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‘Running the Bases’ stars on sharing Jesus through acting: ‘God gave me gifts for a reason’

By Jeannie Ortega Law, Christian Post Reporter 

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Actors Brett Varvel and Gigi Orsillo say they’re grateful to be using their acting skills to spread the hope of Jesus Christ with audiences to watch their films.

Varvel and Orsillo attended the 30th annual Movieguide Awards last weekend to celebrate their film “Running the Bases,” which received four nominations. The movie was listed under the honors for the Epiphany Prize for Most Inspiring Movie, Faith and Freedom Award for Movies, Most Inspirational Independent Film and Grace Prize for Most Inspiring Performance for Movies. 

The Christian movie, available to stream now, will be released on DVD, Blu-Ray & 4K UHD everywhere movies are available on Feb. 21. Varvel is happy to get this particular content out into the world. 

“It’s a humbling thing to be a part of the movie ‘Running the Bases.’ I remember vividly, we were at the premiere in Atlanta and I squeezed [my wife’s] hand as soon as the movie got done being over because it hit me that in that weekend, [in] over 1,000 theaters, the Gospel of Jesus Christ was going to be proclaimed,” Varvel said in an interview with The Christian Post. 

The entertainer said he is humbled to use his talents as a form of ministry.

“It’s just a humbling thing to know that you’re a small part of being able to proclaim hope and truth into this dark society that we live in,” he continued. “At its core, ‘Running the Basis’ is a movie that, not only is uplifting and can inspire hope and encouragement in people’s lives, but it’s a movie that stands on the firm Word of God of truth and life in Christ.”

The movie star noted that entertainment is influential in all of its forms, whether the content is inspirational or not.

“I believe that whether you’re a Christian or not, you’re preaching a message through your movie. There are messages being proclaimed throughout the entire world every single day. The question is, what are you preaching? And why are you preaching that? he said.

“I’m so humbled to be a part of a movie and a group of people who seek to proclaim truth!”

His co-star, Gigi Orsillo, added, “There’s so much darkness in media these days, it’s the perfect time for believers to rise up and tell stories of hope and goodness and point people to the Lord through film and TV.” 

While on the carpet of the Movieguide Awards, a show known for recognizing family-friendly entertainment, Orsillo celebrated faith-based films. She said the quality of screenwriting, acting and producing has greatly increased. 

“It really is such an honor to get to use these gifts and talents that God has placed inside of me for His glory, and to point people towards Him,” she declared.

She said to “tell stories of real people” is greatly rewarding.

“Run the Bases” is about a small-town baseball coach who “uproots his family to coach at a large school but it gets ugly when the superintendent makes him the target of his anger toward God.” 

Along with Varvel and Orsillo, the movie features Todd Terry and Cameron Arnett.

“Honestly, the only place where hope can be found is through Jesus,” Varvel said. “So, I’ve had this experience over a couple of decades now, realizing that God gave me gifts and abilities for a reason. It wasn’t just for me to become rich and famous, or to get awards or anything like that. It’s all about His glory. It’s all about His Gospel. It’s all about Jesus. And so that’s why I do what I do!”

Tune in to the Movieguide Awards on UPtv on Feb. 26 to see if “Run the Bases” takes home any of the honors.

Jeannie Ortega Law is a reporter for The Christian Post. Reach her at: She’s also the author of the book, What Is Happening to Me? How to Defeat Your Unseen Enemy Follow her on Twitter: @jlawcp Facebook: JeannieOMusic

Author: Narrow Path Ministries

Non-denominational, Independent, Bible believing Church

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