Weekly Message

Message # 761

Special Delivery Nuisance Calls

Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10:13

Nuisance calls made up 3.7 percent of total phone calls in 2017, but now the figure is closer to 50 percent. Because we are stewards of our time, we need to protect ourselves against nuisance calls and scammers. But some Christians use the calls as an opportunity to develop their evangelism skills.

One Turning Points reader, when time permits, answers the calls and politely turns the conversation toward the Gospel. If the caller wants to sell a vacation package, our friend says, “I’m really only interested in one destination, and it’s truly Paradise. Let me tell you.” If it’s a credit card call, the man says, “I’m really not interested in a new credit card but let me take a moment to tell you about the Person who can forgive your debt of sin.” If it’s a call promoting a medical device, the man says, “I’ve been thinking a lot about death, and I have discovered a wonderful answer.”

Sometimes the marketer (or scammer) hangs up, but sometimes they listen. After all, the person on the line is a soul for whom Jesus died.

You might try it sometime—and turn a nuisance call into a Good News call.

Let’s never miss an opportunity to share the Gospel. Franklin Graham


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