got to do with it?

With discernment, it is very important to know what you believe and why. You should be able to give an answer for the hope that lies within you (1 Peter 3:15). The world, the Internet, and books are filled with more information that you can absorb in one lifetime. The Bible has to be the foundation for which all this information is discerned. As we grow in maturity as Christians, we will be more and more confident, moving from milk to solid food as the Bible talks about.

“Then we will no longer be immature like children. We won’t be tossed and blown about by every wind of new teaching. We will not be influenced when people try to truck us with lies so clever they sound like the truth.” Ephesians 4:14

As we build a solid foundation in our faith, how does that affect how we treat others?

We should grow in truth but how do we share it?

One of my favorite quotes on this matter is:

“Truth becomes hard if it is not softened by love; love becomes soft if it is not strengthened by truth” John Stott

It’s important to note that not all Christians are in the same phase of their walk with the Lord. We are “running the race” as Romans explains, a race has runners at various stages. We can’t look at our position in the race and ridicule them for not being as far along. Encouragement goes a lot farther than discouragement.

This doesn’t mean you have to ignore heretical statements spoken by another Christian but maybe it does? It depends on the situation. If it happens online, you can simply log off or scroll past. If it’s a fellow Christian who has given you a platform to be able to speak in their life, then provide correction with love if they are in a position to hear.

Someone who has been a Christian for a long time can forget what it was like to be first saved. It can be overwhelming at first trying to understand the Bible, the world will tell you that it is filled with contradictions and antiquated ideas that aren’t relevant today. Newer Christians sometimes don’t know where to start, what to study, or even what to believe. If you include the fact that many churches focus on a “salvation message” without encouraging discipleship, newer Christians are left at the starting line without any fellow believers to help them on their journey.

When considering the parallels with a race and our Christian walk a few things come to mind:

• Conditioning– Reading the Bible, exercising your faith, praying, worship, etc. are all ways we grow and practice before “the big game.” We are all in the main event race our whole life but there are smaller races I believe we take part in. These include callings to a new ministry or phase of life, struggling with a battle of health or finances, and facing rejection.

• Endurance– Galatians 6:9 states, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” A marathon is tough and grueling and many just want to quit. Some estimates say that between 10-30% of participants in a marathon do not finish. Christians are falling away from the faith at a record rate. Some have been in the race their whole life and some are newer Christians who decided the cost was too much. We are called to ENDURE!

• Psychological– A big aspect to running a race is not only physical but mental! A runner can be their own worst enemy if they let their mind control their motivation during the race. You’ve heard the phrase “mind over matter”. Your willingness to push yourself can cause you to go further than you thought was physically possible. The same is true in our Christian walk, our doubts and fears can sometimes get the best of us and make us want to quit.

• Encouragement- Do you see the crowds that cheer runners on the side of the road? They cheer, give high fives, and throw water bottles at them as a sign of encouragement. You often see many runners as well encouraging each other along the way, sometimes even finishing with another runner hugging onto their shoulders. Runners can have sponsors as well, which is a close analogy to Christian mentors. We have a “crowd of witnesses” as Hebrews 12:1 states. These are men and women of faith who have gone before us, our family who we long to see again, the men and women of the Bible, and many we don’t even know! They endured the race and made it to the end, cheering us on through the example they set before us. The onus is on us as runners to encourage those around us, realizing we are heading to the same goal.

Paul knew what he was talking about when he compared our Christian walk to a race! Jesus waits for us to finish, ready to say “well done good and faithful servant.” Every pain we face, every doubt we overcome, every battle we wage is worth patiently enduring the journey to get to the finish line and see our Savior at last!

Discerning Reflection: What areas of my life hinder my race? Is there sin that I need to let go of that slows me down? How can I encourage other Christians around me? Who specifically is God calling on me to mentor and disciple?

Prayer: Lord, help me overcome sin that ensnares my race. Let me see with clarity what my eternal goal really is. May I not be consumed with earthly goals that distract me. Help me be an encouragement to those around me while being conscious of the fact that they are in different stages of their race.

Tim Ferrara

Discerning Dad

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VIDEO Mom who survived Mao’s China calls critical race theory America’s Cultural Revolution and why

Xi Van Fleet

Xi Van Fleet delivered the speech in front of the Loudoun County School BoardLoudoun County School Board

A Virginia mom who grew up under Chairman Mao’s brutal Communist regime has angrily ripped critical race theory as “the American version of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.”

“Critical race theory has its roots in cultural Marxism — it should have no place in our schools,” Xi Van Fleet said to cheers and applause at a Tuesday meeting of the progressive Loudoun County School Board.

“You are now teaching, training our children, to be social justice warriors and to loathe our country and our history,” she told the meeting of the district already bitterly divided for pushing the policy that critics accuse of itself being racist.

“Growing up in Mao’s China, all of this seems very familiar,” insisted the mom, who finally fled China when she was 26.

“The Communist regime used the same critical theory to divide people. The only difference is they used class instead of race,” she said.

The mom — whose son graduated from Loudoun High School in 2015 — compared the current division in the US to her experience growing up under Mao Zedong, one of the most brutal rulers in history until his death in 1979.

She recalled seeing “students and teachers turn against each other,” and school names being changed “to be politically correct” as they were “taught to denounce our heritage.”

Mao Zedong
Mao Zedong brutally ruled China until his death in 1979.

“The Red Guards destroyed anything that is not Communist — statues, books and anything else,” she said.

“We were also encouraged to report on each other, just like the Student Equity Ambassador program and the bias reporting system,” she said of systems that other parents have sued over.

Van Fleet told Fox News on Wednesday that she initially planned to say more but was forced to cut her speech to a minute.

“To me, and to a lot of Chinese, it is heartbreaking that we escaped communism and now we experience communism here,” she told Fox of her strong feelings against the progressive agenda.

Ian Prior, the father of two students attending Loudoun schools, said Van Fleet’s remarks “should serve as a stark warning.”

“I think for a while now, school systems have really put this stuff in the schools right under our very noses, and we just weren’t aware,” he told Fox, saying parents were “trusting the school system to do the job.”

“It took a pandemic and all the information that parents could see with this distance learning to understand exactly what was going on.”

A group of male and female coal miners in 1968 recite in Li Se Yuan mine some paragraphs of Mao Zedong's "Little Red Book" as they celebrate Mao's "Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution".
A group of male and female coal miners in 1968 recite in Li Se Yuan mine some paragraphs of Mao Zedong’s “Little Red Book” as they celebrate Mao’s “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.”

The school board in a wealthy district has become a hotbed of controversy for numerous progressive teaching policies.

This week, a judge ordered the reinstatement of a Christian teacher who had been suspended for refusing to recognize “a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa” and use transgender students’ preferred pronouns.


The Great American Story: A Land of Hope – CRT War on the Republic

Not that long ago, we couldn’t have imagined a time when American history wouldn’t be studied. Today, sadly, the unimaginable is upon us.

The inspiring history of our nation, passed down by generations of Americans, is being replaced by a false and dishonest narrative that depicts our nation’s history as essentially flawed and unjust.

On top of this false narrative, “critical race theory” is being used to condition young Americans to look past our common humanity and separate themselves in terms of race and skin color.

Given these developments in our schools, is it any surprise that so many young Americans are less patriotic and increasingly attracted to ideas like socialism that are destructive of liberty?

As part of its fight against these developments, Hillsdale College has produced what is becoming one of its most popular free online courses, “The Great American Story: A Land of Hope.”

Taught by Dr. Wilfred McClay, this course provides a comprehensive and unbiased account of America’s past—and a powerful counterweight to the destructive ideas behind “critical race theory.”

Hillsdale College produced this course in the belief that a proper understanding of America’s great heritage of liberty is essential to intelligent patriotism and the cause of preserving free government.

I invite you to use the link below to join over 100,000 citizens who have already enrolled for free in “The Great American Story: A Land of Hope.” 

Warm regards,

Larry P. Arnn
President, Hillsdale College
Pursuing Truth and Defending Liberty Since 1844

The CRT War on the Republic

By Colleen Ann Ruggieri July 21, 2021

“George Washington was an evil man! He’s not a hero. You need to take that picture down,” my 13-year-old daughter admonished my brother while standing in his home. “He slaughtered Native Americans and owned slaves. My social studies teacher taught me all about him.”   

“And you are sending your kids to that school?” my brother asked. I shook my head and vowed to investigate while gazing at his copy of “The Prayer at Valley Forge” by Arnold Friberg. It has always been one of my favorite works of art, and in our family, the portrait is symbolic of the power of prayer and what it means to be an American. 

 I would not condemn my daughter’s instructor until I knew the whole story. However, I could not get over her dismissal of Washington’s role as a Revolutionary War hero and his place in history as the first president of the United States. 

In our family, this was the opening of the Critical Race Theory can of worms in the Olentangy Local School District, a system that began as a one-room schoolhouse in the early 1900s and grew to be Ohio’s sixth-largest public school system. 

As it turns out, my daughter’s teacher, a self-proclaimed lover of “hard history,” is a disciple of anti-racist teaching. Parents in our community have testified that they do not object to lesson plans presenting multiple perspectives of history and they support diversity training; they disagree when instructors present revisionist history as fact and disavow the United States Constitution. Unfortunately, this seems to be lost on educators like my daughter’s teacher, who tweets praise for activists such as Hasan Kwami Jeffries, an Ohio State University professor who was contracted by OLSD to provide professional development. 

On one of Jeffries’ instructional slides, he states that 1619 is our country’s origin, and that “Racism is encoded in our DNA.” After uncovering this, parents began protesting Jeffries’ teachings and the fact that teachers had been given the green light to implement anti-racist, CRT ideas into their lessons. Unabashed, Jeffries taunted them on Twitter. His assault continues, as he attacked Republicans and Tweeted multiple CRT endorsements last month.  On July 4th he echoed the assault on George Washington’s place in American history.   

Even after sharing Jeffries’ social media posts, school board members and administrators insisted that the district was not teaching CRT. When parents brought evidence forward, the “CRT is not in our curriculum” message continued, and the school board president charged parents with “conflating national media reports” with what was going on in their kids’ classrooms. 

Trained in equity and inclusion, teachers all over the country are operating as Marxist social justice activists. Parents are fighting to take back their schools. On defense, newspapers, along with local and national television news broadcasts, rage against reason with slanted stories arguing that conservative parents refuse to acknowledge history over heritage and that Critical Race Theory is not being taught in schools and the Republican party is racist and soulless

This hit home for Olentangy parents reading the July 17th lead story of the Columbus Dispatch, a paper that serves a metropolitan area of two million people and is owned by Gannet, America’s largest newspaper publisher. The top-of-the-fold, front-page article “Future of Critical Race Theory Debate” includes coverage of the most recent Olentangy Local School District board meeting. 

Months prior to that meeting, parent groups voiced concern that school officials were placing a stronger emphasis on equity and inclusion and emotional and social learning than on academics. However, the Dispatch story leads readers to believe that only three parents and a student were at the board meeting to speak in opposition to teachers’ use of CRT in classrooms. The story’s lie of omission is that school board policy limits community participation to thirty minutes at meetings, with each speaker having a maximum speaking time of five minutes. 

During the meeting, two parents gave their speaking time to former Ohio State football player Dimitrious Stanley who delivered his objections to Critical Race Theory and shared how anti-racist teachings negatively impact his interracial family. The reporter writing the story failed to acknowledge that parents filled an entire side of a high school auditorium and that numerous families had been in contact with administrators in objection to assignments and projects promoting the 1619 Project as the beginning of America, presenting Marxism as a superior form of government, and examining how Caucasian students have used white privilege to harm minorities. 

The Dispatch story reports that a local petition against teaching CRT had fewer than 200 signatures but fails to mention the


community’s petition which has been signed by more than 1,200 objectors. By neglecting to provide background information and extended facts about the board meeting, the Dispatch, like so many other media outlets, marginalized parents’ concerns and portrayed them as outliers. 

Should anyone really care about these school official denials and the media’s attempted manipulation? The answer lies in the Illusory Truth Effect, the phenomenon in which the repetition of ideas makes them easier to process. Ultimately, the fluency in which people receive information creates a perfect method of disseminating fiction-over-fact because the more often people hear ideas, the more likely that some might start to believe them. Americans cannot escape corporate media headlines stating that America is systemically racist and that CRT is only taught at colleges.

While truth-seeking citizens will see through these swirling sound bites, some viewers will fall victim to false claims and choose to criticize, ostracize, and demonize anyone who goes against the media machine, including neighbors, friends, and family. Don’t want the “hard truth” taught exclusively? You’re racist! Voted for Trump? You’re a white supremacist! The endgame of this media manipulation is a fractured nation, a fallen Republic that is devoured and destroyed by revisionist history-driven socialists. 

In a correspondence sent to Thomas Lomax on March 12, 1799, Thomas Jefferson shared sentiments that transcend time:

The spirit of 1776 is not dead. It has only been slumbering. The body of the American people is substantially republican. But their virtuous feelings have been played on by some fact with more fiction; they have been the dupes of artful maneuvers, & made for a moment to be willing instruments in forging chains for themselves. But time & truth have dissipated the delusion, & opened their eyes. 

Indeed, though mainstream media outlets dishonestly dismiss dissident parents and categorize free-thinking objectors as ignorant, ill-intentioned fascists who are trying to protect their way of life at others’ expense, parents will not be thwarted. Public teachers will no longer go unchecked as they strive to suppress cognitive dissonance and dupe their students into believing that the Western ideals of capitalism, individualism, and equality should no longer serve as America’s foundation. Media moguls and teachers-turned-ideologues have underestimated how many people are willing to break the chains and engage in a modern revolution to protect our Republic. Americans know that the truth will set them free, and they will refuse to drown in the river of miseducation, manipulation, and misinformation. 

Image: Max Pixel

To comment, you can find the MeWe post for this article here.


School-board members indicted for ‘critical race theory’ discussion

‘The fact they had the nerve to show up to our meeting that evening is appalling’

By Bob Unruh April 14, 2021

(Image courtesy Pixabay)

Two school-board members in Texas have been indicted by a grand jury for discussing how to promote the radical teachings of “critical race theory” in their public schools.

The Texan reported Carroll, Texas, Independent School District board members Michelle Moore and Todd Carlton were indicted for violating state law with their discussion of the theory. According to Britannica, the theory claims “the law and legal institutions in the United States are inherently racist insofar as they function to create and maintain social, economic, and political inequalities between whites and nonwhites, especially African Americans.”

The board members are accused of violating a state law that bans secret deliberations.

“Last summer, several school board members engaged in a series of text messages regarding the district’s Cultural Competence Action Plan (CCAP) that raised concerns about an Open Meetings Act violation,” the report said.

The report explained members of public school boards are not allowed to “engage in communications separately that, when taken together, would constitute a quorum.”

The report cited the Texas Attorney General’s Open Meetings Act Handbook, which states: “Amended section 551.143 now prohibits discussion about an item of public business among a quorum of a governmental body through a series of communications.”

Violating the requirement is a misdemeanor with possible penalties of up to $500 in fines and up to six months in jail.


VIDEO This State Just Banned Critical Race Theory From Its Schools – Vernon Jones Blasts Critical Race Theory: ‘It’s Racism’

By Kimberlee Kruesi -May 25, 2021

banned critical race theory
FILE – In this Jan. 19, 2021 file photo, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee answers questions after he spoke to a joint session of the legislature at the start of a special session on education, in Nashville, Tenn. Lee on Friday, May 5 echoed arguments in favor of a bill that would restrict what concepts on institutional racism can be taught in school, saying students should learn “the exceptionalism of our nation,” not things that “inherently divide” people. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey, File)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee is the latest state to ban teachers from teaching certain concepts of race and racism in public schools.

Republican Gov. Bill Lee signed into law on Monday a measure that attracted some of the most impassioned debates inside the GOP-controlled General Assembly this year. He signaled his support after it cleared the Legislature, arguing that students should learn “the exceptionalism of our nation,” not things that “inherently divide” people.

“We need to make sure that our kids recognize that this country is moving toward a more perfect union, that we should teach the exceptionalism of our nation and how people can live together and work together to make a greater nation, and to not teach things that inherently divide or pit either Americans against Americans or people groups against people groups,” Lee told reporters at the time.

The legislation, which was amended several times in the final days of the legislative session, of an education bill, takes effect July 1. Among other things, Tennessee’s teachers can’t instruct that “an individual, by virtue of the individual’s race or sex, is inherently privileged, racist, sexist, or oppressive, whether consciously or subconsciously.”

“Impartial discussion of controversial aspects of history” is still permitted under the law, and limits on teacher speech won’t apply when a teacher is responding to a student’s question or referring to a historic figure or group.

However, the penalty for a transgression is steep: The state education commissioner could withhold funds from any school found to be in violation.

While most of the majority-white GOP House and Senate caucuses supported the effort, Black Democratic lawmakers warned that it will make teachers fearful about telling students anything about how race and racism have shaped the nation’s history.

Tennessee’s new law is similar to laws enacted in Idaho and Oklahoma. In Arkansas, Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson allowed a version that primarily focused on employee training to become law without his signature.

Republican lawmakers also passed bills about sexual education. Lee signed a requirement that school districts to alert parents 30 days in advance of any instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity, and let them opt their student out. Lee also approved legislation allowing parents to view information about contraception included within a family life curriculum, and opt their children out of those lessons as well.

This story originally appeared here

Watch: Vernon Jones Blasts Critical Race Theory: ‘It’s Racism’

AlexaMay 25, 2021

Watch: Vernon Jones Blasts Critical Race Theory: ‘It’s Racism’

On Monday, Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones (R) slammed critical race theory as “racism” that shouldn’t be taught to America’s youth.

“I’m against it. You know, Maria, if you asked 10 different people what is critical race theory, you get 10 different answers,” Jones explained to Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo. “So, we do know one thing that everybody knows is race-based. And if you teach it in school, it’s racism.”

Bartiromo pointed out that kids are being labeled as racists before they have a chance to speak their minds. “Tell me about the impact to this on our population.”

“See, Maria, that’s what I was saying earlier. You ask 10 different people, you get 10 different definitions. It’s been taught different ways in different schools, and it’s being abused,” the gubernatorial candidate explained. “And the problem is you are taking young people who are next to another young person and pitting one against the other, and you say to even white children, ‘Look, you’re responsible for what happened hundreds and hundreds of years ago,’ and they don’t have a clue.”

“So, it being race-based, and you are teaching in a way that you’re teaching racism. It does not make any sense. I’m totally against it. Georgia shouldn’t have it. I call on our governor to stop it,” Jones explained. “I was with the local school board just recently the other night. I had my representative there saying, ‘Look, ban it in those local schools.’ There is no place for critical race theory. We can’t talk about history. We can’t talk about things we know about, teach about things we don’t know about, where it’s becoming abusive. And it’s racism and race-based. What else can you say? It just should not be taught.”


Critical race theory is based on the 1619 project, which New York Times writer Nike Hannah-Jones played a vital role in writing. The central theme behind the Project’s conclusion is 1619 is the year slaves were brought from Africa to the United States, which they claim is when America was actually founded. The Project also surmises that the American Revolution was fought to preserve slavery. Both of those arguments are factually inaccurate. America’s foundation was solidified in 1776. The American Revolution was fought so that the United States could gain independence from Great Britain.

This is an excerpt from The Daily Wire


VIDEO Space Force Commander’s Book Shoots to No. 1 After His Firing

Marxism In The Military Teaching Patriotism Is Evil

Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier was relieved of his post Friday after discussing his new book on the Marxist infiltration of U.S. service academies.


By Debra Heine May 17, 2021 – updated May 23, 2021

A new book about the Marxist takeover of the military reached the top spot on Amazon’s bestseller list after the author, a former commander of a U.S. Space Force unit in Colorado, was fired for promoting it.

Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier, commander of 11th Space Warning Squadron at Buckley Air Force Base, was relieved from his post after he appeared on a podcast to promote his book, Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military.

Irresistible Revolution is a timely and bold contribution from an active-duty Space Force lieutenant colonel who sees the impact of a neo-Marxist agenda at the ground level within our armed forces,” a description of the book reads.

Lohmeier, a former instructor and fighter pilot, was tasked with detecting ballistic missile launches.

He was fired on Friday for comments he made on national security expert L. Todd Wood’s podcast “Information Operation” earlier in the week, according to

Lohmeier spoke about U.S. institutions, including universities, media and federal agencies including the military, that he said are increasingly adopting leftist practices. These practices—such as diversity and inclusion training and instruction in critical race theory—are the cause of the divisive climate across America today, he said.

From his perspective as a commander, Lohmeier said he didn’t seek to criticize any particular senior leader or publicly identify troops in his book. Rather, he said, he focused on the policies service members now have to adhere to to align with certain agendas “that are now affecting our culture.”

Referring to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who ordered a 60-day stand-down in February to give military leaders a chance to address “extremism” in the ranks, he said: “I don’t demonize the man, but I want to make it clear to both him and every service member this [diversity and inclusion] agenda, it will divide us, it will not unify us.”

As part of the stand-down, Lohmeier noted he was given a booklet that cited the January 6 U.S. Capitol riot as an example of extremism. But the material made no mention of rioting and destruction of property that took place following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year.

Lohmeier also mentioned “the Pentagon spokesperson,” possibly in reference to Press Secretary John Kirby. Lohmeier claimed the spokesman said “there are too many white pilots,” amid an ever-increasing pilot shortage.

“If you want to provide that kind of messaging to your already-struggling pilot force, you can already expect to see further retention problems,” he said

Lohmeier told Wood he has received many positive messages from active-duty members following the book’s release.

“[They’re saying], ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you for speaking up—because we don’t have a voice anymore,” he said

After the podcast, Lt. General Stephen Whiting, the head of Space Operations Command, said there was “a loss of confidence” in Lohmeier’s “ability to lead,” according to

“This decision was based on public comments made by Lt. Col. Lohmeier in a recent podcast,” a Space Force spokesperson told the outlet in an email. “Lt. Gen. Whiting has initiated a command-directed investigation on whether these comments constituted prohibited partisan political activity.”

Several Republican congressmen spoke out against Lohmeier’s firing on social media over the weekend.

U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) vowed to take action on the firing in the Armed Services Committee.

Austin hired a Trump-hating critical race theory promoter to be the hatchet man in charge of purging “extremists”—commonly understood to be MAGA supporters—from U.S. military ranks.

Based on a number of his race-baiting tweets captured by Revolver, Bishop Garrison, senior advisor to the secretary of defense for diversity and inclusion, is the right man for the job.

Garrison tweeted in 2019 that only racists, misogynists, and extremists could support Donald Trump, the commander-in-chief of the U.S. armed forces at the time.

Revolver founder Darren Beattie appeared on “Fox and Friends” earlier this month to talk about Garrison’s dangerous radicalism.

Beattie quoted one of Garrison’s more disturbing outbursts about the need for incivility to counter “falsehoods and misinformation.”

“Calls for civility rather than shouting down falsehoods and misinformation shall be the death of this nation,” he reportedly said.

A member of the U.S. Air Force contacted American Greatness in mid-March to describe how he and several other MAGA-supporting jet mechanics had been directed to submit to “new” fingerprints. He said his Air Force supervisors told them that they had somehow “lost” all digital and hard copies of previous fingerprints, while also saying that they needed these new fingerprints for a security clearance background investigation (which none of them had sought).

“In other words, both of the official reasons for these new fingerprints are suspicious as hell and we all rolled our eyes and LOL’d,” the mechanic said in an email.

“None of us are terrorists or even overly political,” he added.

The mechanic said he had heard that the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Homeland Security had been using an algorithm software and IT contractors to evaluate servicemembers’ internet browsing habits. The fact that his favorite websites included NewsmaxBreitbart, Fox News, and American Greatness, he said, made him a target of the cultural Marxists now in charge of the military.

“They are running a social credit score just like the Communist Chinese are,” he said.

After the Pentagon’s 60-day stand down to take stock of “extremism” ended, Defence Department officials issued a formal memo laying out its “Immediate Actions to Counter Extremism,” Revolver reported.

This memo announced the establishment of the Countering Extremism Working Group (“CEWG”) at the Pentagon to be led by none other than Bishop Garrison.

From the memo:

The [CEWG’s] immediate actions are as follows:

Review and Update of DODI 1325.06 Extremism Definition: Office of the Secretary of Defense (Personnel & Readiness) and the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) will review and update DODI 1325.06 to more specifically define what constitutes extremist behavior.
Updating the Service Member Transition Checklist: The military departments will add provisions to their service member transition checklists that include training on potential targeting of service members by extremist groups and work with other federal departments agencies to create a mechanism by which veterans have the opportunity to report any potential contact with an extremist group should they choose to do so.
Review and Standardization of Screening Questionnaires: All military departments to update and standardize screening questionnaires to solicit specific information about current or previous extremist behavior.
Commission of Extremism Study: The Department will commission a study on extremist behavior within our Total Force, to include gaining greater fidelity on the scope of the problem.
Led by Bishop Garrison, Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense on Human Capital and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, the CEWG will oversee the implementation of immediate actions as well as the development of mid-term and long-term recommendations for the continued engagement of this issue. The CEWG will report through the Workforce Management Group (WMG) to the Deputy’s Workforce Council (DWC).

Lohmeier, according to, spent more than 14 years in the Air Force before transferring into space operations in October 2020.

He and other members of the Space Force were contacted by then-President Donald Trump the following month for the branch’s first Thanksgiving holiday.

Lohmeier told he had consulted with his chain of command, public affairs, and legal counsel about his plans to publish a book and its contents.

“I was apprised of the option to have my book reviewed at the Pentagon’s prepublication and security review prior to release, but was also informed that it was not required,” Lohmeier said in an email.

“My intent never has been to engage in partisan politics. I have written a book about a particular political ideology (Marxism) in the hope that our Defense Department might return to being politically non-partisan in the future as it has honorably done throughout history,” he said.

That does not seem to be on the horizon—at least as long as the left has control of the military.

The Air Force source told American Greatness that more and more conservative websites are being banned from web browsing on government computers.

“Yahoo, CNN, and MSN . . . will never be forbidden to access, but the new website “From The Desk Of Donald J. Trump” is, and has been since day one, off-limits,” he said. “A government browser or device cannot even go there or download its app. Period.”

Marxism In The Military Teaching Patriotism Is Evil


VIDEO Conservatism and Race: A Positive Path Forward

On April 23, the great Robert Woodson delivered the inaugural lecture in Hillsdale’s Christ Chapel Drummond Lecture Series. His topic was “Conservatism and Race: A Positive Path Forward.”

Robert L. Woodson is the founding president of the Woodson Center, an organization dedicated to improving low-income neighborhoods, promoting civics education, improving race relations, and developing community leaders

A veteran of the civil rights movement, Woodson embraces what he calls “radical pragmatism” as the best way to improve the lives of “the least of God’s children.” His work at the Woodson Center seeks to ennoble and inspire the downtrodden rather than condescend to and coddle them. As my colleague David Whalen noted, “for decades, while public figures pose and wrangle about the poor and racial injustice, Robert Woodson has transformed the lives of many thousands. He does so because he understands responsibility, authentic human dignity, and the freedom through which people actually flourish. Where others just talk, Woodson has achieved near miracles.”

In recognition of his long and good service for America, Woodson was awarded Hillsdale’s Freedom Leadership Award.

Warm regards,

Larry P. Arnn
President, Hillsdale College
Pursuing Truth and Defending Liberty Since 1844

VIDEO Parents Revolt After Texas’s No. 1 School District Tries To Institutionalize Racism – Vail, AZ

Parents Revolt After Texas’s No. 1 School District Tries To Institutionalize Racism

Parents of kids attending Texas’s top-performing school district found out what their schools have been teaching in the name of ‘racial justice,’ and they are livid.

By Joy Pullmannupdated

A suburb of Dallas, Texas has exploded into national media coverage and arrests of school board members after parents found out what their schools have been teaching in the name of “racial justice.” They’re fighting back with lawsuits and challengers for two school board seats in an election that finishes May 1.

Carroll Independent School District of Southlake is the top-achieving school district in Texas. It has no racial achievement gaps, which is nearly unheard of. That’s because Southlake attracts high-achieving families of all races.

The local median income is more than four times the national average and poverty there is statistically nonexistent. According to district data, “microaggressions,” bullying, and racially charged incidents happen approximately three times per month in the district of 8,500 students, meaning they involve 0.3 percent of students a year.

Yet, beginning in 2018, the district rushed into an eye-popping “cultural competence” plan after two videos of students singing the n-word along with rappers went viral on social media. Media outlets went nuts on the story, and so did local school board meetings, where sometimes-crying taxpayers, parents, and students spent hours insisting their lives have been forever damaged by the kind of “institutional racism” in Southlake illustrated by the rap sing-alongs.

They weren’t complaining that rappers stud songs with racial slurs, or that parents let their kids listen to such music. They were complaining about things like teasing and graffiti. They demanded the school district end such annoyances, and even treat them like crimes, or be convicted in the court of public opinion of enabling “institutional racism.”

Is Everyone to Blame for What a Few Racists Do?

Retired Dallas Cowboys player Russell Maryland and Robin Cornish, the widow of another Cowboy, who both have kids in the district, used national media appearances to pressure the town to enact a “Cultural Competence Action Plan,” or CCAP. A long-form article from NBC News in January that quotes Cornish accuses the town of harboring racists.

Cornish also told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in February 2019 the school district was “sweeping this under the carpet, and they are complicit. Unfortunately, this is the way our country is right now. Southlake is a microcosm of that. We have someone running the country right now who says it’s OK to be racist.”

“The idea that America is fundamentally flawed because some people have a [racist] problem in their minds, that’s a recipe to keep you in poverty and unhappiness for the rest of your life,” said Juan Saldivar, a father of a Southlake student, to explain his opposition to restructuring Southlake schools around “systemic racism.” “My parents always told me it doesn’t matter whether people like you, it matters whether the law protects you, and it does.”

He said most parents who oppose the district’s rush into racial extremism over the past three years don’t want to talk to media outlets because their perspective is depicted as racist, even though their true goals are combating racism and ensuring equal treatment and continued academic excellence for all Carroll students. A local parents group organized to oppose CCAP, Southlake Families PAC, makes that clear throughout their website and other materials.

Through the district’s spokesman, school board members and Carroll administrators refused any comment on this story, even through their lawyers. The spokesman cited ongoing litigation that has paused CCAP and led to two school board members posting bail after being indicted in a lawsuit alleging they conducted meetings about CCAP in secret in violation of state law.

A look at what numerous district employees and contractors were using public resources to teach suggests some other reasons they’re declining comment. Here’s a sampling of what Carroll ISD has been doing in the name of “cultural competency” and “combatting racism.” It’s evidence of the district seeking to push extremist views on kids—a completely different story than CCAP proponents claim and corporate media have reported in the past three years.

Racial ‘Competence’ Means Shaming White People

During a 2019 retreat, Carroll administrators were given a preview of the kind of instruction they would be expected to oversee and carry out under a “cultural competency” regime.

In slides presented at that retreat, teachers and administrators who choose to treat students, parents, and colleagues equally regardless of their skin color or ethnicity were accused of “cultural blindness”: “a state in which differences were ignored and one proceeds as if differences don’t exist.” The slides claimed, “White privilege is being able to navigate daily life in the American culture without having to think about race.”

The administrators were encouraged to construct a “white identity,” discussing “What does it mean for you to be white?” and “whiteness,” as well as “Nam[ing] some characteristics of white culture.”

While being encouraged to think of themselves in terms of race, however, administrators were also told that being white is a bad thing. It includes “white fragility,” “a state in which even a minimal amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves (anger, fear, guilt.. silence).”

Ironically, the presentation also warns against “stereotyping,” which it says “happens when you generalize about a person while ignoring the presence of individual differences.”

“This is how bad it has to get before most white people notice: Burning crosses, Swastikas, KKK, the N-word,” Carroll administrators were told in the presentation.

Everything Could Be Racist, Even Eye Contact

On August 10, 2020, Assistant Principal Rene James gave a presentation to Carroll High School teachers focused on race. It directed them to think about their teaching through “The Lense of Equity,” which means racializing every possible interaction: where students sit, who raises his hand (and doesn’t), which students take advanced classes, and so forth, in extreme detail.

The presentation included this video from a California nonprofit group about “racism” in schools. An unnamed young black woman in the video claims “Black and brown students” need extra resources because they “have to work extra hard and do like double the work just to succeed.”

James’s presentation also links to an “equity rubric,” or things teachers should change about their professional practices, that include “The teacher is aware of their [sic] biases and privileges,” “The teacher utilizes identity-affirming strategies,” and “The school’s core policies and practices indicate a prioritization of Equity.” Teachers were instructed to document “evidence of progress” on metrics like this.

James’s presentation also links to “A Resource for Equitable Classroom Practices 2010,” a 40-page document that includes detailed instructions for greeting students, calling on them in class, and classroom decorations, all with an eye to race. It implies that behaviors such as mispronouncing a student’s name, making both too much or too little eye contact, or not equally distributing how a teacher walks around the classroom is racist.

The document also demands that teachers who don’t want to be considered racists “Use[] body language, gestures, and expressions to convey a message that all students’ questions and opinions are important,” and include non-English words in classroom materials.

Equality Is Actually Racist

A “culturally competent” professional development session held on Sept. 9, 2020 for Carroll ISD staff included similar material. It claimed that teachers who “maintain[] long held traditions over [a]changing population’s traditions” and “neglecting to or refusing to each from a culturally relevant perspective,” as well as striving to treat all people equally regardless of skin color, were negative behaviors teachers should shun.

It called on teachers to “Understand, [sic] there is a system and culture of power dependent on the suppression of other cultures in order to maintain itself” and claimed “educators no longer have the luxury of being color-blind or color-mute in a society socially constructed around race.”

This “training session” was held in conjunction with a publicly funded regional public school cooperative known as Education Service Center Region 11, which oversees 76 Texas public school districts that encompass approximately 600,000 students.

The presentation further called on teachers to consider how they can be a “more critically race conscious leader and educator (in America).”

The presentation depicted as educators’ ultimate goal to encourage students to “work to be agents of change,” and along the way learn to “view problems and issues through different ethnic lenses.” It called on teachers to develop environments that push students to “become actively engaged in solving real-world problems centered around diversity, culture, power, equity, and social-justice.”

Dad: A Poisonous Recipe for Poverty and Unhappiness

CCAP proponents like Maryland depict this kind of material as teaching children basic human decency. But those who oppose it see materials like these and draw the conclusion that there’s a lot more going on here.

Saldivar is a retired colonel who graduated from West Point and remained in Southlake after he was stationed in the area on a military assignment. He strongly opposes this kind of instruction trickling down into his daughter’s fourth-grade classroom.

“I did everything I could to get my child into [Carroll] and it’s No. 1 in Texas, and I say I do not want my child growing up with this stuff being injected into her brain because it’s poison,” he said in an interview. “It’s the seeds of destruction that ruin one’s ability to grow up happy and be a leader in society.”

A Mexican-American grandson of immigrants, Juan was the first in his extended family to go to college. He said he’s experienced racism from both white people and “people of color,” but said racist actions by individuals don’t indict the entire nation he’s put his life in danger to protect and that has given his immigrant family opportunities far beyond their sharecropper past.

“The outcome is nothing less than the survival of our national identity itself. No nation can survive a generation of citizens who hate their country,” Saldivar said to explain why he finally decided to speak his mind despite the social pressure he knew he’d face for it. “That’s why I say education is a higher endeavor than war. It has a longer-lasting impact.”

Joy Pullmann is executive editor of The Federalist, a happy wife, and the mother of six children. Sign up here to get early access to her next book, “How To Control The Internet So It Doesn’t Control You.” Her bestselling ebook is “Classic Books for Young Children.” A Hillsdale College honors graduate, @JoyPullmann is also the author of “The Education Invasion: How Common Core Fights Parents for Control of American Kids,” from Encounter Books.

AMAZING! This needs to happen across the United States

VAIL, AZ: Vail School Board Walks Out Of Meeting, Parents Elect New School Board And Vote To End Mask Mandate

Watch the video at the link below

and this added video


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