VIDEO There’s About to Be A Mighty Move of God!

Move of God

Dec 11, 2020

A mighty move of God is soon to occur that will let the world know that the God of the Christians is still alive and active!

Current events have been top-notched crazy this year! The world experienced a plague (Coronavirus), masked faces; mass joblessness, homelessness, and suicides among adults and children due to senseless shutdowns.  We’ve seen the exposure of election fraud on a global scale, and the fight for justice.  But I believe we are about to see a mighty move of God throughout the earth—something biblical!

Since the day Jesus ascended into Heaven, satan has always had an antichrist ready, waiting, and lined up on the scene, prepared for his brief, earthly reign.  For instance, Nero (whose name translates 666), Napoleon, Rasputin, and Adolf Hitler. I believe the devil has had an antichrist lined up during every generation since The Ascension, due to his ignorance of the timing of the taking up of the church.

The Devil Is Powerless Over Time

The devil does not have power over nor controls time, therefore, he cannot dictate the timing of the Great Tribulation! He overplayed his hand using the 2020 Presidential Election as an avenue to the kick-off of his bloodthirsty reign. The Great Reset is what workers of the enemies are calling it, and it’s blueprint eerily favors the Book of Revelation.  To be honest, everything almost looks perfectly set in place.

No matter how well satan is prepared, the authority over time does not belong to him, but rather to the Lord God (Ps. 31:15)!  There first will be a move of God.

The Church Is Still Here

If you often spend alone time with the Lord, you’ll get to know His heart, as well as His personality and how He does things. He loves the people of this world and yearns for all mankind to be saved.  2 Thessalonians 2:6-7 mentions that the man of perdition (antichrist) can do nothing until He Who is restrained is lifted.  Many, as do I, based on studying, believe that the One Who restrains is the Holy Spirit. 

The Bible promises that the Lord will never leave nor forsake us.  Therefore, if Holy Spirit lives inside of the Children of God (the church), He cannot leave us.  It emphasizes that the Restrainer will be “lifted”.  If He is “lifted”, then we are lifted too, because He is incapable of leaving us due to His promise, as we are His habitat.

Jesus’ love is so strong for the world that He cries out for more souls, if it weren’t so, we would have been out of here by now.  There has to be a move of God.

The Gospel Cannot Be Preached to the Nations If…

When concerning the End Times, Jesus expresses that the Gospel must first be preached to all nations before we see Jesus coming in the clouds and angels gathering the elect from the earth, then into Heaven (Mark 13:10; 26-27). 

If God allows the Presidential Election to stay rigged, the Gospel won’t be allowed to be dispersed throughout the land, as religious freedom is set to be halted.  Many world leaders are on board with this. Look around! The body of Christ is being persecuted just for going to church in the United States, now!  Who would have ever thought it? America is the #1 distributor of Bibles around the world. If the freedoms of America are taken away, we’d be headed lightening-speed into the Great Tribulation, as the global effort would give the antichrist world dominance.

There has to be a mighty move of God, or else we’d no longer be able to join in The Great Commission.

The only ones able to extensively preach the Gospel during the Great Tribulation would be the 144,000 Jews (Rev. 7:1-8) and the Two Witnesses (Rev. 11).


It’s pretty safe to say now, that the Western church has been asleep for a while. I wonder if it would be safe to call it sedation! Anyway, in Revelation 2-3, Jesus basically gives straightforward, no-nonsense instructions to the church as to how to be revived, because, as our parents would say, He’s “had it up to here” with our mess. This part is mentioned before the church is no longer mentioned from Rev. 4-21.

A move of God must occur as we’re still in the process of Joel 2:28-32, which states:

“And it will be that, afterwards,
    I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
then your sons and your daughters will prophesy,
    your old men will dream dreams,
    and your young men will see visions.

Even on the menservants and maidservants
    in those days I will pour out My Spirit.
Then I will work wonders in the heavens
    and the earth—
    blood and fire and columns of smoke.

The sun will be turned to darkness,
    and the moon to blood,
    before the great and awe-inspiring day of the Lord comes.

And it will be that everyone
    who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.
For on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem
    there will be deliverance,
    as the Lord has said,
and among the survivors
    whom the Lord calls.”

Joel 2:28-32

The renowned Evangelist Smith Wigglesworth had an eye-opening vision of an End Time Revival.

In conclusion, I solidly believe that we are about to see a mighty move of God throughout all of the earth, as Jesus is about to turn things around in our favor for His glory, and His glory alone!  Why should the heathens say, “Where is your God?”

Author: Narrow Path Ministries

Non-denominational, Independent, Bible believing Church

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