VIDEO 5 Things Pastors Need to Stop Doing Immediately

Shane Idleman
Contributor to Sept 10, 2019

5 Things Pastors Need to Stop Doing Immediately

Pastors, we are not just cheerleaders, we are game-changers. We are called to stir and to convict so that change takes place. Granted, there are many wonderful pastors and churches—I appreciate their ministry, but, as a whole, the church has drifted off course. They have lost the compass of truth – many are more concerned about wine tasting and craft beers than truly seeking the heart of God.  

The pulpit regulates the spiritual condition of God’s people which affects the nation. A lukewarm, sex-saturated culture (and church) simply reflects the lack of conviction in the pulpit as well as the pew.

Pastors and Christian leaders alike must take responsibility for the spiritual health of today’s church, and the nation. We don’t need more marketing plans, demographic studies, or giving campaigns; we need men filled with the Spirit of God.

This is not a letter of rebuke (I’m in no position to do that) – it’s a tear-stained plea that we once again seek the heart of God. Here are five issues we need to overcome:

1. Stop watering down the gospel. The truth is often watered-down in the hope of not offending members and building a large audience. Judgment is never mentioned and repentance is rarely sought. We want to build a church rather than break a heart; be politically correct rather than biblically correct; coddle and comfort rather than stir and convict. The power of the gospel is found in the truth about the gospel – the edited version does not change lives.

2. Stop focusing only on encouragement. We all need encouragement, that’s a given, but most people feel beaten down because they’re not hearing more about repentance – “repent and experience times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord” (cf. Acts 3:19). To truly help people, we must preach the difficult truths as well as the joyful ones; preach the cross and the new life; preach hell and preach heaven; preach damnation and preach salvation; preach sin and preach grace; preach wrath and preach love; preach judgment and preach mercy; preach obedience and preach forgiveness; preach that God “is love,” but don’t forget that God is just. It is the love of God that compels us to share all of His truth.

3. Stop getting your message from pop-psychology or the latest fad. All of us must return to the prayer closet where brokenness, humility, and full surrender take place. God prepares the messenger before we prepare the message. Without prayer, “the church becomes a graveyard, not an embattled army. Praise and prayer are stifled; worship is dead. The preacher and the preaching encourage sin, not holiness…preaching which kills is prayerless preaching. Without prayer, the preacher creates death, and not life” (E.M. Bounds). “Without the heartbeat of prayer, the body of Christ will resemble a corpse. The church is dying on her feet because she is not living on her knees” (Al Whittinghill).

4. Stop trying to be like the world. If a pastor fills his mind with the world all week and expects the Spirit of God to speak boldly through him from the pulpit, he will be gravely mistaken. “The sermon cannot rise in its life-giving forces above the man. Dead men give out dead sermons, and dead sermons kill. Everything depends on the spiritual character of the preacher” (E.M. Bounds). Who he is all week is who he will be when he steps to the pulpit. We are called to the separated life guided by the Holy Spirit not Hollywood.

When God brings change, separation and prayer have been the catalyst. The dry, dead lethargic condition of the church simply reflects our lack of being filled with the Spirit. While 5-minute devotionals and prayers are good, they aren’t going to cut it in these dire times. We need powerful times of prayer, devotion, and worship. Again, God prepares the messenger before we prepare the message. It takes broken men to break men. Unplug the tv, turn off Facebook, and get back into the Word, prayer, and worship.

5. Stop asking, “Will this topic offend my audience?” and start asking, “Will my silence offend God?”A paraphrase that is often attributed to Alexis De Tocqueville—a Frenchman who authored Democracy in America in the early 1800s, helps to better understand this point: “I looked throughout America to find where her greatness originated. I looked for it in her harbors and on her shorelines, in her fertile fields and boundless prairies, and in her gold mines and vast world commerce, but it was not there…It was not until I went to the churches of America and heard her pulpits aflame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her success. America is great because she is good, and if America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”

Is your pulpit aflame with righteousness – it all begins here.

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VIDEO The Immensity and Intensity of the Christian Faith – A deeper meaning to the crucifixion


Or, we might use the title, The Immensity and Intensity of the Gospel.
They are the same.

There is no Christian faith without the Gospel.

The Gospel is the means to a life of faith. It is more than just words spoken by men. The good news of Christ is more than men can ask and more than men can imagine. It is the revelation of the kingdom of God by the Spirit of God within the spirit of men.

It is meant to be experienced within the mind, the heart, and the life of men ~ beyond our own doing.

The Christian faith is different than any other faith. It is the only religion that addresses, deals with, and resolves the issues of sin and death.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ promises more than any other ~ promises we can trust ~ greater than any man could plan for himself.

Its immensity is little known because man cannot desire what he has never tasted. We do not taste unless we are drawn to and search God’s Word. The kingdom of God is the kingdom of the Christian faith to which the Gospel brings His people.

“It is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom.”
Luke 12:32

Who can describe such a kingdom?

The intensity of the Gospel and the Christian faith that excels through the Gospel is the working of the Gospel itself by the power of the Holy Spirit in the heart and life of men. Yes, I am repeating myself. The Gospel bears repeating even as preachers continue to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 10).

It is not puny words of men that fall to the ground, but it is the power of God for salvation to those who believe (Romans 1:16). It is power to quicken those who are dead in their trespasses and sin, awakening their senses to their sin and need of a Savior.

The power of the Gospel is the good news of Christ raising the dead to life in Him.

And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power,
Which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead,
and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly places,
Even when we were dead in sins,
hath quickened us together with Christ,

(by grace ye are saved;) 
Ephesians 1:19-20; 2:5

No minister, worth his salt, will throw out a dry bone to his congregation. Dead men need the meat of God’s Word to live. Those who have been revived ~ made new through the new birth of the Gospel ~ need the continual Gospel to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ as we wait for the promise of eternal life in Him.

The man of God digs deep into the treasury of God’s Word and presents those treasures to his hearers.

The Gospel works its immensity within the hearts of the ministers of the Gospel.

They must be overwhelmed with the greatness of God’s redeeming love.

They must know the reality of a heavenly Father who, in the covenant of redemption, planned to sacrifice His own Son to secure our place with Him for eternity and the reality of His Son, in agreement with this covenant to sacrifice Himself.

What love! What sacrifice! ~ immensity of grace greater than can be comprehended by mortal men.

This should bring forth an intensity of the Gospel which the man of God cannot keep to himself.

He should be zealous, always ready to present the Gospel wherever He is called, to whoever hears.

Are there such ministers in the world today? Yes! I would not be writing on this subject if it were not so.

Our own pastor, Chris Strevel, is such a minister of the Gospel and the Christian faith. Preaching for thirty years, he holds Christ in the center of every sermon, continuing to unfold the treasures of His kingdom. My heart is weekly quickened, opened and enabled to receive the Good News of Christ ~ His grace and His glory. You can listen or view all his sermons on Sermon Audio. He is presently preaching through the Gospel of Luke and Exodus.

Another pastor, Ryan McKee, in Northern Ireland, is younger, but also preaches the immensity of the Gospel with the intensity of Christ. I began watching these services in 2016 when we were unable to attend church for ten months. Five hours ahead, their morning worship is at seven. Their evening worship is at two. Ryan is preaching through the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew’s Gospel.

We have one among us here on WordPress from California. Check Jim’s blog here.

I mention these who are devoted to Christ and His Gospel as they serve God’s people. The Gospel and the Christian Faith are too valuable to take for granted ~ too precious to keep hidden. If you know other local pastors, please let me know.

We should pray for a revival among the ministers of God’s Word in our local churches. Some preach to the masses in conferences, etc. but we need daily, weekly oversight of pastors who shepherd God’s people in the name and power of Christ.

Gracious heavenly Father. Lay it upon the hearts of your ministers to draw near to you ~ to seek the face of Christ as never before. By your Spirit, draw them to your Word, fill their hearts with the zeal for the power of the Gospel. Enable them to proclaim your Word to your people. Open the hearts of your people to hear and to live the Christian faith Jesus died to give. In His name, I pray. Amen.

Five Lessons for Preachers  Charles Spurgeon

The Immensity and Intensity of the Christian Faith

A deeper meaning to the crucifixion | IN HIS DEATHS | The Book of Mysteries

VIDEO Exiting the Easy Street of Addiction

“To me there was no God,” says Paul. “If you’re real why – why you let these things happen to us?’  You know, ‘Why do we live the way we live?’”

Paul grew up desperately poor in Odessa, Texas. His father disowned him when Paul was a child, and his mother resorted to prostitution to make ends meet. Paul turned to the streets and was smoking marijuana by the time he was nine years old. He says, “The streets was my life. You know, that’s-that’s what I turn to.  You know, me and my friends, you know, we – that’s – that was our lives, you know?  Our parents were at the bars, clubbing, doing their thing and-and we were in the streets just, you know, maintaining.”

There was rarely food in their home. One Saturday when he was nine years old Paul decided to burglarize a friend’s house. He says, “I was tired of my family being hungry; I was tired of my family being hungry. I went in through the window and I went straight to that drawer and that Crown Royal bag was in there. It was probably about $37 if I recall right.  And uh I took that money.  I took his money.  I went to – there was a grocery store a couple of blocks down, I went to the grocery store and I grabbed me a basket and I started throwing food in that basket. But that was like my actual first burglary I ever did.”

In his teens drug use, crime and violence were a regular part of his life. Paul idolized the old gangsters who ran the streets. “And I started looking up to them guys and I would always tell them, I said, “Well, you know, I want to be like him one day.  You know, I’m going to be like him.  I’m going to be respected and I’m going to be like that guy one day.”

At seventeen he was convicted of burglary and spent 18 months in prison, while behind bars his mother died. Paul says his heart grew cold as he contemplated suicide. He says, “I sat there and thought about it, I said, ‘You know, I’m not going to take my life.’ I said, ‘You know what?  I’d rather take somebody else’s life.’ That was the first thing that came to my head.”

He joined a prison gang and was quick to rush into violent brawls. When he was eventually released from prison his life further unraveled.  “My heart was just cold.” He says, “I just like gave up on life.  You know, I started using harder drugs.  I mean, I started smoking heroin and like I used to smoke crack cocaine.  You know, there was days I’d go without bathing and – just to stay high.”

He got his girlfriend pregnant and had they had a daughter. For the first time in his life Paul found something to give his life meaning. “When I seen my daughter that was like ‘God’ I was like ‘the best gift ever.’  You know?  Like I’ll never forget it, I cried, you know? I actually had something to live for. I had my daughter now.

He got married and tried to settle down, but he was powerless to give up his old ways. Before his daughter was a year old Paul was back in prison on a DWI and parole violation. Once back on the outside his drug use escalated. Eventually his wife left, and took their daughter with her. Paul remembers, “I walk into an empty house.  I’m talking about like completely cleaned out and I go into our bedroom and my, the only thing in the closet was my clothes and she-she left me a mattress.  On top of that mattress she left me a Bible.”

Soon after power and water were cut off to the apartment and Paul was desperate for hope. “I grabbed that Bible I’d put on the bookshelf, I just opened it. I didn’t know nothing about it.  I opened it up and it was the book of Psalms.  And I started reading it- Then I broke down and started crying and said, ‘I’m tired of this life.’ I said, ‘I’m tired of it.’  I said, ‘I’m going to try to live it this way, that way,’ I said, ‘And I’m getting nowhere.’ … I just reach – got on my knees and reached out like that.  I couldn’t stop crying.  And I didn’t know what it was, and I’m like, ‘Man, I ain’t weak.  I ain’t – I’m not weak.’  And like I say, man, I didn’t know – I say, ‘Is this you, God?’  And then I would get the chills like – just like all through my body like-like the Holy Spirit just like being manifested in me and I was like ‘Man, if this is you’ I said, ‘I’m done, Lord.’ I said, ‘I’m done. But whatever, if you hear me right now,’ I said, ‘Don’t let it go away.’  Said, ‘Don’t let it go away.  I’m done.’

Paul surrendered his life to Jesus and was immediately set free from drugs and alcohol.  He says, “That one day I said ‘I’m done.’  I was done.  I didn’t need no rehab, I didn’t need nothing.  Already he was my Lord and Savior, accept him in my life and I have not touched a drug since then, Had no alcohol since then. And I’m letting him take over in my life I just ride passenger and I’m letting him steer the wheel now.”

He gained custody of his daughter and raised her by himself for the last ten years. Paul now reaches out to his friends on the streets and in prison with the message of hope in Jesus. He says, “The only thing you have to do when you get out of here is keep accepting him as your Lord and Savior.” I say, “He-he’s going to guide you. Just continue worshiping the Lord.”

Paul says he can now see the loving hand of God was always with him. “Ah man, he’s a merciful, loving God, man. Whenever we did have the little food that we did have, that was God. You know, for us surviving and living through all that, that was cause of God.   I know he loves me.  He loves my family, all my family, and we all love him and we praise him every single day.”

Exiting the Easy Street of Addiction
“To me there was no God,” says Paul. “If you’re real why – why you let these things happen to us?’ You know, ‘Why do we live the way we live?’” Paul grew up desperately poor in Odessa, Texas

Bear Fruit For Christ

A few months ago I wrote about the Tamarind tree in front of my house that the leaves and fruit can be used as a spice for traditional dishes and drinks (click here).  The tree is large and very tall, far beyond the roof of our house.  In the rainy season the leaves always grow vigorously and in summer the ripe fruit will fall to the ground.  It’s really fun to pick it up.  I feel like a happy farmer who harvests his work, whereas in fact I have never done anything for the growth of the tree.  In fact, the tree grows by itself.  For dozens, maybe even decades, the tree grew without anyone watering or weeding the surrounding soil.  During that time the tree continued to live and bear fruit.  However, this year something is different.

As in previous years, I was waiting for the ripe tamarind to fall on the ground.  How happy I am, when the wind blows hard and hit the branches of the tree and then heard the distinctive sound of ripe tamarind fruit falling on the ground.  However, immediately my excitement turned to be disappointed because the fruit that looks good on the outside is actually rotten inside.  Why?  What’s wrong?  I looked at the tamarind tree.  The trunk is large and tall, looks tough and strong.  Dense fruit hanging from its branches.  The tree looks healthy and there is no problem, but why is the fruit not as good as the tree’s appearance?  There must be something inside of the tree that isn’t working as it should, because fruit is the result of internal processes.

The condition of the tamarind fruit shows that not always something looks good from the outside, as well as the quality inside.  Likewise with fruit in human life.  People can arrange their outward appearance to create the impression they want, for example to be seen as generous, loving, kind and pious.  But sooner or later, the quality of “the fruit of the person’s life” will show his true spiritual condition.  Regarding this, the Lord Jesus taught through a parable about the tree and fruit.

No GOOD tree bears bad FRUIT, nor does a bad tree bear GOOD FRUIT.  Each tree is recognized by its own fruit.  People do not pick figs from thornbushes, or grapes from briers.  A GOOD MAN brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart.  For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.  (Luke 6: 43-45 NIV)

What is a GOOD tree and GOOD fruit? What is the meaning of FRUIT in human life?  And what kind of people are categorized as A GOOD MAN who brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart?


The fruit comes from the word “karpos” which figuratively means: Everything done in true partnership with Christ, that is a believer lives in union with Christ, like a branch abides in the vine in order to bear fruit.  Christ lives in us and we live in Him so that His life flows through our lives and we produce eternal fruit.  So, the fruit in the life of a believer isn’t all achievements or successes in the world, but what is come out from intimacy with Christ, namely the character of Christ, which continues to be shaped and tested through various life processes.


In this passage the word “GOOD” comes from words that contain the meaning: Inspire or motivate others, as an outward sign of the inward good, a noble attitude and honorable character.  In Greek there are several words to describe “good”.  The word “good” in this verse is the higher word, namely “kalon“, which broadly contains the notion of physical or moral beauty that arises as a result of an appropriate response to a process.

The word “good” used for fruit is the same as the word “good” used for trees.  So, tree and fruit should have the same quality.  Not “good” that is just make up but sourced from within.  Its outside appearance reflects the beauty inside.  No manipulation, no acting, no cheating, no fake.  A quality that naturally arises from within, not artificial.


Return to the tamarind tree, its disappointing fruit indicates that there is a process inside the tree that isn’t working as it should.  Maybe bad weather is the main cause.  Maybe it’s also because parts in the roots or trunks of the tree don’t function optimally so it can’t distribute nutrients properly.  Whatever it is, once again, fruit is the result of internal processes and the quality of the fruit shows the quality of the tree.  Therefore the most important thing is to ensure the conditions inside, then good fruit will be produced.


Fruit always impressive because that’s what people see.  But don’t focus on the fruit.  Focus on our spiritual growth.  The key is to build an ongoing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, like branches that must remain in the vine.

Remain in me, as I also remain in you.  No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine.  Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me. (John 15: 4 NIV)

Let’s start with a step: Pray and read God’s words every day.  Then do God’s word in every day of our lives in all conditions.  That’s what it means to remain in Christ.  The life of Christ flows in and through us so that what comes out of us comes from Christ.  Only by remain in Christ, we will bear the fruit of life that pleases God.  Only by remain in Christ, we will become A GOOD PEOPLE who brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart: those whose hearts have been touched and changed by Christ, believers whose lives are empowered by Christ through faith.

Remain in Christ will make our characters, paradigms, values, habits, even our dreams and goals, increasingly transformed into Christ and become like Christ.  That’s the fruit of life with eternal value.  Then. . . if one day we achieve certain achievements, success in career, become rich, or become famous, we will know that all of it is a gift and trust from God.  All of achievements will not backfire for us because our hearts have been changed by God.  And, even if God allows all of that to be lost from us, our faith and hope will not be lost because we have put our faith and hope in the right place, which is Christ.  Our faith and hope in Christ will carry us through day after day in joy and sorrow, in good or bad situations, until we meet face to face with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Vine where we remain throughout our lives. Amen.


By: Sella Irene – Beautiful Words

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How to Use the Word of God Against Satan


We all Have an Enemy:

One of the most sobering facts about life is that all humans have a super natural enemy who uses pain and pleasure to make us miserable, stupid and blind for as long as he can. His names are satan, lucifer or the devil.

He is your enemy who prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:” 1 Peter 5:8

Sadly, the world is unwittingly following the prince of darkness. Marching obliviously to destruction and taking as many with them as possible. The strategy Lucifer is using to capture mankind has completely blinded their mind.

The battle is real and the intensity of attack on believers is like never before. But why are many Christians suffering under the attack of the enemy yet Jesus Christ overcame all?

Photo by samuel Martins on unsplash

Our Duty:

As a Christian, you already know that Jesus Christ has already defeated satan for you. You also know that satan has limited time to corrupt and deceive as many people as possible. He wants to make you believe otherwise with the intention to keep you defeated and take everything that is rightfully yours.

This is where some Christians are deceived because they say “the enemy has been defeated”, then lie down and take a whipping. This is not the right approach. If God did not give us the responsibility to stand our ground against the devil’s schemes, then He would not have told us to “resist the devil”.

You cannot just stand and do nothing when an enemy is swinging a machete towards you. You have to think fast and act. The same thing happens when you are under spiritual attack. You don’t see the enemy with your physical eyes but he’s there and calculating how he will take you down.

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you”.James 4:7

Stand your Ground with the Word:

Our Heavenly Father understood that we would live our lives under the battles of the enemy. This is why He armed us with weapons of our warfare and told us to use them. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds. 2 Corinthians 10:4

You see, even though the devil has been defeated, he still deceives, steals and kills. If you as a believer fail to stand your ground and use the word of God against all the attacks, then the enemy will unfortunately come out victorious over your life. God wants you safe until He permanently silences satan. To ensure you are well protected, He has given you authority over all the powers of the enemy. Not some of them, all of them to God be all the Glory!

Behold, l give unto you power to trend on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Luke 10:19

Have a Battle Plan:

If you understand a little bit about the military, you know that no unit would ever go to war without a battle plan. They must have a strategy to exploit the enemy’s weaknesses and to maximize their strength in order to win the war. You may not have physical enemies but you do have a spiritual enemy and he has waged war against you.

You must be well prepared and have a strong battle plan. Don’t wait until the enemy attacks and uses his strategies to frustrate your life. You have been given the strongest weapons there has ever been. God has armed you with great wisdom to outsmart the enemy. Lest satan should get an Advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. 2 Corinthians 2:11

Our Heavenly Father has given you the wisdom you need to keep satan under your feet. He trains our hands for war. He reveals the enemy’s strategies and then tells us the plan of counterattack psalms 144:1

God is the great General in this warfare. He has given you the hotline to call for help: “Take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, pray at all times” Ephesians 6:17-18

Notice you have been asked to pray all the time. This calls for daily resistance, daily refusal to give the enemy an opportunity and to stand against his schemes. “Put on the armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” Ephesians 6:8

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VIDEO Facing a Satanic Attack

Aug 19, 2019

When was the last time you felt vulnerable to a temptation? Our world is overflowing with enticements, and as Christians, we must constantly sidestep our personal danger zones. Sometimes the pull of sin is so strong that our excuses to yield accumulate more quickly than godly reasons to resist. In this message, Dr. Stanley outlines the reality of spiritual warfare and the believer’s resources for successfully resisting temptation and guarding against deception.

KEY PASSAGE: Ephesians 6:10-12

SUPPORTING SCRIPTURES: 1 Corinthians 10:13 | 1 John 1:9


When was the last time you felt vulnerable to a temptation?

We’ve all experienced this, and sometimes the pull is so strong that we begin to come up with reasons why yielding isn’t so bad. However, we need to stop and consider that the voice we’re listening to is Satan’s, and what he’s offering is a path to destruction.


Today we are living in a sensual age in which enticements are everywhere, and we could respond in several ways. Will we yield quickly without a struggle, successfully fight against it, try to resist but eventually give up, or make excuses for surrendering?

Temptation began with Adam and Eve shortly after creation. Satan lied to Eve about the wonderful benefits of eating the forbidden fruit, and he’s been doing the same thing to humanity ever since. Only the elements of his temptations vary according to the desires and weaknesses of each person.

The devil knows when we are the most vulnerable, what suggestion is most appealing, and how to make us think we must have it. He is ready with a long line of excuses: “You deserve to have this. No one’s perfect. God still loves you and will forgive you.”

However, for those of us who belong to Christ, we are not without a defense strategy. It’s described at the end of the book of Ephesians. The first three chapters of this letter deal with the spiritual wealth that belongs to us when Christ is our Savior. The next two chapters tell us how we are to walk with the Lord in righteousness. Chapter 6 addresses the reality of spiritual warfare and the provisions Christ has made for us to successfully resist temptation and deception.

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Eph. 6:10-12).

What is a satanic attack?

It’s a deliberate, willful assault by Satan upon an individual for the purpose of doing harm in the spirit, soul, or body, or all three. These attacks could come at any time or from anywhere. The devil tries to trip us up when we are at our weakest, and he knows exactly who or what to use as a lure. He often tempts us with what we do not need or should not have as he seeks to bring us down.

What are Satan’s objectives?

  • To draw us away from God. One of his goals is to take our minds off the Lord and spiritual matters in order to get us to focus on material and sensual desires.
  • To thwart God’s purposes. Although the Lord is infinitely more powerful, Satan is always trying to undermine what He desires for us.
  • To deny God the worship and glory He deserves. Satan hates the fact that God alone is worthy of all worship and honor so he offers us a plateful of other options to distract us from Him.
  • To destroy us. The devil wants to demolish our relationship with God, our interest and faith in Him, our desire to pray, and confidence in our eternal security. However, we know that God’s Word says nothing can separate us from Christ. Yet the devil keeps trying to move us in a direction away from the truth by convincing us that we don’t have time to read the Bible or that we won’t understand it. We must remember that he is our enemy who feeds us lies to keep us from living faithfully and righteously as God desires, which is the best possible life.

What are Satan’s strategies?

  • Deceive. Believing Satan’s lies is the first step toward following him. Those who love their sin are quick to question or twist the truth of God’s Word in order to justify their choices. They make excuses for their sin based on their situations and needs.
  • Divide. The devil seeks to cause division in nations, churches, families, and friendships. He wants to create chaos by stirring up criticism and distrust.
  • Destroy. This is Satan’s ultimate purpose—to destroy our testimonies, lives, finances, marriages, and families by deceiving and dividing us.

Since Satan is always seeking to deceive, divide, or destroy us, we must be alert and watchful at all times and never think that we are too strong to be tempted. This kind of overconfidence is no foundation at all because our only hope is to be strong in the Lord and His might, not in our own power.

We have a promise from the Lord that teaches us to rely fully on Him: “No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, so that you will be able to endure it” (1 Cor. 10:13).

Because God is faithful, we don’t have to yield to temptations. Therefore, we must choose to trust Him and reject the enticements Satan offers us. To do otherwise leads us down his path of destruction. Temptations should prompt us to turn away from every excuse and realize that what the devil is offering has no place in the life of a follower of Jesus.

When we have trusted Jesus Christ as our Savior and are surrendered to Him, we face temptations from a platform of strength because the Holy Spirit lives within us. He identifies Satan’s lies and helps us discern their destructive nature. Those who are sensitive to the spiritual realities He reveals are more cautious regarding temptations, but the undiscerning find themselves submitting without a fight.

God’s Word is our greatest defense against the devil. It helps us discern the truth, and His promises provide the faith and strength we need to resist temptations. However, if we keep our Bible closed, or open it only once a week on Sundays, we have lost our defense and will become victims of the schemes of the devil.

We need to bring every weakness and temptation to the Lord immediately, asking Him for the strength to resist. The more often we successfully stand firm, the stronger we’ll become. But if we stumble and fall, we have God’s promise to forgive and cleanse us (1 John 1:9).


  • What kind of temptations do you regularly face? Do you have a particular weakness that makes you more vulnerable to these enticements?
  • What reasons have you used to excuse yielding to temptation?
  • How has successfully overcoming temptations affected your ability to resist next time?

45 Walk By Faith Quotes

What if the next big step God wants you to take is actually small?

Pulling Peter from the Water 
by Godinterest


What does ‘We walk by faith not by sight’ mean?

Walking by faith and not by sight requires you to go to a place you do not know, one that God will reveal as you walk in obedience. Walking by faith requires a strong determination to follow God’s plan regardless what life throws your way.  Walking by faith means you have the courage to stand up for the hurting, broken, and down-trodden, to face death yourself for the good of others.

If you choose this path, you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone as you can’t go on this grand adventure with God and keep your old way of thinking. Feelings follow correct behaviors, not the other way around. Make right choices to honor God, and your feelings will eventually catch up. And though at first following God this way may appear to make your life harder, it actually does the exact opposite. It makes your attitude more in line with His, thus enabling you to weather whatever comes your way.

Take a look at these popular quotes about walking by faith:

  1. “Living in Faith: Walking with the divine love of God.” – Unknown Author
  2. “I walk by faith, not by sight.” –Denzel Washington
  3. “The way you become brave, is one terrifying step at a time.” – Bryant McGill
  4. “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” – Dalai Lama
  5. “No one is sent by accident to anyone.” – A Course in Miracles
  6. “The more we really believe the truths God calls us to believe, the more we will take chances with God.” – Lysa TerKeurst,
  7. “Faith is a place of mystery, where we find the courage to believe in what we cannot see and the strength to let go of our fear of uncertainty.” – Brene Brown
  8. “The key to living life as a follower of Jesus Christ is to never lose faith in the end of the story.” –Glenn C. Stewart
  9. “To learn strong faith is to endure great trials. I have learned my faith by standing firm amid severe testings.” –George Mueller
  10. “I will walk by faith, even when I cannot see.” –Jeremy Camp
  11. “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” –Proverbs 3:5-6
  12. “Hebrews 11:1-40 – Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” – Unknown
  13. “God is light, in him is no darkness at all.” – Unknown Author
  14. “Open up my eyes to things unseen.” – Unknown Author
  15. “Sometimes in life, a fog sets in and you don’t know which way is the right direction. Every voice may tell you it’s not going to happen, but God has placed a promise in your heart. Refuse to listen to those voices. Keep believing.” – Joel Osteen
  16. Blessed.” – Unknown Author
  17. “Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times, and good times. If you are going through hard times have faith that good times are on the way.” – Unknown Author
  18. “People who walk by faith don’t see obstacles, they see opportunities.” – Warren W. Wiersbe
  19. “Fear is the polio of the soul which prevents our walking by faith.” – Clarence Jordan
  20. “We walk by faith. We don’t stay still, drowning in our misery.” – Jentezen Franklin
  21. “I will walk by faith even when I cannot see.” – 2 Corinthians 5:7
  22. “Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.” – Matthew 11:30
  23. “When it comes to God we need to have conscious engagement.” – Glenn C. Stewart
  24. “The more you pray, the less you’ll panic.” – Rick Warren
  25. “Faith makes all things possible… love makes all things easy.” – D.L. Moody
  26. “Everyone has their own path. Walk yours with integrity and wish all others peace on their journey. When your paths merge, rejoice for their presence in your life. When the paths are separated, return to the wholeness of yourself, give thanks for the footprints left on your soul, and embrace the time to journey on your own.” – Unknown Author
  27. “Learn the Unforced Rhythms of Grace.” – Matthew 11:30
  28. “Walk by faith not be sight.” – Unknown Author
  29. “The first factor in living by faith is our pursuit of God.” –Glenn C. Stewart
  30. “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.
  31. “I’m not walking by sight- I’m, walking.” – faith T. D. Jakes
  32. “Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone.” – Kim Hanks
  33. “Guide me through this darkness, Lord. Hover over me especially when I cannot seem to hold on for another moment. Flood me with the graces of hope and fortitude. Send your angels to watch over me as I sleep through the night. Remind me during the day that from this small dark cocoon, I will emerge a butterfly.” – Caroline Myss
  34. “Courage is not having the strength to go on, it’s going on when you don’t have the strength.” – Teddy Roosevelt
  35. “To love means loving the unlovable. To forgive means pardoning the unpardonable. Faith means believing the unbelievable. Hope means hoping when everything seems hopeless.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton
  36. “Everything happens when it needs to happen; everyone is always where they need to be. You will never miss out on what is meant for you, even if it has to come to you in a roundabout way.” – Lyanla Vanzant
  37. “It’s always darkest before the dawn. The bigger your challenge, the closer you are to your victory.” – Joel Osteen
  38. “It takes courage to keep walking when the path is obscured by confusion. Trust. Believe. And just keep walking. The way will be revealed!” – Sue Krebs
  39. “Beginnings are usually scary and endings are usually sad, but it’s everything in between that makes it all worth living.” – Sandra Bullock in “Hope Floats”
  40. “The next message you need is always right where you are.” – Ram Dass
  41. “What shall we say then that Abraham our father, as pertaining to the flesh, hath found?. – Romans 4:1-25
  42. “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” – Psalms 91:1-16
  43. “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” – Hebrews 11:3
  44. “Taking a leap of faith comes into play when God’s instructions go beyond our human reasoning or seem contradictory to our human rationale.” –Glenn C. Stewart
  45. “Faith is believing in something when common sense tells you not to.” – Unknown Author

Get out of that boat and step onto the water…and never take your eyes off him. It is a decision you will never regret!    What happens when people walk in faith: trusting God takes you to amazing places.


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